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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blob, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. They are amazing.

    The album is sublime.

    Shelter is my favourite song.

  2. True.

    They're kinda over now though.

    Can't wait for their 2nd album.

    They most likely will disappoint.
  3. I read that there are no plans or the second album any time soon?

    Which on one hand is a shame since the first was so amazing, but on the other is kind of good in that it will lead to less disappointment.
  4. I really don't know what they could possibly do for their second album. Whatever route they go I hope they keep the melodic poppy brilliance of their debut. I love them.
  5. RJF


    The melodies on the first album are beautiful. "Crystalised" and "Islands" in particular are really well-written. The continuous guitar riff on the former in particular is fantastic.
  6. The first album had some really beautiful moments. It was all quite special -- not sure the same sort of impact could be replicated the next time around. I'll still be eager to hear, though.
  7. While I'd of course enjoy new music from them, it would be kind of amazing if they just left it with the one album.

    I still consider 'Crystalised' to be one of the most beautiful songs ever.
  8. Has anyone heard Jamie xx's rework of Gil Scott-Heron's album yet?
  9. Well they've said they're going to make a second album, but there aren't any plans to 'put it out'. Which is the biggest load of bollocks ever - they're just trying to dampen expectations. I am uncertain about what exactly they could do in a follow-up (I imagine they'll go all out dubstep) but I'm praying they don't 'do an MGMT' and try to rebel against doing what people liked about them in the first place.
  10. Dubstep? Sounds troubling.
  11. Why is everyone around here so averse to dubstep? I thought Katy B was popular with Popjustice readers...
  12. Katy B is mildly popular but i'd imagine a lot of people dislike her too.

    Anyway, I love Islands and their version of You Got The Love is great.
  13. Why do I always just discover things when they are already 'over'?
  14. Dubstep rings alarm bells.
  15. Sorry to be the voice of dissent but the hype surrounding them was wildly out of proportion to the quality of the album, which in my humble opinion was average, not awful, but not amazing.
  16. RJF


    I wouldn't have even minded what MGMT did if the music they had produced had actually been good. Instead, they produced this awful, self-indulgent, oh-look-we're-so-clever second album of shit. And at the same time, I wouldn't have even minded that if it hadn't been done in such an aggressive attempt to go against everything that had made them popular.

    I agree, I can see them going for the more ethereal, spaced-out kind of dubstep and absorbing it into their existent sound. Not just doing what they normally do with WOB WOB WOB WOB put over it.
  17. Hahaaaahaaaha! That tickled me..
  18. Well you've expanded on my points perfectly. That's exactly what was wrong with MGMT and exactly what I want The XX to avoid.

    And will people stop worrying about the word 'dubstep'?! I'm just theorizing (they've said nothing of the sort themselves) and in any case, I don't think anyone would turn their nose up at an album full of tracks like their remix of Florence's You've Got The Love...
  19. Can't believe I didn't know about the XX cover of You've Got The Love before today. It's amazing!
  20. I love that one! And it's even better live featuring Florence
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