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There's Something about Geri

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. I couldn't find a dedicate thread for this so thought I would set one up for us to discuss Geri "Do you know what I mean??!!" Halliwell.

    I believe that this, and Totally Scott Lee, are the pinnacle of cringeworthy popstar documentary/reality TV shows. It could probably be shown in a Media studies class of how not to promote popstars and/or backfired exposure.

    Highlights include:
    - "Do you know what I mean?!"
    - The Top Gear Tantrum
    - The lead up to the GAY performance and the tantrum prior to it all.
    - None of Geri's family attending the GAY performance, and the shady reason for her step father not attending.
    - Ms Halliwell's attempt to rap because of Sean Paul's Party in the Park attendance.
    - Geri's PA mainly going out to buy vibrators.
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  2. I really must watch rewatch this after my recent Totally Scott-Lee binge. At the time the cringe of them went a bit over my head.
  3. I must rewatch this legendary documentary. I have no recollection of most of these highlights, but the post-racing meltdown remains iconic.
  4. I actually do quite enjoy this documentary but it was so cruelly edited by Channel 5 to make her look slightly unhinged. I'm sure there was a lot of "normal" moments left on the cutting room floor which would be interesting to see just to give it balance.

    I do feel for her when I watch it now knowing how badly Passion flopped as she did seem really into the third era during its creation and I wish the album had been released on the back of Ride It in late 04 with the original track listing.

    What's done however is done and we did get one of the jewels of the solo Spice Girl crown out of it Love Never Loved Me my fave part of this doc is when she sings the middle 8 live.... what a song.
  5. Geri taking the huge dog for a walk and it shitting on a busy footpath.
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  6. Geri sounding like absolute shit while recording Passion and telling the vocal producer to "put it through your machine and make it sound good..."

    Classic Geri.
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  7. Was this documentary filmed around the same time as her infamous "locking herself in Richard X's car" incident? If so, think how different this documentary could be!
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  8. “Are the costumes here? NO. Is ANYTHING here? NO.”

    I used to have that sound clip on MSN messenger and enjoyed randomly sending it to unsuspecting chatees.
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  9. I never actually watched this doc, despite being a huge Geri fan back in the day. I thought the first one was pretty well done and earned her a lot of sympathy.
    It sounds as though this one had a completely different tone and set her up to look like a total train wreck.
    Must watch...
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  10. I can't bring myself to watch this or Totally Scott-Lee as I like both of them too much to relish in their embarrassment.
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  11. If you watch it, pretending it's a scripted show (like Lisa Kudrow's 'The Comeback') it's pure genius that should win a comedy award.
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  12. Do what I did with Totally Scott-Lee, binge it then watch the documentary from the new Steps live DVD afterwards, its heart-warming to see how happy and fulfilled she is now.
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  13. It is reassuring that there is an ultimate happy ending to this cruelly edited documentary.

    She seems quite happily married, with two kids, and being a decent baker.
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  14. She must have been a fucking nightmare to work with. Or at least it seemed like it.
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  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Superficial expectations.
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  16. The thing is, how much of this was orchestrated? We know Geri was an attention seeker back in the day.
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  17. Feeling generous, presh?
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  18. If I remember right, she doesn't even pick up after it, she says something like "Oh no, I don't have a bag!" and differs about worrying about it, reassuring the camera she wouldn't usually leave it, then it happens again later, either with the big dog or her own, and once again she doesn't have a bag. I remember re-watching it a while ago and feeling RAGE because I can't stand when people don't pick up after their dogs, haha.
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  19. I'm surprised she didn't box it and post it to Rachel Stevens.
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  20. I loved this documentary. I can't think of another that ferociously depicts a popstar in the downturn of their music career. Everything is laid bare, exposed to air. Geri didn't realise the end loomed large but there really is a sense of doom about this film, isn't there? Her time was up and there she was in front of a camera crew, completely unaware, except for the small moments that reality broke through her barrier. I might watch it again this week with a bag of Toffee Crisp Bites.
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