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There's Something about Geri

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Rachel would later film her own documentary, her own version of There's Something About Geri. It is completely unwatchable because it far too accurately caught her essence on camera: boringness, dullness, dreariness, Rachelstevensness. It is unwatchable.
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  2. Doesn't she audition to be the next Bond girl in this one. And I seem to remember her writing a letter to Prince Charles or The Pope or something about some bright idea she'd had.
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  3. It's either in this documentary or the one below where she's talking about the being first female Bond villain and writing a letter to Prince Charles. She's generally less obnoxious in the Molly documentary below, although there's also glimpses of how contrived she could be e.g. When she's talking to her lawyer about she will have total overall over the documentary which is then challenged by the filmmaker.

    Both documentaries are pretty insightful though. She seems more naïve in the Molly one, but she also more confident with regards to what she was going to do as a solo artist.

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  4. This thread inspired a re-watch for me and its 100x more of a trainwreck than I remember.. She's so loudly delusional and aggressively unlikable throughout, it's almost endearing in its caricature..

    Her approach to the music in particular has me screaming -- it really feels straight out of The Comeback or The Office or any Christopher Guest film. Citing "Ride It" as a bid for authenticity and individuality, she attempts some of the most ghastly dance routine freestyle ever seen, on top of her living room coffee table, as her assistant laughs and her dog looks on in horror -- all the while she thinks she's killing it and innovating the game. A true Valerie Cherish among us.

    Seeing her here constantly flexing about her popstar power and fame, now knowing the failure of Passion single-handedly ended her career only months later, makes watching it that much more tragic and farcical.

    God I miss her.
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  5. Does Geri hate Rachel?
  6. Geri wanted Some Girls which was sent to Rachel and allegedly she locked herself in her car in protest to get the track.
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  7. Oh my, never heard that before. I know in 2004 Geri was the head of the Tickled Pink concert to raise awareness for breast cancer and Rachel was on that show (and looked so sexy btw) lol. I wonder if there was any bad feelings from Geri, doesn't seem like there was though
  8. When she starts gushing over Victoria but ends up admitting she only wants her to move closer to be able to get to go to matches with her.

    Also all this bit -

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  9. I enjoyed Rachel's documentary
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    There's a short interview about the 1999 documentary
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  11. I just watched this and oh my god I'm getting Edina vibes from her the whole fucking time.
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