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Things that bother you about albums/singles artwork.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Txetxu, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. A huge pet peeve of mine is having "studio" and "friends" pictures all over the booklets instead of putting extra photos of the (usually underused) album shoot.
  2. That “authentic/personal” typewriter font is definitely wearing on me.

    When the artist’s name or album title is placed on the sidebar of the jewel case. That has ALWAYS irritated me for some reason.

    Poster booklets.

    Cheap, thin cardboard paper sleeves.

    Thick, 16+ page booklets with lyrics to a line of each song only.
  3. When it is upside down is the biggest issue for me (hello Stereophonics - Language.Sex.Violence.Other?). I quite think the sidebar is useful.
  4. Ray



    All of this above:
    1. AWFUL font
    2. AWFUL washed-out colours
    3. AWFUL lens flare
    4. AWFUL shot in general, I still think she looks like she's holding a giant burp in
    5. Is it AWFUL gradient on the text or have I just been temporarily blinded?

    It's not even me hitting at Glory in general. A lot of albums for some reason feature a version of this. Glory, however, only needed Comic Sans to reach the absolute bottom.


    Great photo ruined by typography that is 1) irrelevant, 2) randomly spaced, 3) hardly legible anyway. What is the point? This applies to all editions of this album that have text on the cover. (As an owner of this edition I can at least confirm this red abomination IS a sticker.)


    The fuck even is this. But it's not the mere existence of this abomination that pisses me off so much. It's this:


    I mean, I guess if you produce something so incredibly ugly you may as well own it and sell it to people who are willing to pay for multiple reproductions of the ashtray, but this took taking a piss way too far for me. 1) take something impossibly ugly and cheap, then 2) make a very expensive box set version of it. I would appreciate it more if it was merely a practical joke, but the terrifying thing is that I think it isn't.

    And last but not least, "handwritten" lyrics which are completely impossible to read. See Kylie's X (which isn't even actually handwritten, just an ugly font) and more recently Ásgeir's Afterglow.

    Edit: oh yes. Everything But The Girl reissues. Two of which are different height than others while maintaining the design style. @Eric Generic might have a photo of those. It's like they're being sadistic on purpose.
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  5. I hate cardboard/digipak. You just know it's gonna be falling apart before your eyes. Nothing wrong with regular CD cases, people!
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  6. This is not a thread for, exclusively speaking, album covers though. Check out the thread title.
  7. Borders around the photo, especially white boarders. Like Girls Aloud's Chemistry. Why can't it just be the picture taking up the whole cover?
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  8. Ray


    Ugh, speaking of singles – the slim jewelpak singles and their rectangular covers with cutouts are a pain in the ass for someone who's trying to make sure all songs in his iTunes library are properly tagged and have artwork. I have redesigned multiple single covers with the sole purpose of making them square...

    ...but... make things worse...

    ...look up "Massive Attack Singles Collection" on Spotify. Oh it is square alright.
  9. One thing that annoyed me about the S Club Juniors/8 was the fact that they were never consistent in what was in a slim case and what was in a jewel case. For example, One Step Closer, Automatic High and Fool No More were released as 2x jewel cases, then the other singles were 1x jewel case and 1x slim case.
  10. Kylie's Light Years album always bothered me because the text on the sidebar of the jewel case is written the other way around.
  11. The cheap CD casing that often breaks in the middle, leaving your new CD to roll around inside the case and get scratched..yikes..

    Also when a single comes with no extra tracks but original artwork is put into the single, then later you see extra tracks that get releases of their own, when they could have just been included on the single itself.
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  12. Well that's not about artwork but I agree that is awful.
  13. Another one: cropping one photo in different ways to use it several times through singles/album artwork. Agnetha's singles from "My Colouring Book" is a prime example of this.
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  14. When the title of the album is on the sticker of the CD case and not on the booklet itself.
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  15. Ray


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  16. That is also horrible and just plain lazy.
  17. The Parental Advisor Explicit Lyrics sticker
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  18. Ray


    Stickers on digipaks. Not on plastic wrap. On the digipaks themselves. Or on vinyls. I wanted to hang my Rhythm Nation 1814 vinyl in a frame but it's got a SUPER UGLY price sticker which, of course, can't be removed without destroying the sleeve.

    That's not exactly artwork, but it is a pet peeve.
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  19. It’s not ‘lazy’ as an album or single cover does not need to have the name of the band or album to be beautiful, distinctive or, hopefully, both… It’s just record companies insisting that their product be ‘visible’ to the masses ...
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