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This makes me feel sad (and old)

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Deleted member 5343, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Queen Britney having most impact though.
  2. Hips Don't Lie from 2002???
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  3. Me deciding to watch this video was deciding to fucking TRY. IT. at 6:30 this morning.
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  4. Why to American Teens all look like middle-aged suburban parents?
  5. What's wrong with those kids?
    I mean, I'm 18 and I could sing along to all of this songs, knowing the artist and even the album it belongs to.
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  6. I hate most reaction videos, but this one more than most makes me want to put on a heavy coat and walk into the sea.
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  7. Come on Over?! We all know Ven Conmigo (Solamente TĂș) is the superior version.
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  8. Good God, those are my childhood songs!
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  9. Depressing.

    "My mom used to love her"


    "This song is so old"

    Also JLo and her backing singers: "This sounds like a girl group"
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