This Morning

If anything, this should spark a conversation within the queer community against older predatory men.

Our community has, in some ways, turned a blind eye to older men acting in a predatory manner towards teenage boys. I know a lot of us as teenagers have experienced it and many on TikTok etc. turn it in to a joke (which could be a collective coping mechanism on all of us) but it IS a conversation that needs changed.

The call is coming from inside our house and it happens all too often. Philip should face the consequences and it should ignite a conversation.

We, as a community, should not be turning a blind eye to some older men thinking they’re untouchable and can act this way.

It never has been and is not a good look for our community. I can’t imagine getting to that age and being interested in a teenager. But worse, behaving as if it’s acceptable and ok to do. It never has been okay.
The bigots will gleefully ignore it, but Schofield, and likewise Kevin Spacey, are not and never were part of the community.

Neither advocated for us, instead hiding behind their perceived heterosexuality to make bank, only coming out when forced to, and this supposition that they should somehow be counted as part of the queer community? No sir.
This scandal is shocking for many reasons, but I don't get why people are blaming Holly? I saw a lot of that on twitter today and even if she knew, what could she do about that? Looking back to the #metoo era, there were lots of situations where people knew things, but I wouldn't put it on her back. If anything, that would fall on the decision makers and execs and producers at ITV.

Now as for Philip...this is insane when you think of his age. I'm assuming this boy was 16-18 during the actual relationship, but what would someone in their 60s even want with someone that young? To me, dating younger in your 60s would be like late 30s-40s. I feel like the full story is probably worse than he's admitted to and more will probably come out.
Re: Holly, people are VERY emotional and occasionally irrational when there’s any sniff of something inappropriate happening with children. People are also growing wise to a lot of PR strategies people use, and could see Holly was distancing herself and throwing him under the bus, so as far as lot of people are concerned, she was knowingly complicit in this behaviour. Whether she was or not is kinda irrelevant, I think the choices she made with regards to her PR have unwittingly put her in the firing line and made people very angry.
Unless this runner was under the age of consent, who cares! Seems a non story to me unless I am missing something. Personally, I've never liked Phillip but this seems a bit of a witch hunt on face value.
What an odd statement...
I guess her PR team are aware that that many media outlets are asking how she could not have known about this. To help save her career she has been told to release this brief statement answering that one point, claiming she was lied to. Therefore hoping it reduces any media attack on her reputation. I do think her brand is damaged a bit but unless the other party or other young men come out to tell their story and state she knew and was aware, she is probably safe. Not sure if outside of This Morning she will be as in demand.
I think she'll weather the storm providing there's no evidence she knew. ITV & her own team will be working overtime to ensure it. It's completely anecdotal but at my work there were several people in defence of her - people are more likely to let off a smiley blonde lady.

I feel for her if she really believed Phillip's denials. There's a big black mark over her career for good now no matter what happens.