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Eek. Waiting for anything from Ruth and Amanda now,though both probs have to be careful because of other ITV commitments they have (Loose Women, BGT...)
There’s screenshots of tweets that confirm he was born in 1996 (he celebrated his 21st in March 2017), so he seems to be older that most people realise. Phillip first followed him in 2011, when he was 15, so it seems like their interactions started when he was older. Still icky but doesn’t look like it started when he was a child.

Re: the super injunctions, I’ve never believed they were anything to do with Phillip, people just made that assumption because of the “open secret” around Matthew. The man who first reported the injunctions said the person was “close to death, on the BBC and had a catchphrase” and none of those things ever applied to Phillip, but people just ignored that.

But something definitely triggered all this. There’s another story in the Sun today, which seems to be Holly’s paper of choice for feeding them news, which says she’s emotionless and she’s had enough, which again, is her distancing herself from it. I’m assuming something came to light a few weeks ago, and Holly started getting her house in order to get ahead of the story, which is where this “feud” came from. Maybe Matthew has sold his story and it’s all about to come out?
I so hope that super injunction above then doesnt relate to David Jason (bbc, old, lovely jubbly) who i have heard other people mention. I would be mortified.

Yeah i think a few weeks ago the daily mail printed a story regarding the affair which he said was a lie, hence his apology the other day to lying to the Mail. I guess Hollys team knew the shit was going to hit the fan shortly so knew she had to quickly distance herself from him and the situation.
Interesting about Dr Ranj raising concerns and then been faded out.
Rylan was on This Morning a lot and then all of a sudden he wasn’t. I wonder if something similar happened there.
Well that’s going to get a lot of people’s backs up. All the people who were probably going to keep their heads down are now probably going to kick off. What a silly move.

Unless it’s a ploy to distract from his drama and to focus on the toxicity around This Morning?


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I'm concluding that Schofield wanted to have his cake and eat it, did for a long time, successfully covered it up for a time even after being presented with accusations and anecdotal evidence and managed to softly push it away by coming out as gay and hide in the sunlight of being So Brave, essentially shutting up anyone who wanted to out his insidious behaviour by making them look, potentially, bigoted. Everyone who knew something and was happy to go along with the lie because it kept the wheels on, Holly Willoughby being chief among them, is now working overtime to be Very Disappointed and Really Hurt by the truth they knew was possible some 3-4 years ago.

He might not have done anything illegal with the boy when he was underage but it is so grubby hooking him up with a job so he could have an affair with him for half a decade or so and ultimately snuffing the guy's career out when he wasn't able to keep a lid on his behaviour anymore. It's an abuse of power, it's a terrible thing to do to your family, a horrible thing to do to a starry eyed teenager who wanted to work in media and brings the entire show into question. It seems like the story was brought to Schofield by the ITV executives, he denied it, the younger guy left for/got shunted into Loose Women and subsequently left television altogether once the Schofield relationship wasn't providing for him/worked against him?

I'm wondering if Holly and the executives at This Morning know there are more skeletons in the closet that are likely to come to light in the coming days, seems so odd for her to be acting so 'hurt' over an affair that she could just state she was oblivious to and style out with a sad musing in June and carry on with a new presenter.

A lot of people coming for Dr Ranj on Twitter now, either making vile comments about his eyebrows or “I always had a funny feeling about him.” I don’t understand why people are suddenly so quick to condemn him when he’s literally said that he took his concerns to the executives, thereby using the right channels. Surely he wouldn’t have been able to go public without getting sued, unless he had cast iron evidence about what Phillip was doing?

Well this Statement is not going to help at all

It’s funny that his own words here state that he is now free to talk about it, meaning that current employees are not allowed to speak out. So yes, it’s is only past members of the This Morning team speaking out as they are the only ones free to speak out. Also the toxicity is not really the main concern. It’s the potential grooming which has led to this and of course he has provided no follow comments on those allegations
The "Well he never sexually harassed me so I don't believe those claims" of it all. Gross.

Phillip saying he can now say anything he wants about This Morning now he doesn't work there (aka got sacked) only serves to validate Ranj and why he is only speaking out now. He must have been under some contract or similar thing to not rock the boat.
Maybe this is standard practice in the media, but surely having it in your contract that you can’t speak out against a toxic workplace culture while employed there is really dodgy?

You can’t really speak out about anything in production offices. In my last one something awful happened to the relative of a contributor which made the (local) news and we weren’t allowed to say to anyone that this person was connected very indirectly to the show. It was mad. It was a really low key show as well that no one watched.