This Morning

Philip has always had some dark sided energy, much like Ellen over in the states.

I look forward to seeing both of their downfalls.
Tell me more regarding Ellen!

I’ve also heard off one of the Corrie cast that Phillips hair is a wig! Which blew my mind but hey!

I love the idea of This Morning becoming a huge shit storm and there being some Drama behind the scenes as it’s always been so Vanilla with its castings more often than not!
I'm not really surprised by all this. There's always been something "off" about Schofield (kind of like Ellen). Ironically when he used to host with Fern (I miss her; never been the same with Holly) he seemed a lot more authentic, warm and genuine, but since Holly took over, he's become a lot more unbearable (hell the two of them have; they try so hard to be over-the-top and outrageous and what used to be spontaneously funny has become so forced).
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From what I have heard, rather than being a deflection the behind the scenes drama isn't altogether unrelated to this happening.
Without going into personal detail, something relating to this part of his private life happened, causing some of the unease that have been reported behind the scenes. And whereas they'd normally take the recent rumours head on, due to Phillip's state of mind they have tried to ride it out in anticipation of today's news.