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How many other work colleague's/friend's showreels has Phillip been a part of? Do we know of anybody else that corresponded with him through twitter/he provided similar opportunities to, that have stepped out and made themselves known and shown him support?
Have to be honest, when I heard Carol McGiffen say that the young guy was going through a "breakdown" when he was placed to loose women... my heart kind of broke. Was this is a situation where Phillip had enough with him and its how they conveniently moved him on? If so i'm all for these people getting called out.

No.1 - don't shit where you eat!!
Well, my friend works for ITV and I asked her if she had any direct dealings with Phillip in the past. She said
she met him a few times and he was fine, nothing more nothing less. He wasn't over friendly but certainly not rude.
She doesn't know anyone he was rude to. So I have no idea ...
They/them, he/him

I don’t know how to feel about this.

My first thought was “she couldn’t give a shit” and then I almost fell about laughing when she tried to paint the show as a warm and safe environment for its production crew when stories are leaking left right and centre about how staff have been treated badly and that the atmosphere on set is toxic af.

But I rewatched it again and Holly does seem quite shaken. I don’t want to believe that she’s acting for the cameras, but I can’t quite get rid of the feeling.
I think the whole thing is contrived and she is clearly trying to give across a sincere image with that intro but I don't buy it.

However when she started talking about his mental health you could see the emotion hit hard.
I’m sure there is some sincerity in there but I’m still very cynical about it all. The way she depersonalised Phil and referred to him as “they” felt very cold, and again said she was lied to and let down which I don’t believe. I dunno about it all. I suppose whoever’s managing her is doing a slightly better job than Phil.