This Morning

I read it as Holly playing the sympathetic, caring mother figure and doing her bit to
look after everybody.

The whole thing just felt like it had been scripted, brainstormed and group thinked into oblivion, hitting all the key touch points to position her as best as possible. PR companies need to play catch up and realise people don’t fall for the old tricks as easily anymore and genuine sincerity is much more powerful.
With all the beats that this campaign has hit (the anonymous sources! the immaculately-framed photo shoot!), I was starting to wonder if it was some kind of Max Clifford orchestration. Except he’s been dead for 6 years. (And given where he was at the time of his death, and the reasons for his being there, he probably wouldn’t have been the right choice even if alive.)
I’ve been dying at the clips of the CEO of ITV being integrated during the enquiry this week.

The way she goes into high level briefed by PR/Comms/Legal talk has been hilarious.
Holly’s left:

I saw this coming a mile off. I knew she’d wait till the dust settles after Phillip to leave on her own terms, I predicted September so she’s let me down there. And when all this stalker stuff happened and she took time off I was like “hmmm this is an over reaction” considering nothing actually happened. This has pretty much confirmed for me the whole stalker thing was either fake or grossly exaggerated. Now she gets to leave as the “victim” as opposed to the enemy.

Quite savvy as a PR strategy but it’s quite transparent to me and I doubt I’m the only one who will find it a bit too convenient.
Someone literally planned to kidnap and kill her?

Christ what a grim post.
I get that but I’m not sure they’d arrest someone on suspicion of soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap to boost our Holls media image.
True. I suppose I was waiting for some event where she could bow out with some sympathy behind her rather than the permanent cloud she’s been under.

And I say this as somebody who likes Holly, like I said, I’m just exceptionally cynical of the press surrounding her especially in the past year or so.