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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- No 8- Feel The Beat

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. I am a stan.

    Girl has taste in the more obscure SAW songs.

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  2. I once asked Pete Waterman about The Reynolds Girls and he said they were absolutely awful to deal with. Assume it was their dad rather than them.

    Get Real is a Hip House materpiece as this comment on You Tube says.......

    Interesting piece of music history. Let's be honest, if someone in Chicago had put this out in 1986 we'd all be jizzing our pants over it...
  3. "Reynolds Girls Reunion 2007" got my hopes up….

  4. It’s my pop music holy grail. I’d choose a Reynolds Girls reunion over ABBA any day of the week.
  5. Ooh interesting, thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I’d still love to know why Phil Big Fun hated them so much. I could just imagine all of them getting into some kind of slap fight over hairdryers before one of the Hitman roadshows LOL

    And bless! I’m sure the Reynolds Girls would be thrilled there are at least a few “Get Real” fans out there!
  6. Oh my god a new icon has arrived! How did you discover this glorious star?

    ETA: Has he already retired? No updates on the dance stuff since he took a role in “Fiddler on the Roof” over a year ago. :-(

    I’m consoling myself with this album medley. Proving he’s not just a one trick pony with the SAW stuff, he also takes on the Pet Shop Boys, Barry Manilow, and Madge’s “Vogue”!

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  7. Is there actually no video, though? Just because no-one has uploaded one to YouTube, or TV in the UK (which seemed surprisingly lacking when it came to music video programs during the peak of the music video era) didn't air it, doesn't necessarily mean one does not exist.

    I recall reading on wikipedia that "a music video was not filmed" for a couple of Feargal Sharkey singles - even his UK #12 single from 1991 - that were later uploaded to YouTube (that one by me).
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  8. I prefer Hazell’s version to Lonnie’s to be honest. A lot of this stems from Lonnie rhyming blessing with lesson as “blesson”, it grates my nerves.
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  9. I won't be able to unhear this now.
  10. The story of The Reynolds Girls is endlessly fascinating to me. I wonder if they have any idea how iconic they have become? Can you imagine if they were to come out of hiding and give us some answers?
  11. I always remember the urban myth that one of the Reynolds Girls had died in childbirth.

    Imagine my excitement when I was at university to discover that a classmate of mine had gone to school with them! She assured me that neither of them were dead.
  12. Which sleeve is this, @MixmasterRemix ? I can't seem to find it.
  13. Did she give any other info about what became of them?
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  14. This was back in the mid 90s so my memory is vague but she hadn't seen them since school. Sadly no update on the legend of the Reynolds Girls!

    I remember with that cancelled PWL in Hyde Park concert back in 2012 that Pete Waterman had tried to contact them about taking part but had been unable to track them down. They must be somewhere!
  15. Also, Hazell Dean's Better Off Without You was a very lacklustre end to her time at PWL and should have gone about 30 places ago.

    These two songs released on her Evergreen compilation are far superior

  16. I actually misremembered it and thought they had their tongues out in the one that @gezza76 posted. Not sure what they are trying to do in the pic actually but sorry for the misinformation!

    And anyone know if there was any priority assigned to the sleeve designs btw? I’m not sure which came first and for the UK 12”s I’ve seen both used for the standard release and again with added sticker for the “From a Jack to a King” remix version.

    95DFEE8D-1E81-45FC-9A65-8EEA0C65B433.jpeg 32246917-CF4A-4C3D-870F-3EE94BC99A6B.jpeg
    C19AE30B-ECA2-4AAC-8AD6-D43F8E5D9787.jpeg 68FC1496-EFE7-414B-B6F4-7EF0BCFC6A76.jpeg
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  17. I remember at the time the photo sleeve appeared in the shops a while after the other one, maybe a few weeks later. I'd assumed PWL hadn't done a photo shoot for the girls yet when the single came out, but maybe they were trying to flog it to unsuspecting house fans first? Agree that photo was a choice anyway, tongues or not.
  18. Heh, “Are You Man Enough” was actually the B-side of “Better Off Without You”! Between that and the second 12” release with an all caps sticker touting the “A Touch of Leather” remix, it felt like Lisson were just openly pandering to the gay market to keep her going.

    And it kind of worked as she did top the American Hi-NRG chart with it! The Hi-NRG columnists/reporting DJs in Dance Music Report magazine seemed to love her and she’d gone to number one with a number of earlier singles (“They Say It’s Gonna Rain,” “Always Doesn’t Mean Forever,” “Love Pains”) that had been British chart disappointments too.
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  19. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!
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  20. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 7.525
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 2 @SmashHitter @WhatKindOfKylie?
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 2 @Deborah X @phoenix123


    Second straight Sybil single to peak at No 41, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been! A fourth release from the “Good N Ready” album it was followed by a remix of an old hit “My Love Is Guaranteed” by Tony King so she had some meddling with the PWL after this.

    What did PJ Say?

    Once again @WhatKindOfKylie? is the most enthused here “TUNE!!!! I can't believe this missed the top 40 back in the day, it should have been another big top 10 smash-dare I say it too, I prefer ever so slightly to those two particular hits in question... “ @CasperFan “I loved this song on the album but the single version is really the one to go to-fantastic song brilliantly sung” and @nanafan “Remixed to sound like When I’m Good & Ready and I thought it would be a hit. Another stalling at #41, they had too many good tracks that stalled at this position and this is one. Terrible video though” are both loving it too!

    @MixmasterRemix also sees merit in this “If this had been the follow-up to “When I’m Good and Ready,” Sybil should have easily cruised back into the top ten. Was really a shame to see material as strong as this fail to make a mark”, @Odge has a wish for it “This is a great song, strong vocal, love the beeps and the chorus. What would Donna have done with it?”

    Whilst @ohnoitisnathan thinks this is “Decent”, @iheartpoptarts has doubts “Some of the same elements as ‘When I’m Good & Ready’ but lacks the same sparkle” and I agree “A paler version of her earlier hits from 1993, and tune isn’t quite as engaging as the others. A decent vocal though” and somebody please answer @Eric “What is that creepy sun doing in the video?”. Teletubbies?


    12" Mix
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