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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- No 87- An Odyssey

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    Perhaps no year in music can be so intrinsically connected with a production team in the same way as 1989 can be seen as the year of SAW. 40% of the chart toppers of the year were produced by the team and they accounted for 11 of the top 40 best-selling singles of the year, in only 9 weeks of the year were PWL/SAW absent from the top 10 and absent from the top 20 in only 1 week! That equated to a massive 5.8 million singles sold in the UK alone during the year.

    Incredibly for an independent label, their 25% of the singles market for the year provided a real threat to the major labels, but clearly it was never going to last and with a new decade came the inevitable tumble from fame with many of the new acts they produced failing to make the mark. In 1990 they produced their final chart topper and high profile departures of Sonia (1990), Jason Donovan (1991) and Kylie Minogue (1992) belied the fact that by 1991 the tag “produced by Stock Aitken Waterman” became a financial suicide note. With the departure of the stars came the break-up of the trio themselves, Matt Aiken left in the summer of 1991 and was followed by the dissolution of Stock & Waterman at the end of 1993 and so it came to pass that one of the most famous production teams of the last 40 years fizzled out.

    You’ve had part 1 of the rate “The Rise” and now we get part 2 “The Fall”- but of course there are many gems in this rate as well as some rather dubious singles but that’s the fun right?

    Again for inclusion songs have to be either produced and/or written by SAW (up until 1991) and by SW (until 1993) or produced by the PWL b-team of Hammond/ Harding & Curnow (until they all left in early 91). I’ve also included some that were omitted for part 1 and came to light later in the day!

    So time to get your shell suits and paisley shirts out one more time and relive 1989 to 1993

    Time to Celebrate with Kylie


    Boogie With Big Fun


    and Breakaway with Donna


    • Listen to each track and score it out of ten (half points are allowed though not 10.5)
    • You are allowed to give ONE song an 11 to mark it your absolute favourite of the rate
    • Commentary is encouraged to allow the countdown to be as fun as possible
    • No deliberate trolling with your scores to sabotage certain acts however tempting
    • Once you have your scores please submit to me via PM
    • Enjoy and have fun!


    Part 1 can be found here-
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    1 On One- Who's Gonna Love Me
    Bananarama/ Lananeeneenoonoo- Help!
    Bananarama- Movin On
    Bananarama- More More More
    Bananarama- Last Thing On My Mind
    Band Aid II- Do They Know It's Christmas?
    Big Fun- Blame It On The Boogie
    Big Fun- Can't Shake The Feeling
    Big Fun- Handful Of Promises
    Big Fun- Hey There Lonely Girl
    Big Fun & Sonia- You've Got A Friend
    Bill Tarmey- One Voice
    Boy Krazy- All You Have To Do
    Boy Krazy- That's What Love Can Do
    Brother Beyond- Can You Keep A Secret? (Remix)
    Cliff Richard- I Just Don't Have The Heart
    Cool Notes- Make This A Special Night
    Damian- Time Warp (PWL Remix)
    Damian- Wig Wam Bam
    Debbie Harry- Sweet And Low
    Delage- Rock The Boat
    Delage- Running Back For More
    Donna Summer- This Time I Know It's For Real
    Donna Summer- I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
    Donna Summer- Love's About To Change My Heart
    Donna Summer- Breakaway (Remix)
    Donna Summer- When Love Takes Over You
    EPO- Life In Tokyo
    Errol Brown- Send A Prayer
    Fat Slags- Summer Holiday
    Fresh- Did I Say "Ti Amo"?
    Gloria Gaynor- Be Soft With Me Tonight
    Grand Plaz- Wow Wow Na Na
    Hazell Dean- Love Pains
    Hazell Dean- Better Off Without You
    Jakie Quartz- A La Vie, A L'Amour
    Jason Donovan- Too Many Broken Hearts
    Jason Donovan- Sealed With A Kiss
    Jason Donovan- Everyday (I Love You More)
    Jason Donovan- When You Come Back To Me
    Jason Donovan- Hang On To Your Love
    Jason Donovan- Another Night
    Jason Donovan- Rhythm Of The Rain
    Jason Donovan- I'm Doing Fine
    Jason Donovan- RSVP
    Jason Donovan- Happy Together
    Jermaine Stewart- Get Lucky
    Jermaine Stewart- Don't Talk Dirty To Me
    Jermaine Stewart- Tren De Amor
    Jesus Jones- Real Real Real
    Jigsaw- Sky High 89
    Johnnie O- I'm Not Gonna Stand For This (No More)
    Kakko- We Should Be Dancing
    Kakko- What Kind Of Fool
    Kate Ceberano- Young Boys Are My Weakness
    Keith Washington & Kylie Minogue- If You Were With Me Now
    key West Featuring Erik- Looks Like I'm In Love Again
    Kylie Minogue- Hand On Your Heart
    Kylie Minogue- Wouldn't Change A Thing
    Kylie Minogue- Never Too Late
    Kylie Minogue- Tears On My Pillow
    Kylie Minogue- Better The Devil You Know
    Kylie Minogue- Step Back In Time
    Kylie Minogue- What Do I Have To Do
    Kylie Minogue- Shocked
    Kylie Minogue- Word Is Out
    Kylie Minogue- Give Me A Little More Time
    Kylie Minogue- Finer Feelings
    Kylie Minogue- What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)
    Kylie Minogue- Celebration
    L.A Mood- Ole Ole Ole
    Lonnie Gordon- Happenin' All Over Again
    Lonnie Gordon- Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    Lonnie Gordon- If I Have To Stand Alone
    Malcolm McLaren Featuring Alison Limerick
    Mandy Smith- Don't You Want Me?
    Nancy Davis- If You Belonged To Me
    Nancy Davis- Higher & Higher
    Pat & Mick- I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
    Pat & Mick- Use It Up, Wear It Out
    Pat & Mick- Hot, Hot, Hot
    Pat & Mick- Gimme Some
    Pat & Mick- Shake Your Groove Thing
    Paul Lekakis- Fruit Machine
    Paul Varney- So Proud Of You
    Paul Varney- If I Only Knew
    Pause 4 Thought- You're Gonna Get All My Love
    Reynolds Girls- I'd Rather Jack
    Rick Astley- Hold Me In Your Arms
    Romi & Jazz- One Love
    Sam Fox- I Only Wanna Be With You
    Scarlet Fantastic- No Memory
    Scouse Aid- Ferry Cross The Mersey
    Sequal- Tell Him I Called
    Shakin Stevens- How Many Tears Can You Hide
    Shakin Stevens- I Might
    Shakin Stevens- Love Attack
    Shakin Stevens- Pink Champagne
    Shakin Stevens- My Cutie Cutie
    Shakin Stevens- Yes I Do
    Shooting Party- Let's Hang On
    Shooting Party- I Go To Pieces
    Sinitta- Love On A Mountain Top
    Sinitta- Right Back Where We Started From
    Slamm- Energize
    Slamm- Virginia Plain
    Sonia- You'll Never Stop Me Loving You
    Sonia- Can't Forget You
    Sonia- Listen To Your Heart
    Sonia- Counting Every Minute
    Sonia- End Of The World
    Suzette Charles- Free To Love Again
    Sybil- When I'm Good & Ready
    Sybil- Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    Sybil- Stronger Together
    Sybil- Make It Easy On Me
    The Twins- All Mixed Up
    Vision Masters & Tony King Featuring Kylie Minogue- Keep On Pumpin It Up
    West End Featuring Sybil- The Love I Lost
    WWF superstars- Slam Jamm
    WWF Superstars- Wrestlemania
    WWF Superstars Featuring Hacksaw Jim Duggan- USA
    Yell!- Instant Replay
    Yell!- Let's Go Round Again
    Yell!- One Thing Leads To Another
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  3. Results

    No 125- WWF Superstars Featuring Jim Hagsaw Duggan- USA
    No 124- Fat Slags- Summer Holiday
    No 123- WWF Superstars- Slam Jam

    No 122- Shakin Stevens- My Cutie Cutie
    No 121- WWF Superstars- Wrestlemania

    No 120- Shakin Stevens- Yes I Do
    No 119- Bill Tarmey- One Voice
    No 118- Big Fun- Hey There Lonely Girl
    No 117- Shakin Stevens- I Might

    No 116- Shakin Stevens- Pink Champagne
    No 115- Shakin Stevens- Love Attack

    No 114- Errol Brown- Send A Prayer (To Heaven)
    No 113- L.A Mood- Ole Ole Ole

    No 112- Shakin Stevens- How Many Tears Can You Hide?
    No 111- Pat & Mick- Hot Hot Hot

    No 110- Damian- Wig Wam Bam
    No 109- Pat & Mick- Shake Your Groove Thing

    No 108- Scouse Aid- Ferry 'Cross The Mersey
    No 107- Kate Ceberano- Young Boys Are My Weakness
    No 106- Pat & Mick- Gimme Some
    No 105- Jason Donovan- I'm Doing Fine
    No 104- 1 On One- Who's Gonna Love Me
    No 103- Jason Donovan- Rhythm Of The Rain
    No 102- Pause 4 Thought- You're Gonna Get All My Love
    No 101- Gloria Gaynor- Be Soft With Me Tonight

    No 100- Slamm- Virginia Plain
    No 99- Jason Donovan- Sealed With A Kiss
    No 98- Nancy Davis- Higher And Higher
    No 97- Slamm- Energize

    No 96- Damian- Time Warp (PWL Remix)
    No 95- Shooting Party- Let's Hang On

    No 94- Jermaine Stewart- Tren De Amor
    No 93- Jason Donovan- Happy Together

    No 92- Paul Varney- If Only I Knew
    No 91- Malcolm McLaren Featuring Alison Limerick- Magic's Back (Theme From "The Ghosts Of Oxford Street")

    No 90- Grand Plaz- Wow Wow Na Na
    No 89- Kylie Minogue- Celebration

    No 88- Romi & Jazz- One Love, One World
    No 87- Pat & Mick- Use It Up, Wear It Out
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  4. I've put the proposed list up using the criteria- if anything is missing that you think should be there then let me know- or anything I've included which shouldn't be there?
  5. Yes! So happy this is happening (all over) again already! I've had serious withdrawal symptoms since part 1 of the rate has been over.
  6. Blame Pete Hammond- too much time on his hands after the flops of 1990
  7. My favourite Kylie "Impossible Princess" era....if we tolerate this...our children will be next!
  8. Ooh exciting!

    I'd ask you to include Cruel Summer '89, @gezza76, as I love it, but it would probably get slung out very early.
  9. Discogs says it isn't a PWL production?!
  10. Really?!

    Well, I've been wrong for 30 years then!
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  11. It’s not a PWL production, Atkins, Atkins & Trotman from memory I think (whoever they may be!)
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  12. Great that this is starting @gezza76

    From a first look I think Baby O - Ritmo De La Noche (H&C production), Hawk & Wonder - Baby It’s You (H&C production), Epo - Life In Tokyo (Pete Hammond production), Jimmy Somerville - Run For Love (H&C production) should all be added in to the list for this group
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