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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- No 87- An Odyssey

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Ha! Poor Madge. But the cockroach part isn’t too far off from some of his recent work lol.

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  2. Update incoming in the next hour. What will be our top 10 single exiting? And our first track to get two 10's!
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  3. I wonder if Jason, will lose yet another song?
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  4. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.119
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 2 @idratherjack @Eric
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 @CatastropheBoy


    You have to hand it to SAW and PWL- just when you think they can’t get any camper……Anyway Damian Baker recorded his cover of the “Rocky Horror Show” classic and released it twice, once in 1987 then in 1988 when it made No 51 then 64. It proved very popular in the clubs in “the north” which doubtless brought it to the attention of Pete Waterman. He convinced Pete Hammond to sprinkle the PWL magic in it and boom it went top 10.

    What did PJ Say?

    As well as @idratherjack this track got maximum points from @Eric who adds “Adore the video in 1980s St Ann's Square Manchester! The definitive version of this track for me”, meanwhile @nanafan will also be taking a step to the left “A PWL classic remix for the dance floor. Who doesn’t like this and know the routine?”

    @MixmasterRemix sees the benefit of the PWL “Camp-tastic! And the Hammond mix showed the benefit of PWL’s expensive studio equipment over the low-budget original” and it has inspired @iheartpoptarts “I’ve never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I kind of want to”.

    @etcetera comments “Ridiculous but also a bit of fun” but I’m not so keen “This track really is what it is. And that’s fun but they’re hardly re-inventing the wheel here”

    Even more damning is @ohnoitisnathan “Not for me”, @Odge “Another irritating vocal” and @WhatKindOfKylie? “Rubbish song, and not even PWL could for me work their magic touch on it“ and rounding off the haters is @CasperFan “Hate Rocky Horror… hate this novelty song!”


  5. Can't believe this was top ten!
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  6. WHAT

    I had this pegged for Top 20, I spent many a happy night slugdropping to this in my local grim regional homosexual nitespot back in the day. The 12" is HiNRG heaven!
  7. Grim stuff indeed... Hehe
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  8. I was surprised I gave this only a 4.5 as it was a top ten hit in 1989 which gives it a fighting chance at scoring well with me but it's not actually that good.
  9. [​IMG]



    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 X 1 @SmashHitter
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 @Disco Blister


    This cover of The Four Seasons track (#4, 1965) became the band’s biggest chart hit in the UK (where’s the pop justice?). it had already been turned into a No 12 hit by Barry Manilow in 1982 but highlights the amount of covers PWL were pumping out by 1990.

    What did PJ Say?

    Not without its admirers @nanafan leads the charge “Shooting Party had good singles. The Solid Gold Radio 12” of this is a great mix” and @WhatKindOfKylie? also appreciates it “The late 80's really were full of 50's/60's revival records, and this is for sure one of those. BUT, this a very nice and fun one at that.”

    @iheartpoptarts is just thankful this isn’t a shaky song “A much better kind of throwback—I mean, as compared to the Shakin Stevens stuff we just went through” but I just feel sorry for them “Reduced to also- ran Big Fun’s must have hurt. This is a hard song to ruin and they just about manage to avoid that at least” or as @ohnoitisnathan notes “Catchy but a little twee.”

    Many had questions! Answers on a postcard to @CasperFan “Not really a fan of the song and it’s bit of a by-numbers cover version. Not sure who this would’ve been aimed at?”, @Eric “What was the obsession with trying to tap into the Beatles vibe?” and @Disco Blister “Jesus. I like many of Shooting Party’s original songs, they have a few great ones actually, so why the hell where they made to record this shit? Had Pat & Dick rejected it? Says it all really “

    @ElectricYouth meanwhile has a complaint “all these shite 70s covers really got on my nerves”, at least @MixmasterRemix tries to explain “Another cover personally picked by Pete Waterman if I remember right but I just don’t feel it suited them and can’t see how he thought it would succeed when their far superior self-penned singles had failed. The b-side was rather nice though!”

    Succinct as ever @Odge affirms “Let’s not.”


    12" Mix
  10. Shooting Party's own original songs were brilliant but Let's Hang On is just annoying.

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  11. Tomorrow we'll jettison another top 10 single!
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  12. Back to Jason again hopefully!
  13. Likely
  14. I'm sure one of the Canal Street bars might be persuaded to play this! I for one would adore it...
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  15. It's a camp classic. I am shocked (DNA Mix) that Popjustice of all places has booted it out so early.
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  16. To explain my comment, I really think the downfall of PWL was hastened by the amount of covers they were releasing. Shooting Party and Yell are two acts that I should have LOVED. I was the target market, yes the world had moved on from SAW by the time 1990 was over, but I hadn't moved on. I WANTED to like these records, I wanted to be excited by a new PWL release, but they made it so bloody hard.It all got very bland very quickly.
  17. Why am I only seeing this masterpiece in MAY?
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  18. What?! You missed it at Christmas (2013)? ;-)

    It also had a flop follow-up with robot twerking!

    And I’ll leave its covers of “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” and “Wrecking Ball” for the truly devoted.
  19. Poor Shooting Party, I guess after so many flops no one knew what else to do with them. Here’s the B-side I liked. I doubt it would have been a hit either though tbh.

    And Damian done dirty in the rate again lol. Both this and “Wig Wam” deserved much better! I’ve always assumed the success of his version is what inspired the ‘89 remix of the original “Time Warp which is cute but nothing like Damian’s NRG delight.

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  20. I'm shocked that "Time Warp" has not only left so early, but scored lower than "Wig Wam Bam", I think "Time Warp" if FAR superior.
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