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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- RUNNER UP!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. I love the clubby early 90s production. A shame we never got to hear Jason's What Do I Have To Do!
  2. Wasted opportunity!
  3. Yes this was the perfect opportunity for Jason to do a bit of… dare I say it, dancing. I guess it's not something he was comfortable doing, unlike Kylie.
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  4. I heart you guys... I thought I'd lose my 11 forever ago because y'all know how pop boys do in these things. Obviously I picked the best one. Hugs all around!
  5. This we can agree on. Lead single for a second PWL Sonia album.
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  6. Aww, I was hoping “RSVP” might make the top 10! Still totally great to see it get so far after it was such a disappointment on the pop charts. The B-side “When I Get You Alone” was another one that got extended by Hot Tracks NRG for the 90s. One of Jason’s many great B-sides though it’s not really in the same league as “RSVP” of course.

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  7. So it's officially ladies all the way left in the rate now then!
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  8. Unless Rick was actually doing Kylie's vocals.
  9. Was there ever any real doubt on that?
  10. Lonnie's post-SAW makeover in '91 would aim to create doubt.
  11. That's What Love Can Do is categorically not better than What Kind Of Fool.
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  12. And all good vocalists to boot! (Yes, I’m including Johnna from Boy Krazy lol. She had a really nice voice!)

    And I couldn’t help but wonder, would SAW’s legacy be better remembered if they hadn’t wasted so many great songs like “Can’t Shake the Feeling” on so many not-great vocalists like Big Fun?

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  13. I think the singular vocalist is more-correct when it comes to Big Fun.
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  14. And I couldn’t help but wonder, how terrible those other two ponces must have sounded that they really thought Eunuch Fun was the obvious lead?

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  15. Fuck me, this made me laugh.
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  16. Elimination is coming tonight. Albeit in a few hours when I finally get off this train. Some will be disappointed......
  17. Is it Better The Devil You Know?
  18. let's see
  19. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.825
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 11 @Remorque @MixmasterRemix @Deborah X @iheartpoptarts @ohnoitisnathan @idratherjack @letuinmybackdoor @CasperFan @nanafan @WhatKindOfKylie? @SmashHitter
    LOWEST SCORE: 7 X 7 @phoenix123 @CasuallyCrazed @etcetera @ElectricYouth @Eric @CatastropheBoy @Odge

    PEAK POSITION: 86/80
    RELEASE: JULY 1991/ JANUARY 1993

    US assembled girl group who had SAW write their first track and flopped (although it was demoed by Samantha Fox initially). The five piece was reduced to four shortly after this single was released but it was picked up US radio stations who started playing it, making into a club hit through 1992 and leading to a full American release in 1993 when it made No 18 and prompted a re-issue here. It fared little better peaking 6 places higher. The B-side is a cover of Yell!’s “One Thing Leads To Another”- incredible! Anyway Waterman finally turned it into a “hit” when he produced Tout Les Filles version sending it No 44 in 1999.


    Boy Krazy said: ”I remember our first performance in England at the Radio 1 roadshow….right at the start of the show we were booed. Before that moment we had been totally unaware of the anti-SAW backlash happening”

    What did PJ Say?

    Aren’t we a consistent lot with a massive 18 of us giving this either a ten or a seven!

    Let’s start with those ten’s so in turn we hear from @MixmasterRemix “So classic. This was such a breath of fresh air when it hit American radio. Still amazed it was totally snubbed in their native land!”, @WhatKindOfKylie? “This total and utter TUNE, may just be very well, my finest discovery of the rate! LOVED it from the word go, such a shame that only America at least managed to take it to the top 20. I will keep going back to this one, that's for sure!” and @CasperFan “Very nearly my 11-what a song! I remember seeing a snippet of the video and was completely hooked and had to buy this song. I prefer the original 7” mix with it’s more traditional song structure and “the the-the-the-that-that “ intro. Pity it flopped twice here but SAW were on a downward spiral at this point-released a couple of years earlier it would’ve been a hit. Johnna sounds a lot like Kylie”.

    Keeping in the Kylie vein are @nanafan “The Kylie record that never was. This is a masterpiece and would be my 11 if it wasn’t for my actual 11 being in the list. Pure class” and @ohnoitisnathan “Great pop song. I love how the ’93 video tries to make them look like they’re part of the opening credits for Melrose Place or something (at least, that’s my impression). Vocally it’s rather Kylie-esque in parts… though done by a better singer. I didn’t actually hear this one until 2007. That’s what shifting American Top 40 to starting at 1am on a school night in early ’93 in my state can do!”

    The 10’s continue from @iheartpoptarts “Easy 10. And I approve of the choice of video. That’s the MuchMusic Countdown and it’s iconic in Canada” and @letuinmybackdoor “The last great old school SAW pop track, proper singalong pop”- phew!

    Breaking free of the stats only a few voters deviated from either 10 or 7 including myself “OK so we’ve heard it all before (boom boom) but after a few listens it got embedded so the end result is that won me over and I ended up loving it” and @Disco Blister “This version is lacking something, but it’s still a bop. I think Samantha Fox gives the song more character than this bunch of nobodies do. I can’t believe she didn’t grab this, or the other SAW tracks meant for hardly-a-classic Just One Night. Silly cow“.

    And onto those who only gave it a 7- shame on you @Odge “Whatever happened to the fifth member of Boy Krazy? Surprised that SAW were able to have number one hits in the USA long after their UK heyday” and @Eric “I like the little instrumental hook, and solid talent” though neither were damning!

    1991 version

    1993 version

    12" Mix
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