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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. It's a cover of 'Young Girls Are My Weakness', which is arguably even worse.
  2. I've written more commentary than I normally do for these things, including some contentious comments.
  3. Before going solo, Australian singer Kate Ceberano of 'Young Boys...' was part of a group called I'm Talking. Phil Harding remixed their 1986 single 'Do You Wanna Be', which is much better, in 1988, below:

  4. Just submitted my scores. Yay!
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  5. We're well into double figures voting wise so good news!
  6. We want more, more, more though!
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  7. Hurrah! Looking forward to this.
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  8. I started rating the songs a while ago but didn't think I would be able to finish, but now with a few more days I think I will. I don't know how to decide what will get an 11 though. It's between two songs and I can't seem to decide which one I love the most.
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  9. I had the same dilemma- took me a while to take the plunge!
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  10. Come on there's one blindingly obvious 11!!!!
  11. Kakko is already streets ahead. She doesn't need more 11s!
  12. My 11 was never in doubt, but I listened to every single song with fresh ears, even the ones I know so well just to be sure I wasn't mis-remembering how good it was. My votes will be in today
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  13. This might be a stupid question, and I maybe should have asked it earlier - HOW exactly do I submit my votes, just a PM to you @gezza76 with the song title and score?
    EDIT - I see it says send you a PM to vote, I'm just checking - do I just write out the song title / artist and score. I know it seems like a dumb question, but I'm just making sure.
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  14. Yes post 3 gives you the PM-able list of the songs- just send that to me with your scores and comments for each relevant track!
  15. I’m up to Paul Varney and hope to finish soon! Not sure why but this one feels like a lot harder to get through even the it’s the same number of songs.
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  16. I felt I wanted to comment more, and weirdly there were many more songs I hadn't heard before in part two for some reason.
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  17. Part three has MUCH less songs to get through (around 80).
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  18. Going through all the Shakin Stevens songs felt like forever. Never going to listen to them again. Listening to Sinitta now and things are at least good again.

    It's striking how many covers were released, and how few of them I like.
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  19. It's hard to deny that after Matt Aiken left in 1991 the amount of penned SW tracks reduced dramatically but as Mike commented it was clear that the decision by Waterman to sell PWL in 92 to Warner resulted in fewer of his songs getting recorded and released. Hence more covers and more of a chance of getting a commercial hit.
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  20. I assume this will be the first rate in the history of popjustice to include Kakko?
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