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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Ha! That's exactly it.
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  2. Aww...Celebration isn't that bad. I'm sure there's more shit that deserved to go before it.
  3. I think I resent Celebration so much because she insists on singing it in concert all the time when it should be What Kind Of Fool.
  4. 'Celebration' was actually the first song I heard this millennium. Ugh.
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  5. You have my condolences. I don't even like the original.

    Only the Techno Rave Mix can salvage it somewhat for me.
  6. I still stand that despite it's #20 peak, Celebration, really was the perfect final single for Kylie's 5 fabulous years at The Hit Factory. These are great remixes too I think:

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  7. Haha, this was a PWL track I never cared about but now that I hear Kakko was involved it’s gone right on my wants list!
  8. Her version, is pretty ace I think.
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  9. What.
  10. I think she meant the original is one of her favourite songs.
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  11. I love that both of Kakko's songs (minus 'Wow Wow Na Na') are surviving so far.
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  12. True PopJustice!
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  13. I keep telling you they are both in the top 5 .......
  14. I do love Kylie's Celebration - its coincided with my final days of high school. Plus, she looks amazing in the video and like she's genuinely enjoying herself instead of having the whiff of Word Is Out (video, not song) desperation about her.
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  15. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.525
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 2 @WhatKindOfKylie? @idratherjack
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 @phoenix123


    Well they aren’t Mel & Kim for sure……Anyway another one off for SAW who couldn’t steer this into the chart. I’m not quite sure what the Martin Luther King quote adds but hey- world peace and all that…

    What did PJ Say?

    @WhatKindOfKylie? is again top marker here “This has it all! Fun, danceable, that trademark Hit Factory vocal/sample stuttering. And not to mention being quite empowering too! And who said that the Hit Factory didn't do deep?! “ and they’re backed up by @idratherjack who I’m sure will be along soon to rave about it.

    @iheartpoptarts is bopping as per usual “Very creative sampling” and it’s fondly recalled by @MixmasterRemix “While I missed the Indian vibe of earlier singles, the girls were running out of chances for a hit so I can see why they decided to change tack with a new look and an updated sound. Putting a sample from what sounds like a Martin Luthur King speech does seem a bit flippant but it’s still a joyous enough anthem that it’s a shame that it became a swan song instead of the start of an exciting new era.”

    @ohnoitisnathan isn’t going overboard with praise “It’s OK” and the rest of us are similarly not bowled over, I comment “This is bad, the tune and production are redeemable but the lyrics are just dire”, @Odge grumbles “It all looked (how they were styled) and the sounded a bit desperate by this point. This wasn’t the SAW I loved”, @nanafan is not surprised by the chart position “I can see why this one flopped” and @CasperFan moans “Not familiar with this-not bad but could do without the shouty man!”


    12" Mix
  16. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.666
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @Eric
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 @CatastropheBoy


    You know the score by now, it’s all for charidee and it’s a cover this time of the 1980 Odyssey chart topper. This was the 100th charting track for SAW as producers which Waterman later lamented that had he realised he would have pushed forward the release of Kylie’s “Devil”.

    Youtube “Mr. Red Bandana at 1.28 is either the gayest thing in the history of gayness or he banged every chick in this video. There is no gray area. He is rocking kneepads. I'll give you one guess what he likes to use them for.”

    What did PJ say?

    @Eric is the sole person to give it maximum points “This brought back so many memories of junior school discos- so infectious!” but he’s hardly the only fan, step forward @nanafan “A very strong cover with the right sound for the time if release. A deserved hit”, @WhatKindOfKylie? “Pat and Mick, were very much unlikely popstars I think, but somehow, even they managed to have a few bops it seems via the magic of the Hit Factory! "The 1, 2, 3" hook is simple, yet effective” and @ElectricYouth “Prior to this rate I would've said Pat & Mick were awful. But it turns out I'm quite a fan.”

    It also turns out that I quite like it “It remains a fun record but this is hardly essential to life. Love youtube which once again mentions the girl in the TOTP performance as “That woman is powered by all the force of the 80s combined. You can't stop her”” and so is @etcetera “Of all the Pat & Mick singles this and Let’s All Chant are the ones I like.”

    @letuinmybackdoor is a part fan “Another track wasted on an underserving act. This fizzes along at a great rate. It's a classic song so hard to ruin, but nicely brought up to date. Can't hear much of Pat or Mick though, it's drowning in backing vocalists” which leads us nicely into comments by @ohnoitisnathan “Technotronic vs. your dad at the disco”

    @CasperFan snaps “Not for me!”, as usual @iheartpoptarts concentrates on the visuals “That single cover is the best part” but @Hairycub1969 gives it “2 for the cause”. @MixmasterRemix gives us some facts “Absolutely massive in the US gay market, it topped the Hi-NRG charts for months and even got a domestic release that hit the US Hot 100!”

    Lastly @Odge asks us to “Please make it stop”- wish granted.



    12" Mix
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  17. Dreadful. Romi and Jaz is another track that could have benefitted from remaining an instrumental (and without the MLK sample).
  18. I think we've all been rather cruel to Pat & Mick.

    That cover makes them look like a nice homely gay couple and their videos need to be put in some kind of museum - I can't help but smile at Pat's poorly-co-ordinated-6-year-old-high-on-sugar dancing at a kid's birthday party and Mick's end-of-the-party-come-to-collect-him dad dancing.

    I can see why american gays would have loved it.
  19. That Romi and Jazz song, really is so good!
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  20. Ha! I distinctly remember when Use It Up came on, I'd just got off my morning train and it started. It set the tone for the day, so uplifting and I may have screamed a bit to the bemusement of the commuting masses! I stand by the 10 score....
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