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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Romi & Jazz were my best discoveries of the whole rate. One Love One World is brilliant with the early 90s dance production and stuttered vocals. It also led me to discover their other bops

    They were like the Asian Mel & Kim, shame they never crossed over to the charts.
  2. Check out the original "Use it up, wear it out" by Odyssey from 1980 - back in July 1980 the 10 year old me was bopping to this as it knocked off "Xanadu" from the top spot - only in turn to be knocked off by "The Winner takes it all" and then "Ashes to Ashes"...happy days!
  3. So tomorrow we'll get rid of a song which attracted a zero from someone as well as our first song of the rate to pick up FOUR 10's!!
  4. Slowly getting more tough now I think!
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  5. oh yes!!!!
  6. Surely One Thing Leads To Another can’t have long left
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  7. What a chart run! Xanadu and The Winner Takes It All back to back, legendary. Thanks for the recommendation - I had no idea Use It Up was a cover and love the Odyssey vocals!
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  8. Haha, sad but true. I was so shocked when I first saw a picture and found out they weren’t like a male version of Mel and Kim! Rather tellingly, Charisma kept their faces anonymous on the American release.

  9. This one was quite good too. Produced by Tambi Fernando who worked with a few other PWL veterans (Sid Haywoode, Pepsi & Shirlie). I guess it was too ethnic sounding for the pop market but I really loved their styling on the sleeve.


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  10. Thanks, I couldn't find that one last week! Love that artwork.

    I love how after all this time there are still "new" 80s acts to discover.
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  11. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.690
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @Hairycub1969
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 @nanafan


    Not what you think of when you think PWL but yes Harding and Curnow were hired to remix this track and make it hit. In a sign of the increasing diversity of PWL at the turn of the decade it shows that they could turn their hand to anything- it broke the band with their first top 40 single though I suspect at the time few had the association in their head when they bought it.

    What did PJ say?

    @Hairycub1969 awarded this top marks “@hairycub1969 “great track proving Indie and Dance can be happy and comfortable bedfellas!” and he did good by some voters including @Eric “I like it in an odd kind of a way. Reminiscent of Hanson” and @ElectricYouth “I had NO IDEA PWL had anything to do with this. I liked this at the time, so it figures.”

    Indeed some were surprised by the association between the two @nanafan exclaims “Awful. Can’t believe it’s a PWL record”, @WhatKindOfKylie? shrugs “It was the early 90's by here, and I guess PWL had to try and dabble with the other genres of the time. But I mean, this is what we got?!“ and @ohnoitisnathan is confused “I had no idea that Harding/Curnow remixed this. I thought they were meant to be indie darlings?”

    Even @iheartpoptarts raises an eyebrow “Well, there’s an act I didn’t expect to find here…”

    @CatastropheBoy calls it a “quite a good EMF impersonation” echoed by me “I rather liked it at the time and I suppose it’s as close as PWL got to “Madchester indie”, for @MixmasterRemix it is proof “Harding & Curnow showing the first strong signs that they’d be able to evolve and survive the forthcoming wreckage of the Hit Factory.”

    @Odge is concerned by the sleeve “I wouldn’t have picked this up at the time simply based on the ugly single cover” whilst the substance is an issue for both @CasperFan “Dull Dull Dull-No not for me thanks!” and @Disco Blister “Yawn yawn yawn“.



    12" Mix
  12. Yay! One of my 10's has finally revealed itself! I loved Jesus Jones. Their 1989 album (especially single "Info Freako") was just slightly ahead of it's time...EMF and many others followed their trend..But "International Bright Young Thing" from Jan 1991 is the bees knees - I was living the (dream) lyrics at the time - great band!
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  13. happy days....*sigh":
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  14. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.725
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 4 @WhatKindOfKylie? @nanafan @idratherjack @iheartpoptarts
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 @phoenix123

    RELEASED: MAY 1991

    Well they took Kylie and Jason and made them into pop sensations surely SAW could do the same with the twins Gayle and Gillian Blakeney? They played Caroline and Christina Alessi in “Neighbours” (in my head they both slept with Paul Robinson but I could be wrong), and by 1991 they were ready to make that track and join the aforementioned acts in the UK top 40 along with Stefan Dennis and Craig Maclachlan who’d cracked it. As it turned out it wasn’t to be, questionable lyrics about the man choosing which one they liked the most (they both know about each other clearly), didn’t seem to bother anyone at the time.

    What did PJ Say?

    It picked up four top marks (a new rate record so far so we’re getting there folks), let’s hear what they say for themselves @nanafan “Please let this do well as it’s one of the best pop songs in the rate. The CD single is one of my prized possessions. Clearly written for the twins and a rip off if Better The Devil You Know but it was about 12 months too late as would have been a hit in 89/90 I think. I love this and play it a lot but I know you are going to chuck it out early” (surely No 85 counts as mid-rate now?) @WhatKindOfKylie? “A total rip of Better The Devil You Know I think, but hey, who cares! A great bop! Their music career of course would not follow the success that post Neighbours and then SAW, would provide Kylie...” @iheartpoptarts “More proof that everyone should just be popstars. (Except possibly the WWF?)”- whoaaaa no-one is saying that!

    Some liked it even despite the vocals, me for one “I shouldn’t be mentioning the concept of tacky commercial steps in a SAW thread but is this a step too far? It’s apeing of “Better The Devil You Know” in the bridge is a bit cringey but it just stays the right side of so bad it’s good and the backing is actually quite good if it wasn’t for the weak vocals and the naff lyrics. Bonus point for the 12” mix which is a vast improvement production wise” @CasperFan “I was convinced this would be a massive hit when it was released! Oh how wrong I was. It’s really not one of SAW’s best and the vocals are lousy but I do have a bit of a soft spot for it. The chorus is just not great really. It’s no Devil despite the same woah-oh-a-oahs! The extended version is great-the best bit about the song is the thumping piano” and @Odge “OK, so love the baseline, but the vocals are not up to much. “Get it straight right now”. What was Kylie thinking of all this!”

    It gets minor love from @ohnoitisnathan “Not the best thing SAW ever made, but enjoyable for what it is. Love this comment on the video: “it sounds like the autotune was unavailable that day, probably being used by Big Fun”” and @Eric “It was nice to have a Neighbours nostalgia trip, but this is a bit too much of a Kylie cash-in”.

    The critics were here for this though have no fear @letuinmybackdoor mocks “All flopped up” and @etcetera quotes the obvious “These two were not very good at singing, were they?” and oh those vocals for @MixmasterRemix “Maybe they just assumed twins would naturally be able to harmonize but the Blakeney Twins could have used a heavy dose of Mandy Smith-style background vocals to camouflage their thin vocals”.

    @Disco Blister has a quandary though “I’m not sure who should be more insulted, Cathy Dennis or Kylie?“- answers on a postcard.



    12" Mix
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  15. Nooooooo, you guys. That was one of my fave discoveries of the whole thing! I've had it stuck in my head quite a lot actually...
  16. Gayle & Gillian hung on quite well and glad to see them get multiple 10s!

    I was slightly obsessed with them back in the day and this is probably the only chance I will get to post these so here for your "enjoyment" are their other two singles

    Wanna Be Your Lover is amazing and actually my favourite single of 1994, fact fans!
  17. This was my fave single of 1994:
  18. I really love The Twins, it’s in my all time SAW Top 10, gutted it’s gone already. It was a rarity I didn’t know for years and wanted to hear and as soon as I did I loved it. Amazing 12” and better than a lot of the records left. I agree the lyrics are twee but I love it! I hope Boy Krazy now do well as they are my next favourite flops
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  19. Both amazing. The Club Mix of Mad If Ya Don’t is a tune!
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