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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. One of my biggest regrets in life is picking up The Twins - All Mixed Up CD single in Woolworths on release week and putting it back down. It goes for crazy money now, wish I'd bought the whole row!
  2. I paid about £115 for it so that was a mistake
  3. I was just glad when it got released on iTunes.

    I wish PWL had kept putting their single bundles up, they were great.
  4. So tomorrow's eliminations are all about those big names!!!
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  5. I get the thing with flop pop but that Gayle and Gillian single had the most 'thrown together in 5 minutes' laughable 'tune' ever. It's literally nothing except for a few woah ohs that literally deviate from Better the devil you know right at the end.
  6. This is true, but I think it’s a cracking pop record
  7. We are missing Pat & Mick, Erik, Johnna and Johnnie O
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  8. ... and PWL related tracks like EG Daily's Mind Over Matter which I would kill for in HQ.

    I am pretty sure I downloaded the Johnna album from iTunes a few years ago if that's any help to you.
  9. Mad if ya Don't and Wanna Be Your Lover are brilliant, I invested in both cd singles at the time (and entered the competition to win lunch with them in Paris from the Lover cd single) but All Mixed Up is very bland in comparison.
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  10. I did too, it’s the singles that are missing including some vinyl only mixes I’d love digitised
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  11. For those who don't know (probably anyone who isn't Australian), 'The Twins' made their first foray into 'music' (of sorts), lip syncing while wearing Kiss make-up in this 1980 single:

    (correct song title is actually just 'Singing in the 80s').
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  12. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.738
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @iheartpoptarts
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 3 @Deborah X @Disco Blister @Hairycub1969


    Promoted in tandem with her debut film “The Delinquents”, the film arrived in a blaze of publicity and, generally speaking, critical approval, meanwhile the single charged in at No 2 (her 5th single to do so) before becoming her 4th chart topper and SAW’s final chart topper as it turned out. A cover of the 1958 Little Anthony & The Imperials track it rounded off her “Enjoy Yourself” era.


    Pete says: “People keep asking me why we didn’t put it out for Christmas…well it was never considered. We’re releasing it to coincide with the film but we were going to do another Kylie & Jason duet but we couldn’t get it together (schedule wise) so we settled on a Jason single”

    What did PJ Say?

    @iheartpoptarts gives this top marks and doesn’t care what you say “Unpopular, I know, but I love this. It’s such adorable retro bubblegum heartbreak”- they’re on their own though.

    Qualified praise from @CasperFan “It was nice to hear Kylie do something a bit different when it was released and she does it beautifully but it’s probably her least essential number 1” and @ohnoitisnathan “I liked this at the time, but it really hasn’t held up that well. Quite shocking that it was her only UK #1 single from the 1990s.”

    Others liked the b-side better including myself “This is OK, but retro covers of 50s tracks aren’t really what I wanted from Kylie at this point. It’s major saving grace is the fantastic B-side “We Know The Meaning Of Love” which is exactly what I wanted from her at this point” @WhatKindOfKylie? “Out of all the classics Kylie would release in the 1990's, her only UK #1 that decade, was this?! Not to mention the 13th and final UK #1 for Stock Aitken Waterman themselves too. So unfair! I never turn it off, but never go out of my way to listen to it either-B-Side We Know The Meaning Of Love, is much, much better” and @MixmasterRemix “A throwaway cover saved only by the b-side for me.”

    @Odge is “Not a big fan of Kylie and her SAW covers” and neither is @nanafan by the sounds of it “Something different but it hasn’t aged well. Not sure how this made number one when better singles of hers didn’t”, it’s even worse for @Disco Blister who has taken to medication “What an appropriate title for a sleeping pill. Glad that it got to number 1, but that’s just about the only good thing I can think of. Wait, no, I also think the short blond wig she wore to “The Delinquents” premiere with Michael Hutchence was the first sign of Kylie 2.0. Obviously another good thing! “



    12" Mix
  13. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.809
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @WhatKindOfKylie?
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 X 1 @CatastropheBoy


    Recorded for “Childline” this was originally destined to be a recording of the Carole King track but they ended up with this original composition. It proved a final hurrah for Big Fun who were never to grace the top 40 again.


    Big Fun say: We were on our way back on a train from a fun day at Alton Towers to raise money for Childline and Esther Rantzen was on the train talking to us and said that funds were very low. We suggested that we do a song for her”- consider the coffers topped up…….hum.

    What did PJ say?

    @WhatKindOfKylie? “Meant to be cover of the classic song of the same name of course. But, in the end they went for an original track and all in the end of good causes too. I must admit, I thought this would be a total cheese fest and in a not a good way. But, it really is something special, and the two acts work together very well. Love the saxophone that is ever present in it too. Shame it didn't go as well as other Hit Factory Charity records, but I guess it was now 1990 after all... “

    To be fair there were more positive comments than negative on this one, I start it off with “This is actually quite a sweet track and the sax in it makes it a little more (dare I say it) classy and even Big Fun seem two octaves lower- which can only be a good thing!”, @letuinmybackdoor adds “Surprisingly decent”, @Eric interjects “Saxophones and Sonia to the rescue!” and @etcetera completes it with “Cute, I love the saxophone.”

    @Disco Blister is also here for the cause “This is rather classy, and classy is a word not often associated with Big Fun nor Sonia, is it? It deserves 8.5 just for that“ and @Hairycub1969 surprises us all with appreciation “OK it does grow on you after a while and it’s for a good cause!”

    Opposing views come from @ohnoitisnathan “As big a Sonia fan I was in 1990, unlike her other post-‘You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You’ singles, which received little exposure in Oz, I did not buy this one without having heard it first. And as I didn’t hear it at the time, I didn’t buy it. When I did eventually hear it years later, I was surprised at how (for SAW and Big Fun/Sonia) ‘soulful’ it sounded. The more laidback vibe does not really suit either Sonia or Big Fun’s personas or fan-base. I was expecting it to have been a cover version. It’s nice… but not spectacular” and @MixmasterRemix “The soulful style works really well for Sonia and vocally she could have carried this on her own. I get that Big Fun and the duet angle were probably added to boost sales for the charity and they do their best but they just lacked the range for this kind of material”. The duet angle didn’t work for @Odge however “Great idea - put two acts together that are threatened with the dumper and they’ll save each other. Not”

    Some compared it to the cover intended as a release (it will be in part 3 folks), @nanafan says “I really like this but the cover that was unearthed for the reissue is phenomenal and should have been released. Apparently this was written as the title had been published in magazines then they decided to pull the cover so had to replace it with an original. Honourable mention to Gary Barnacle on sax”,

    @CasperFan doesn’t agree “I’ve appreciated this song more listening to it in this rate-not as bad as I remember but still not great. I bought it without hearing it at the time and thinking it was a bit shit- I was right but it’s better than the cover of the same name.”

    @iheartpoptarts as always concentrates on other things “The single cover kills me. They don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves at ALL.”



    12" Mix

  14. Oh. Suddenly enjoyable songs are leaving.

    I've only just noticed "featuring Gary Barnacle on saxophone".

    How am I only just hearing about this?

    where can I find this? Which reissue?
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  15. Did Gary Barnacle just attach himself to this project?
  16. This thread needs more puns. You're hired.
  17. I didn't even get it until you pointed it out.

  18. You've got to hand it to Sonia - she could give Pat Butcher a run for her money in a "Who can wearing the biggest earrings" competition. Heaven knows how anyone can wear big earrings - I tried it once (fake clips on) for an evening to see what it was like - and they weighted a ton and made me feel "unbalanced"!
  19. I remember this single really surprising me. Instead of the ickfest charridee abomination I expected, it was a completely atypical piece of quite sophisticated soul/pop. Who knew!
  20. I gave it a 7 out of 10 - I didn't think much of it at the time (too busy raving to Jesus Jones, Happy Mondays, Chad Jackson, Betty Boo and FAB featuring MC Parker) - but it's grown on me as Pick of the Pops seem to play it each year when they feature 1990 in July!
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