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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. "Tears on my pillow" got a 3 from me - but things are about to change for Kylie - she's got herself involved with Michael Hutchence and I swear he's told her to have a few words with SAW to up their game...
  2. This reminds of the Radio 1 interview where they asked Tracey & Melissa from Voice of the Beehive about the producers they'd worked with for the second album, and the interviewer mentioned "You worked with Phil Harding of PWL" and they immediately replied "We prefer to think of Jesus Jones".

    Phil Harding was much in demand at that time.
  3. Not sad to see 'Tears On My Pillow' leave, but I am shocked that Kylie has had two eliminations already. Maybe the top 10 won't be filled to the brim with her offerings, after all.
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  4. Oh you cute baby! - you managed to slag off Jesus Jones and promote "Pee Wwww Lll" (PWL) in the same sentence!
  5. Getting the dregs of her early singles out of the way...
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  6. That Big Fun/Sonia duet, is a delight! And as for that 2nd Kylie/Jason Xmas duet that never happened, that's a first for me hearing that! Wonder if it was true or another dear old Uncle Pete tale? Seeing as Kylie had just dumped Jason by that point anyway, it wouldn't have the genuine magic of Especially For You anyway I think. So, perhaps for the best.
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  7. Poor Jason...his fall from grace was not pretty...however, you've got to hand it to Kylie - she went from Jason to Michael Hutchence!
    I do think Jason made a big mistake suing "The Face" - he should have left it at "I'm not gay but I have no problem if anyone thinks I am - so what - it's no big deal. Now can anyone write me some decent tunes or offer me a good part in a half decent film please"...then career revived!
  8. I agree. Jason suing The Face was a very bad move for his career
  9. Yes, very bad and just very stupid.
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  10. Time for two more exits I feel.....
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  11. Yes please!
  12. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.809
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @Disco Blister
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 @nanafan


    Harding & Curnow called in again to remix this album track for Stewart though this one missed the top 40. It was a reasonable hit in Europe and caused a further single from his album to be released though it didn’t see a UK release.

    What did PJ say?

    @Disco Blister is out on his own here with top marks “Great sassy title, great song! His image was interesting to say the least, singing finger wagging songs to girls about not having to take any clothes off and telling them not to talk dirty him. Guess there was a reason for this… Oh, is it just me or did Jermaine look a bit like Haywoode or Haywoode look a bit like Jermaine? I swear they have similar facial features“- we just don’t know…..

    Lack of a great hook let this down though for me “Pretty non-descript and more beat than tune in all honesty. Stewart puts in a decent enough vocal performance”, @CasperFan agrees “I vaguely remember this-not bad, quite funky. Chorus is a bit of a non-event though” and I guess @Odge is a kind of fan of it “Minneapolis! New York! LA! London!”

    It wasn’t pop enough for some though @WhatKindOfKylie? sighs “I adore it when The Hit Factory went all 80's R&B on us. And this an ok offering from them in that field, but it is not up there with their best. Feels like a very poor male imitation of either Janet or Jody this”, @ohnoitisnathan complains “This doesn’t sound very SAW. Too generic US late 80s r&b-sounding for my palate” and @iheartpoptarts moans “More of an American sound as compared to most other songs here.”

    @nanafan isn’t won over “Jermaine Stewart has a run of rubbish tracks, I much prefer Please Say You Will that was left as an album track” and @MixmasterRemix reflects “The spiritual sequel to “We Don’t have to Take Our Clothes Off” but while that one came across as being responsible in the age of AIDS, this one amusingly made him sound more like a prissy closet case who was just trying to push off an amorous gal pal.”

    TV Slot

    12" Mix
  13. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 5.825
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 1 @CasuallyCrazed
    LOWEST SCORE: 2 x 1 @phoenix123

    RELEASE: MAY 1990

    So good they released it thrice! Well Japan (who did the original) certainly did that back in 1979, 1981 and a year later when it finally made No 28. This cover did nothing to revive the stock of the track. Pete Hammond was drafted in to do a single mix for it and it ends up in the rate.

    What did PJ say?

    I’m leading the charge on this one “One of the discovery of the rate for me. A great little track which should have been hit and probably would have if it had been out in 1989”, @nanafan backs me up “Something a bit different. Was never going to be a hit but it’s a nice summery track” and it leads @iheartpoptarts to think “I don’t know, I’ve only been once, but life in Tokyo seems like a lot of fun to me…”

    @Odge is non comittal “Not heard this one before (I know and love the Japan version)” and @WhatKindOfKylie? thinks it’s OK “Good pop voice I think. The song itself is not half bad either and feels more Euro Pop than I expected. I won't be having it on repeat, but yes, I like it!”

    @CasperFan pontificates “The verses sound very Hazell Dean-not much of a chorus-maybe it’s a grower?” but it doesn’t quite hit the spot for @ohnoitisnathan “I wasn’t aware that PWL had worked with another Japanese artist. Vocally, she’s technically better than Kakko, but perhaps not as ‘fun’.”

    @Eric just doesn’t feel it “Doesn't seem to build up somehow...” and @MixmasterRemix puzzles “A Japanese singer covering a song by the band Japan about living in Japan? So meta!”

    Single Mix

    12" Mix
  14. She is vocally better than Kakko but I prefer the Kakko tracks. Neither of these two are better than The Twins (though I will say this for about another 75 tracks!)
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  15. Tomorrow's eliminations include a top 3 hit!!
  16. That’s Help! going then
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  17. No. Way.
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  18. Help needs to stay!
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