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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Same here!
  2. That’s actually funny as I clearly recall thinking the exact opposite when I heard it on the album. I thought it was a song SAW had obviously put some actual effort into and that it was by far their best Jason song until then (and even one of the best SAW tunes in general)! Closely followed by You Can Depend On Me. For me it was proper sparkles, more than on the singles before. I still think so!
  3. My 11 is not safe.
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  4. I reckon my 11 might scrape the top 20. I expect the top 10 will be littered with filled with Kylie.
  5. As it should be. Her, Donna and Lonnie 's Happening.
  6. And rightfully so too. The more Kylie the better for me! Obviously.
  7. Right the time has come....................who's 11 is going?
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  8. I've never seen this before. It's barely a parody. I see nothing but facts especially the bit where they're all in the studio with money being thrown at them.
  9. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 7.142
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 4 @SmashHitter @WhatKindOfKylie? @Disco Blister @Remorque
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 X 1 @iheartpoptarts


    Yes 1989 and Comic Relief meant Banananarama and LaNaNeNeNooNoo (or French & Saunders with Kathy Burke) covering the Beatles classic. It took just three weeks to become their equal highest peaking single and their 10th and final top 10 single ever, it also marked the end of the S/A/W Bananarama partnership for three long years. LaNaNeeNeeNooNoo started out as a Bananarama spoof on the French & Saunders Christmas show which the girls liked so much they got drafted in for comic effect


    Dawn said” The idea came about because Jennifer and I were huge fans, the video was great fun but my main memory was of going drinking with them afterwards. They drank us under the table. We were amazed at how much they could drink”.


    Banananrama said “Yeah we saw it before it was even on television (the spoof). Everyone thought we would be furious but that’s what everyone thinks of us anyway- that we can’t sing or dance- but we thought it was hilarious”

    What did PJ Say?

    Becoming the third song of the rate to pick up a quartet of maximum points this is clearly loved by some @WhatKindOfKylie? beams “The Girls last single of the classic Hit Factory era, and one of their biggest hits too. Rightfully so, love how fun and at times bonkers this is. If this doesn't do well, well to quote Dame Jen "That's it I'm leaving"!“ see too @Disco Blister “I’m often feeling a bit bottomy too, but this is obviously a very toppy version. Never cared about the original by the Bottles or whatever they were called, this is such an improvement on their lacklustre version. The video is comic gold“.

    @Eric brands it “Cheesy for all the right reasons!” and @MixmasterRemix is finally on board with this “Happily Dame Jacqui’s PWL career ended with a hit. I avoided this one for years just because it was a Beatles cover but they actually did a great job. Fun and funny and the harmonies are really well done”.

    @iheartpoptarts ponders“It might be amusing to rate all the red nose songs one of these days…” and indeed some liked the comedy parts if not the song like @etcetera “The comedy parts are good but I’m not that fond of the song”.

    The promo gets points from @CatastropheBoy “loved the video and seeing Jacquie in the top 3” but it was slated from a decent amount of us…..

    I comment “A rather straightforward cover but then it is for charity so I suppose we have to guarantee the income. Perfectly acceptable if rather pedestrian for them” @CasperFan adds “I love Bananarama but this is one of the lowest points in their discography-a good bit of fun for Comic Relief but not one I include in any Bananarama playlist. Oh and I hate The Beatles anyway so doubly negative for me!” and @letuinmybackdoor hangs his head “Pains me, but it's a horrible record, the lowest point of their career, Shuv must have been laughing her head off!”

    Even @nanafan is struggling “My least favourite Bananarama SAW track. If they had performed it on TOTP it probably would have made number one. Kathy Burke is brilliant though” whilst @ohnoitisnathan is laughing for the wrong reasons “Probably their worst SAW-produced single. Best thing about it: Jacquie is on the track! When I first read that the rumour they were covering ‘Help!’ in (Oz) Smash Hits, I thought it was a joke”.

    Perhaps @Odge was right “Would have been better to have really released Jimmy Mack”.


    Live on Comic Relief

    12" Mix
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  10. [​IMG]



    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 X 1 @Eric 10 X 3 @Remorque @idratherjack @WhatKindOfKylie?
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 X 1 @Deborah X


    As was their want back in the day, this was essentially a song designed to slip under the radar and be a club hit before it was unveiled as a Kylie track and the dance community hung their head in shame at being tricked. It kinda worked, released on bootleg vinyl in the Autumn of 1991 the track was a mash of Freestyle Orchestra’s “keep on Pumpin It Up” and an (at that time) unreleased Kylie track “I Guess I Like It Like That” which saw club action as “featuring Angel K”. It was remixed by Phil Harding into the “Astral Flight Mix” and given the full title and promptly missed the top 40.

    What did PJ Say?

    So we lose our first 11 and it’s poor @Eric who suffers it “Totally new one for me, and it's amazing! The beat...the fashions. Want to go to that club now!”

    @WhatKindOfKylie? is also at that rave though “Superb. I just love the fact that back in the day, Kylie via her Angel K guise, had managed to become an underground Dance Diva, with no one having a clue at the time it was her! Great piece of 'Rave Kylie'” @nanafan joins in “Another great track. Rave Kylie was great and I would have loved an album in this style. Really cranks I Guess I Like It Like That up several notches” and I’m at the bar getting the drinks in “I’ve got my glowsticks a-waving and a bottle of two dogs in my hand. I imagine (had I been clubbing in 1991) that I’d have loved this- it still rocks as a piece of stand alone dance music”

    @letuinmybackdoor gives qualified praise "this is missing the magic. Cool club vibe.”

    Some are definitely having a night in if this is played at the club, @CasperFan “I really liked I Guess I Like It Like That in all it’s 2Unlimited glory-but this is just too housey for me and not enough Kylie! A bizarre release with an odd cover not mentioning Kylie and no promo” @ohnoitisnathan “I’ve actually never heard this one until now. It’s not really a ‘song’, is it? Just a club track that samples a few bits of a Kylie lyric and other things” @iheartpoptarts “Hits hard, but it’s a bit repetitive. You’ve got Kylie, put more of her in it!” are all dissatisfied.

    @MixmasterRemix thinks “Honestly Freestyle Orchestra and D’borah should have been given a credit if they gave one to Kylie. The “Keep On Pumpin’ It Up” sample is the real hook while casual listeners would barely notice who was even doing Kylie’s wailing” but then maybe @Odge wouldn’t have got his money “Another one that netted me a tidy profit on ebay“.

    7" Mix

    12" Mix
  11. Two utterly fantastic back to back songs alas booted out there. I am glad Help! was able to make it this for, as I know it certainly gets a mixed reaction on here to say the very least. I love how Bananarama's last big hit of the 1980's (and to an extent, their careers), harks back to their early 80's covers days too-almost come fall circle as the decade drew to a close. Just total fun too!
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  12. I gave 'Help' a 7. It's more like a 5.
  13. Keep On Pumpin' It, is not a Kylie song I really associate with her too be honest. It's more like a vocal feature and nothing else. Doesn't take away from the fact it's amazing though and a superb early 90's floor filler.
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  14. Help is brilliant. I helped it get to number three and still have the 12".
  15. Here’s the Freestyle Orchestra song that gave the Visionmasters/Kylie track its title. D’borah really has an amazing voice but musically it was way too boring for me (and unfortunately most of the big room gay clubs near me favored this kind of Deep House over the poppier stuff I liked) but bits of the acapella were stolen by dozens of dance tracks over years. A couple others I remember are DJ H’s “You (Don’t You Stop)” and “Take Me” by Dream Frequency.

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  16. I love “Everyday” too. The lyrics have such a good flow and it feels like they’d learned to cater to Jason’s range at this point. It got a nine from me.
  17. Ezz


    I had a feeling it was my 11 for the chop! I'm glad I opted to give Keep On Pumpin' a little moment in the sun, as my other 11 choice will undoubtedly get tonnes of support...I think the newness and quirkiness drew me to this one...
  18. So many great songs left just before the top 50! I just love some of those early 90's flops like Did I Say Ti Amo, If You Belonged To Me and Running Back For More and it would have been great to see them do a bit better.
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  19. Very good taste you have there.
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  20. These are all going to hurt from here on in…..

    …. actually hang on has that Crepe Suzette woman gone yet?
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