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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. I'm back and the first elimination is on its way
  2. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.119
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 5 @SmashHitter @WhatKindOfKylie? @idratherjack @CasuallyCrazed @Remorque
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 X 1 @Deborah X


    After leaving EMI Hazell Dean moved to Lisson Records and her first release was this cover of the Yvonne Elliman track “Love Pains” which flopped here back in the 70s. Perhaps they thought they could do another “Who’s Leaving Who” and rework a flop into a hit? Anyway it did make the song a chart entry but missed the top 40 as did Liza Minelli’s version under a year later.

    What did PJ say?

    @WhatKindOfKylie? is again sprinkling 10’s on this one “Hazell Dean really did have one of the finest voices the Hit Factory ever worked with. And once again she gives it her all in a really inspired cover version that her top vocals were well suited for“.

    Its flop status surprises some @nanafan says “This is a good record, don’t know why this wasn’t a Top 40 hit. It’s a great PWL cover that Hazell delivers well. One of her best”, @CasperFan dismays “Love this-great cover version and sounds soooo Hazell (which is a great thing!) So many great songs flopping!” and @ohnoitisnathan thinks the outfit seems familiar “It seems that Haze was bound to flop on the UK chart in years that weren’t leap years. It also seems that she borrowed Sabrina’s dress from the UK ‘All of Me’ sleeve, dyed it green, and wore it in the video. As for the song? It’s OK”.

    Though this version pre dates the Liza Minelli one many of us commented on it. I start “Naturally Hazell sprinkles her magic on this track to the benefit of us all. I love her version and Liza’s as well in 1989”, @Odge adds “I like all the versions - Yvonne, Liza and Hazell. All give superb vocals. This was probably too soon after the Liza version” Whilst @Disco Blister explains “Poor Hazell, releasing Love Pains when Liza just had covered it on Results. I think Liza’s single was released only later on, but really: anyone who had heard her version just couldn’t help comparing Hazell’s version with it, and we all know who won that duel. Even if Hazell’s wasn’t bad either. Just bad timing“.

    @letuinmybackdoor echoes the thoughts of some “Liza did it far better”, those others include @etcetera “Not a bad song but Liza Minnelli (and Pet Shop Boys) did a much better job covering this at about the same time”

    @Eric has his favourite part of the song “Sweet, and I like the "pain" sampling towards the end of the song” as does @iheartpoptarts “Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain! Totally the best part” and @MixmasterRemix brings us the facts “In Phil Harding’s book he mentions that everyone at Lisson really thought this was going to be a pop smash. I can see why, it’s a sparkling version of the song and the single sleeve is eye-catchingly beautiful”.


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  3. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.119
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 6 @Odge @SmashHitter @CasperFan @etcetera @phoenix123 @Remorque
    LOWEST SCORE: 5 x 2 @idratherjack @MixmasterRemix


    Selling a best yet tally of 72,000 this was another Kylie midweek chart topper that ended up at No 2, this time behind “Swing The Mood”. The promo was the first one shot outside Australia (shot in the UK FYI).


    Kylie said: “I never got the luxury of getting to know a song and thinking how I would deliver it at this point. We just did it”

    What did PJ Say?

    Let’s line up those 10 pointers and hear what they have to say… @Odge can’t get enough of this “Love the backing vocals to this track. Just great memories of a hot summer and this track”, @CasperFan remembers “Loved the different feel to this song, more laid back feel but a killer of a tune, great dance routine and so glad she sang it live again on the Golden tour” and @etcetera thinks it has the whole package “Lyrics are perhaps not why I like SAW so much but this is one occasion where I really like them. Music is great too”.

    @nanafan has editing issues “A great record. Great to see it shine in the Golden Tour as it’s a favourite. There is a terrible edit in the Your Thang Mix though” and for me it was a first “I like this more now than I did at the time. It was the first Kylie single that I LIKED rather than LOVED- Obviously I still bought it in week one”

    For a Kylie track this high in the rate it did attract a fair amount of criticism, @WhatKindOfKylie? says “I wish I liked this one a little bit better than I do, but I just can't. I do very much enjoy it all the same, but it lacks a little of sparkle compared to her other 80's hits”, whilst @ohnoitisnathan contends it’s “Decent but it doesn’t really stand out among her singles from this era”.

    @MixmasterRemix pontificates “If this hadn’t been part of her imperial phase I wonder if it would have done quite as well. A middling composition with a ghastly single sleeve” and @Eric has a struggle “I hate giving Kylie this low a score, but this song is just a bit flat…” meanwhile @Disco Blister has promo issues “Bought the single on my first trip to London, aww. Back then I thought the video looked slightly less tacky and cheap than her previous ones. Watching it now it’s very obvious I was wrong”.



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  4. I really thought that the Liza version had damaged its chart chances, and didn't realise that Hazell was first (by a month). It's great, but could do with a bit more oomph by upping the baseline.
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  5. I hated that gimp in the white wig on 'Hitman and her'!
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  6. Great routine by Kylie. And the actress in her knows how to work the TOTP camera.
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  7. Yeah, so did I. I used to get home from the clubs on Saturday night and switch on the Hitman: and hated seeing him.
  8. Ezz


    Loving @iheartpoptarts and my shared appreciation of the "Pain, pain, pain, pain!" - a dancefloor needs to be found!
  9. Love Pains lasting this long is a surprise for me, I actually prefer Better Off Without You. A pity we didn't get another PWL album from Hazell.
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  10. I hate how Wouldn't Change a Thing is paid dust these days. Hand On Your Heart is seen as the 80s pop classic and Never Too Late is considered one of the fan favourites meaning this falls between the two. This was probably the peak of my Kylie stanning and remember doing the dance moves over and over.

    While the cover is just pure nostalgia for me, it is dreadful. What on earth were they doing?

    Even a slight tweak might have made it more acceptable:


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  11. As promised tomorrow someone will lose their 11.............and we'll finally reach the top 20!
  12. Much, much better artwork here!

    As for the song itself, I do like it, but it's not a go to Kylie song either for me.
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  13. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.190
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 6 @Hairycub1969 @CasuallyCrazed @idratherjack @ohnoitisnathan @WhatKindOfKylie? @SmashHitter
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 X 1 @ElectricYouth


    By 1989 it was time for Sinitta’s second album and she’d ditched SAW but was still hanging out with PWL for this cover of the Maxine Nightingale #8, 1975 hit. It gave her a fourth top 10 single and kept alive her record of having a top 10 single in each year since 1986 though that was shortly coming to an end with this track becoming her final top tier hit.

    Youtube adds: “who wears boots on the beach?”

    What did PJ Say?

    @Hairycub1969 is the surprise supporter of this one “the best thing she ever did! Sounds like fun and the arrangement is great on this track!”, but he’s not alone here’s @WhatKindOfKylie? “It's shame that by 1989, Sinitta was being somewhat relegated to covers with that and Love On A Mountain Top too. BUT, at least both have a HUGE shot of Hit Factory pop power injected into them, and make them well and truly updated for 1989. A perfect summer '89 anthem“ and @ohnoitisnathan “ Catchy as hell” who give Sin a 10.

    This comes at the right time of the year for @nanafan “Great summery cover, joyous. Great video and deservedly a big hit” and clearly we’re on the beach together as I note “Light, fun, and summery- what more can you ask for Sin- love it”

    @CasperFan is curious “A fun cover but how this was a big hit after Miracles flopped is a pop injustice. Catchy as hell though”

    For some the writing was on the wall sadly @Odge “I think we knew that Sinitta was being treated in the same way as other PWL acts: she was getting more covers rather than SAW originals. This is a classic PWL production, with brass punches” and they clearly weren’t spending money on the promo either as @Eric notes “Priscilla vibes on a Kwik Save budget! Love it!” and @iheartpoptarts agrees “Some of these people are wearing what look like hospital gowns to the beach and I’m not quite sure why.”

    @MixmasterRemix isn’t a fan either way “ I know this was a bit of a comeback for our Snit but it seemed better suited for the aerobic studio than the dancefloor.”



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  14. That 11 coming up this afternoon....
  15. Look at that still. How could you not find that summery video* a joy?

    *shot entirely indoors
  16. Sinitta charted much better with that than I would have guessed.
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  17. It out-peaked Express Yourself which got stuck at #5 (the week after Jason Donovan and Cliff Richard entered at #1 & #2 if I remember correctly)

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  18. Oh I hate being the lowest scorer. I just never liked this song, I find it bland. I really think Sinitta was done a disservice with this strategy of releasing covers. My recollection of her career is that after 'Miracles' she just became a covers act.
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  19. Right let's get rid of that 11
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  20. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.357
    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 X 1 @idratherjack 10 X 7 @SmashHitter @WhatKindOfKylie? @nanafan @ElectricYouth @phoenix123 @Disco Blister @Remorque
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 x 1 @Deborah X


    By mid 1992 Minogue was gearing up to her final PWL album “Greatest Hits” recording three new songs for it of which this was one. The promo was inspired by the Brigitte Bardot Film “And God Created Woman” in case you wanted to know, and Kylie reported at the time that it isn’t a song that she was particularly fond off

    What did PJ Say?

    Well this picks a new rate record of 8 scores at ten or above including an 11 from @idratherjack who becomes the third voter to lose their eleven scorer, it just misses out on a top 20 place though.

    @nanafan isn’t a fool and gives it a 10 “One of the best Kylie singles. I love love love this and would kill to see it performed live. Fits with the Rhythm Of Love era. I think this is going to do really well as it’s loved on the popjustice forum”- well they weren’t wrong! And unsurprisingly @WhatKindOfKylie? also loves this “A homage to her earlier hits as the time with the Hit Factory was coming to an end-and a fantastic one at that! Alas, it seemed that this was lost on many people, and it's #14 status in the charts at the time showed. Shame. Bigger shame is Kylie's own dislike of it, and how she's paid it dust since 1992! “

    @MixmasterRemix thinks its release should have been her last hit factory one “Finally a dance track that called back to her glory days with the Hit Factory, it should have been the fabulous farewell for the Princess of PWL instead of “Celebration” whilst @Disco Blister likes everything about it “Amazing video, amazing song, amazing styling. Deserved to go to number 1, even if it was a throwback to her classic SAW sound. She needs to perform it live”, naturally @iheartpoptarts gives us a promo update “I’ve bought quite a few pairs of heart sunglasses since the last time we rated this”.

    For a lot of voters though it was a decided “step back in time” and not in a good way, @CasperFan has mixed feelings “An obvious attempt to capture the more traditional Kylie sound after the Let’s Get To It shift. It’s a great song but I think heard all that before was an apt lyric and the time was right to split with SAW. One day I hope we will get to hear this in concert-but I’m not holding my breath!” as does @ohnoitisnathan “Catchy. Regressive sound though, really, at that point in her career”.

    More dissenting voices from @Odge “Intended, I think, as a throwback to her earlier SAW singles. There was a fairly disastrous live vocal on TOTP“, @Eric has the same reservations “It was interesting to read comments about this being filler for her 1992 Greatest Hits, and I tend to agree, feels like a bit of a regression” and I echo them “A definite retrograde step sonically for Minogue and sounds woefully out of place even in 1992, the production is tinny and even with the hindsight of nostalgia this is still throwaway sadly”

    @letuinmybackdoor concludes “I know some people think this is a fizzy pop classic, but it's so, so average and beneath her at that stage.”



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