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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.


    Out of interest would this Lonnie track have performed better had I rightfully given it a 10/10 instead of a miserly 7/10?
  2. Yes by about 4 places!
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  3. Whoops!

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  4. As you should be- Imagine if WIGAR was one of the songs that it would have sailed by?...............
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  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Kicking myself.
  6. Haha I only gave it a 9 and would probably up it slightly now so you aren't alone.
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  7. Another day, another bop shown the door!
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  8. I might have gone with 'That's No Reason' to follow-up 'Happenin' All Over Again', then 'If I Have To Stand Alone'.
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  9. How on earth is 'Never Too Late' still in this, and beating both Sonia & Lonnie's recent departures? It's SAW by numbers, really.
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  10. Never Too Late beating What Kind Of Fool is a travesty, it's so basic.
  11. Never Too Late is Beethoven's Fifth in comparison to What Kind of Fool.

    I exaggerate. They are both SAW by numbers but at last Never Too Late has the excuse of being before her renaissance.
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  12. I like Never Too Late, but you can't compare it to What Kind Of Fool, in the amazing levels that's for sure!
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  13. Never Too Late and What Kind Of Fool are both brilliant, but neither are as amazing as Wouldn't Change A Thing.

    Oh, and I'll have no When I'm Good And Ready slander. It's easily my favourite latter-day non-Kylie SAW single.
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  14. I hope my #11 can keep holding on and make the top 10 at the very least!
  15. If I Have To Stand Alone has done very well here and it's well-deserved. I think How Could He Do This To Me, which wasn't even included on the (original) album could have worked as the follow-up to Happenin' All Over Again.
  16. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.547
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 X 5 @WhatKindOfKylie? @nanafan @ohnoitisnathan @Disco Blister @phoenix123
    LOWEST SCORE: 4 X 1 @iheartpoptarts


    The second Kylie single not to be produced by SW in its single mix, this time Brothers In Rhythm do the duties. Wiki tells me this was planned as the follow up to “Word Is Out” back in 1991, wonder if it would have made No 11?

    What did PJ Say?

    A few tens came in for this one starting with @Disco Blister “If The Delinquents premiere with the short wig, miniskirt and sex god boyfriend Michael Hutchence introduced us Kylie 2.0, Finer Feelings was what gave us the first glimpse of Kylie 3.0 and what was to come later on with KM94. A crime it only made it to #11“ and was followed by @nanafan “A glimpse at where Kylie would go in her later career. Her most mature and classy PWL moment. The BIR 12” is without doubt one of her best extended versions. Gorgeous. So glad it got its moment to shine during K25”, @WhatKindOfKylie? “If anything signalled the next few years that Kylie's music would possibly take her, than it was this song. Superb its own right, the Brothers In Rhythm single remix, helps take it too the next level and is easily the coolest thing she ever did at the Hit Factory. #11 for this was just unfair!” and @ohnoitisnathan “The single version was a vast improvement on the album version. This was basically a warm-up for ‘Confide In Me’. Classy video, too”

    Most thought that DNA did a great job on the remix including me “The DNA remix is obviously better and far lusher than the album version, it has kind of earthy sensuality which is missing on Kylie tracks prior to this and it showcases her vocals nicely” @CasperFan “The album version is a bit meh but the Brothers In Rhythm mixes are sublime-a real sign of what was to come a few years later. The only LGTI track Kylie seems to like-needs more recognition as a Kylie classic” and @MixmasterRemix “Gorgeous. She really proved she could make material that was both commercial and credible with this track. And of course it became on omen of what the Deconstruction era would bring”.

    Others saw it as a portent @Odge “I think by now we knew the writing was on the wall for Kylie’s future with SAW”, @letuinmybackdoor adds “A sign of what was to come, stylish and sophisticated (album version is dull though)” and @Eric praises “The Parisian setting is quite poignant and her vocal delivery is on point”. For @etcetera it is “The best of the Let’s Get To It-singles“.

    @iheartpoptarts however is the only voter unhappy with it “How do you put PWL and Kylie together and get something so dull?”



    12" Mix
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  17. Back in 2012 @mump boy and I went to the Anti - Tour. We're big Kylie fans but not obsessives like you really had to be to truly enjoy such a concert. It was fun but we weren't that enthralled so we decided to see if we could find some of our friends upstairs. With the concert in full swing security weren't taking too much notice of who was sitting where so we went and sat in a couple of free seats in the balcony. Turns out this was slap bang in the middle of the VIP area. Luckily we knew quite few people so had a fun old time chatting with Will Young, Boy George, Patrick Cox, Princess Julia, Will Baker etc and singing along to all the Kylie anti hits.

    When the show ended everyone was going to the after party in a small room at the back of the venue. Obviously we weren't supposed to be there but being very drunk and expert blaggers we thought we's wing it. We followed the crowd but when we got to the door were stopped by a security guard and asked for the correct wristbands - "There with me shouted" Rupert Everett as we swept in the door. HA!!!

    Once inside we did what we do best and partook of the free bar whilst bothering celebrities. I remember apologising to Will, who I knew a bit at the time, for always being totally off my face whenever I saw him and insisting that I wasn't really an alcoholic. We spent quite a long time chatting with Pete Waterman about the upcoming anniversary concert at Hyde Park that got cancelled (He sent us some free tickets for the rescheduled one) and grilling him about the Reynolds Girls (Obvs).

    When Kylie arrived she did the rounds being effortlessly charming to everyone and didn't batt an eye when she finally ended up speaking to us to complete strangers. I surreally remember standing in a corner between her and Will having and in depth discussion about the direction her career was taking and concentrating really hard on making some kind of sense. I drunkenly (But sensitively) asked why as she was a legend with 25 years in the biz and the ability to do anything she chose she still seemed to be chasing trends and as she has a really decent pop voice why it was always so over produced. She said that she it was the pressures put on her to be commercially successful but totally understood what I meant. She assured me that I would love her next project which turned out to be The Abbey Road Sessions and she was right.

    Just before we left @mump boy approached her and said that as she hadn't sung his favourite Kylie song that night would she sing it with us now? We ended the evening in an impromptu rendition of Finer Feelings with the Princess of Pop herself!!!

    We ran out the door in a Kylie induced haze singing at the top of our lungs all the way home.

    I love us :-)
  18. This is why we need that @Baby Clyde book for Christmas!
  19. Erm because it's a friggin CHOON.
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  20. How is Hand On Your Heart still in?
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