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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. I swear if Sybil is in the top ten there needs to be an investigation into Russian collusion.

    I didn't expect my 7/10 to be the lowest score for this one. I was disappointed it wasn't a hit at the time but it had very little pop competition in 1993 and against all these SAW classics it pales in comparison.

    This is the best version of the video (how may edits are there?):

    Another in a long line of SAW related acts spinning around in their videos!

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  2. Now this is a huge loss. I adore this record, one of my very very favourite SAW tracks (up there with The Twins!). I thought it was guaranteed Top 10 in the rate. In my personal record this is higher than one of the Rhythm Of Love tracks. Glad to see so many 10s
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  3. What up, what up, American girls in the house! So happy to see this get so much love. The regular version is the best but I’d did like this House mix that would play well next to some of the Erik tracks.

    And thanks to Cherry Pop/iTunes, some of the unreleased Stock & Waterman tracks they left off the album have surfaced. It’s so awesome how much of this stuff has been officially released over the past decade after languishing in the vaults for years.

  4. So tomorrow the top 10 will be revealed- and of course who's just missed out! Prepare for @phoenix123 meltdown if Sybil makes it!...............
  5. Watching that Nathan Jones video for the first time in 30 years, and you can't blame Jackie for feeling "tacked on the end".
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  6. So I live in a parallel universe where this is easily one of the biggest hits of the whole rate! Oh Canada.
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  7. Savage, but correct. That album is such a dud.
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  8. USA too! It only hit 18 on the Billboard top 40 but it hit number one on their airplay chart. And I remember seeing it topped the chart in one of the trade magazines that were more aimed at radio/music industry people, maybe CMJ or Cashbox? MTV never supported it in the US though and I think that’s what made it stall on Billboard but it’s def the second biggest hit from the rate in America. Donna’s “This Time” is the only one that did better. Offhand I think the only other one that hit the top 40 here is Sam Fox “I Only Wanna Be” (and she had light MTV support for that song).
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  9. It's on its way- the No 11- will the rate dissolve into an APOCORATE if Sybil makes the top 10?
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  10. [​IMG]



    AVERAGE SCORE: 8.952
    HIGHEST SCORE: 10 x 8 @Odge @SmashHitter @WhatKindOfKylie? @nanafan @letuinmybackdoor @idratherjack @ohnoitisnathan @iheartpoptarts
    LOWEST SCORE: 5.5 X 1 @phoenix123


    So this was the final top 10 single to bear the names Stock & Waterman and it was also Sybil’s final top 40 single to boot. It marked a very successful four months for the pair with three top 10 singles in the period when most had written them off, and you seem to agree as it only narrowly misses the top 10 probably thanks to @phoenix123

    What did PJ Say?

    Clear the dancefloor for these voters are going to bop! @Odge “Tune alert and dance floor filler! The Women’s Prerogative mix is fab. I wouldn’t want to argue with Sybil in a dark alley: she means business”, @nanafan “What a record. Their last truly great single. I much prefer this to The Love I Lost despite them having virtually the same backing track. The sound of 1993 piano pop delivered with gusto by Sybil. Brilliant” and @WhatKindOfKylie? “Club classic alert! I believe this was the final big top 10 hit that SAW (now SW of course), ever had. In that case, what a way to bow out on! This is one Heart FM overplayed song that very much deserves to be“.

    @letuinmybackdoor is also slut dropping (probably) “Bopped to this many a time back in the day, love it” and @ohnoitisnathan joins them “S/W with Gameboy beeps and bloops, with a good and decent singer”, those bleeps even get @iheartpoptarts “It’s all about the little beeps or whatever“.

    More shout outs to the bleeps from myself “Very catchy and those bleepy bits are cute- she always looks so happy to be involved in the pop world- I like that” and @MixmasterRemix “A song whose success must have owed as much to the then-fashionable background bleeps and Sybil’s vocal strength as it did to the indifferent chorus”.

    @Eric thinks this is “Sweet and catchy” and @CasperFan has praise “One of the last massive S(A)W hits and deservedly so. The clicking finger-sound makes it sound more dated than some their stuff but this is a classic. Nice power-house vocals and an irresistible hook, perfect pop” and finally @etcetera thinks it proves something “I really like her voice and proof (for me at least) that SW could still write and produce good songs that sounded of its time”.


    12" Mix
  11. And here's the top 10

  12. Love love Love this Sybil track. The instrumental opening and return at 4:42 of the Woman's Prerogative Mix is genius. And lyrically this is very unlike most other S(A)W tracks. It's just a great club track.
  13. Fucking hell. That Boy Krazy song is shit. Meanwhile, When I'm Good And Ready is fantastic and should have made the top 10, especially over a couple of Donna songs, the Lonnie song, the Sonia song and the inexplicably vastly overrated Hand On Your Heart.

    Basically it would me my number 5 after the ROL golden quartet.
  14. Don't think I've ever heard this before. It's bloody awful.
  15. This isn't exactly good but it's not bad at all by which I mean it doesn't sound anything like SAW.
  16. Yay at Sonia making the top 10!

    Watch her now exit at #10.
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  17. I agree with everything about this post apart from the unnecessary Hand On Your Heart opinion. Only Kylie has anything that remotely compares to this banger. Another example of how great SAW could be when they put any effort at all in and didn't aim everything at 8 year olds.
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  18. Not even the 'blugh bluh blu bleh' vocal stutters?
  19. Thank god.

    Sybil doesn't make the top ten.

    The very definition of popjustice, given what has.

    I was being generous with 5.5. I really didn't enjoy this early 90s atmosphere-free dance pop bleep bloop type production. It was bearable on the more dancey stuff (like Alex Party for example) but Sybil is wasted on this.

    Low key cackling I stopped it getting into the top ten. I wonder what I saved?
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