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This Time I Know It's A Rate- The PWL/SAW rate 1989-1993- THE WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Being the big Kylie fan I am, of course I naturally glad she's gonna take the title! But, This Time I Know It's For Real, is just a winner in it's own right. One of the best songs ever put to paper and into record.
  2. So some stats on the top 2 for you:

    Both songs got less than a 10 from just 2 voters

    Other than that it was 10s or 11s from everyone else meaning both tracks scored an average rating of more than 10!

  3. I think Better The Devil You Know has it in the bag, it's just so iconic!
    BUT, a fan favourite like What Do I Have To Do winning, also feels so right too. Man, this is tough!
  4. I think this is going to hinge on who tanked which song by how much.

    I shall await the unveiling of the two reprobates
  5. Glad to see Lonnie and Donna do so well as they are the two best vocalists SAW ever worked with (sorry Kylie!)

    With Happenin' All Over Again it looked for 5 minutes that as the 90s dawned SAW were going to be able to compete with the likes of Black Box and Technotronic. The production is amazing, as are Lonnie's vocals.

    This Time I Know It's For Real is an absolute anthem and my favourite PWL video to boot. Together Donna and SAW created magic, Another Place And Time is a masterpiece and their best album.
  6. I've given so many 10s in this rate, the whole of the top 10 included! Proud of that fact though, so many songs worth that score.
  7. There was never any doubt that Kylie was going to dominate this part of the rate but of the two remaining I would love What Do I Have To Do to take it. Give it its moment to shine people!
  8. SlutKylieironing.gif
  9. Might have to finally wear my What Do I Have To Do tee shirt I got from her official store in honour if so!
  10. I’ve read that somewhere but don’t remember where I’m afraid. I’ve known that years as apparently he thought going outside PWL to mix wasn’t true to the ethos of what they had created
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  11. That Naughty Step is NOT coming anywhere near 11 is still in there!
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  12. Here's hoping the winner has a big "What's that sound?" in true 90s style plastered over the mix.
  13. Whether it finishes number 2 or number 1, album version > single version of What Do I Have To Do. It's also the best song of all time by anyone, anywhere. (So it'll probably end up at number 2.)
  14. What Do I Have To Do, being Kylie's first single to miss the UK top 5 back in the day, just seems so wrong.
  15. It was also the only Rhythm of Love single to miss the top 10 in Australia (at #11).
  16. Just as bad then. If not worse.
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  17. Well I am shocked, SHOCKED (Harding/Curnow Mix) that Donna is out of the running for the crown! It’s funny, the first half of this rate had six American top ten hits (with three of those being number ones) but IIRC, “This Time I Know It’s for Real” is the only SAW production from this rate to even trouble the US top ten. (Rick’s “She Wants to Dance With Me” was a top ten as well but not counting here as it was Harding & Curnow produced rather than SAW.)

    But of course the American Hi-NRG gays loved it! Number one on the Dance Music Report Hi-NRG chart for weeks and it topped their year end countdown for 1989 as well. Demand was so high for new SAW/Summer material waiting for the full album’s release that Hot Tracks released extended versions of the B-sides from both the British and the American singles to the DJ market.

  18. Well, yeah, but only sort of.

    The Aus charts were generally slower-paced than the UK charts from that time... so, even though it 'only' peaked at #11, it still became the 90th highest-selling single of the year; which 'What Do I Have To Do' probably didn't achieve in the UK, I'm guessing, with that #6 peak.
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  19. Can you explain a bit about these Hot Tracks remixes @MixmasterRemix ? Were they commissioned by the record labels? If so, why weren't the remixes made available on the 12" release (or were they).
    I don't know anything about them, and it seems to be that on top of record label mixes, these Hot Tracks Remixes were additional remixes, but I would have thought if the label required these mixes then they would been issued by the label, rather than Hot Tracks? So who paid for them? What was the point of them etc etc
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  20. Reveal in around an hour.....
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