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This Woman's Complete Work: The Kate Bush discography rate (RESULTS - 2nd place + WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 4, 2019.


Favourite Kate Bush album?

  1. The Kick Inside

    3 vote(s)
  2. Lionheart

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never For Ever

    4 vote(s)
  4. The Dreaming

    22 vote(s)
  5. Hounds Of Love

    59 vote(s)
  6. The Sensual World

    8 vote(s)
  7. The Red Shoes

    4 vote(s)
  8. Aerial

    5 vote(s)
  9. Director's Cut

    0 vote(s)
  10. 50 Words For Snow

    3 vote(s)
  1. It's just a bit too standard jazz for me and I also feel she sounds slightly out of depth, but it's a very enjoyable song overall
  2. I must admit I’d never heard that before this rate, it’s not really my thing but seems fine for what it is I guess?
  3. O....K.
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  4. @P'NutButter 'The Man I Loved' peaked at 27, not 22 in the UK. ...and also at 199 in Australia, ha ha.
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  5. People will no doubt be coming for me with some of my zeroes later on, but I am shocked that tracks I've given 7 or 8s to are among the first to leave. Now that is savage.
  6. Am I the only one in thinking the Rubberband Girl-remake is the best of the songs we've lost so far?
    I love the Britpop-y production to the song and I live for the fact that Kate sounds just like me doing an impression of her after an Aperol or five too many... Y'all really weren't feeling it, n'est-ce pas?

    As for the others...

    Deeper Understanding just loses the emotional impact of the original for the sake of technology and it sounds incredibly distorted towards the end.

    And though I love piano-Kate I'm just not here for jazz-Kate as I've probably listened to The Man I Love a total of three times since it was first released. She sounds fantastic though. As she does on Candle in the Wind too, but it's a generic Elton John cover of a song that's been overplayed to death.

    As for people already asking for Eat the Music's head...

  7. I think it got the highest score from me out of the ones we've lost so far. We can be ostracised together.
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  8. So far I've lost an 8 and a 9 yet Aerial Tal is still in the rate...

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  9. I believe #22 was the midweek prediction, so I think I mixed those up when doing the write up? Ha!

    The first 10's leave in today's exits, first one this afternoon.
  10. Yes, she really does look rather lovely. Can't deny that.
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  11. Somehow, 'Aerial Tal' averaged a score higher than 5.62! My zeroes obviously are not having the desired effect.
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  12. Aerial Tal is genius and I'm prepared to do a short-to-medium term prison stretch to defend its honour, if necessary.
  13. So the 10's start to fall for some...


    And So Is Love (Director's Cut) 5.78

    Highest Score: 10 x 1 @JonBcn
    Lowest score: 0 x 1 @slurmjunkie

    @djmakemewet - 5.5 This version just feels quite muted compared to the original and it feels like another rather pointless rework. I can understand Kate's intention between changing the line to “life is sweet”, but it really doesn't work.
    @DominoDancing - 6.5 A muffled, limp version of a good song. I do actually like the emphasized background vocals though.
    @Jóga - 5 I don’t mind the updated production and the lower vocals in this one, but it’s a non-event.
    @OspreyQueen - 4.5 Yeah, this is pretty shit. It’s effectively a bad cover version of the original.
    @sfmartin - 4 I think I prefer this version but the song is still so bland.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 1 Another pointless re-make.

  14. aux


    Director's Cut is taking all the hits so far
  15. I’ll share more thoughts on the song when the original exits. But I don’t think this version is that different, to be honest.
  16. And rightfully so I think.
  17. Sorry @JonBcn, this just isn't my cup of tea at all. And it's not the fault of Director's Cut as it's hard to improve something that I think was rotten to begin with.

    Exactly, it's another pointless remake of a bland song. And bland was an adjective that before The Red Shoes album I didn't really associate with Kate's own material. Whereas she previously collaborated with prog musicians such as Dave Gilmour and Peter Gabriel, she suddenly thought she had to feature blues guitarists Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck even though most of her work before had already been so much more inventive and adventurous artistically. This slog of a song (in either version) is her most boring single by far, and even her voice can't redeem it.

    To quote @Jóga, it's a non-event, so I gave it no points.
  18. 'Directors Cut' was so bland to me that I didn't even bother commenting on most of it, simply because I couldn't think of anything productive to say. The only song that I even remotely liked on it was the reworking of "Moments of Pleasure".
  19. Heh, 'And So Is Love' gets a 10 from me because it's not that different to the original, which stood a chance of being my 11 at one point. When you're in the right mood, the song is sublime. I'd have liked more morose and melancholy stuff from Kate over the years.

    But virtually everything is 9 or 10 from me from this point, so I'm going to have to get used to disappointments.
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  20. Yeah it was pointless and the song itself it's not that good, I mean The Red Boots material overall is not that impressive in general.
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