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This Woman's Complete Work: The Kate Bush discography rate (RESULTS - 2nd place + WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 4, 2019.


Favourite Kate Bush album?

  1. The Kick Inside

    3 vote(s)
  2. Lionheart

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never For Ever

    4 vote(s)
  4. The Dreaming

    22 vote(s)
  5. Hounds Of Love

    58 vote(s)
  6. The Sensual World

    8 vote(s)
  7. The Red Shoes

    4 vote(s)
  8. Aerial

    5 vote(s)
  9. Director's Cut

    0 vote(s)
  10. 50 Words For Snow

    3 vote(s)
  1. Another 11 leaves today.
  2. I really can never guess which songs will last the most, I really can't!
  3. The 11 is first out today...



    And So Is Love 7.9

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 @WhatKindOfKylie?
    10 x 5 @Scoundrel_Days , @1991, @confess85, @JonBcn, @Remorque
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 @slurmjunkie

    @confess85 - 10 This one has always been there for me during bad breakups.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 9.5 Initially, I thought this was a bad song. But, even though the production is again dubious, there's actually a really good song beneath. I like to think the opening lyrics are "I knew her, you do her".
    @djmakemewet - 9 The Red Shoes frequently pulls the listener between the lighthearted and the somber and this is the first exception. I think it actually takes guts to put a song like this at the start of an album and I do appreciate the shifts in tone. The guitar is a bit much for me but there's a soulfulness to Kate's backing vocals that we don't usually hear from her.
    @DominoDancing - 8 One of the few songs on this album on which I can stand the lead guitar.
    @Jóga - 8 I like the electric guitar in this very much. And the build up.
    @OspreyQueen - 7.5 Eric Clapton’s guitar is undoubtedly the star of this song. It’s lovely, but I think it meanders too much.
    @lob0to - 7 Yeah I get the sentiment but it's all a tad too dull for my taste.
    @sfmartin - 4 This doesn't do it for me in the slightest.


  4. I thought I would really enjoy this rate, but now I only pop in once every few days before leaving totally dispirited after you've all slated the songs that have meant the most to me my entire life. Hahaha.

    That was definitely one of my Top 5 Kate songs.
  5. Gutted! This rate was like a chocolate box of possible #11s, that is the superb quality control of Kate Bush's musical output. But, for me, And So Is Love, is the finest of so many finest songs. It just hits the right balance of anger, defiance and heartache and it's not afraid to touch on the harsh realities that love can bring too when it goes wrong. A song from the greatest female talent that UK has ever produced, that touches the human emotions so effectively and effortlessly. Bliss.
  6. I hope the rate in general though has been okay thus far though? Minus the shitty taste of voters etc.

    An early track is leaving now...


    The Saxophone Song 7.91

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 @Ed72, @ohnoitisnathan, @Karvel
    Lowest Score: 6 x 2 @Jóga, @abael

    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 I've always like this one lots, largely due to the chord structure.
    @Music Is Life - 9.5 I feel like her vocals are better on this song. I kinda really love this, especially the production, including the saxophone it's so good.
    @djmakemewet - 9.5 this was one of the ones that I was really drawn to on early listens. I love the atmosphere conjured up by the lyrics and I've always been a sucker for moments in songs where the verse/bridge flows seamlessly into the chorus. I think that might have started with this song.
    @The Hot Rock - 9 Love the shimmering keyboards on this. Listening to it again having heard some of the later work this sorta foreshadows what was to come on later albums.
    @31entrance - 8.5 I just love her delivery here and that sax solo!
    @confess85 - 8 Sweet song but I find the chorus a bit clunky and cluttered.
    @sfmartin - 8 A really pleasant melody in the chorus, particular the "it's in me". That Saxophone solo...Edge of Glory whomst. Last Friday Night found rotting. Kate really did do everything first didn't she?
    @OspreyQueen - 7.5 One of the few ‘basic bops’ in Kate’s discography, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it.
    @Seventeen Days - 7.5 Maybe it’s just me, but Kate’s voice sounds a bit Joni Mitchell-esque at points. Also, I like the piano solo on this.
    @DominoDancing - 7 Like the piano riff this opens with, also kinda like the silly saxophone parts, but none of the elements of this song go well together.
    @Remorque - 7 The whale, ha multi-song arc on The Kick Inside just won't let up eh? She sounds fantastic here and although I failed to find anything to grab onto on those first listens all those years ago I really like the saxophone part here more than anything else. Could be a smidge longer though.
    @Jóga - 6 It blends a bit too much with Moving for me. And the instrumentation is just too... dull until the last minute and a half. Although that final minute and a half is very interesting. I quite like her vocals here, strangely.

  7. Bummed to see so many classics leave this early.

    Poor Heads and Reaching Out they are so great and Misty was done WRONG
  8. Oh come on...

    Oh To Be in Love
    leaving at #70?
    People actually disliking the guitar-tastic Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake?
    James and the Cold Gun getting a lukewarm reception on PopJustice?
    Don't Give Up exiting before we even reacht the top 60?

    I hate this rate.

    And worst of all... We've already lost And So Is Love? Well...
  9. Awwe when I saw "early track" I was hoping for Wow
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  10. And So Is Love gone already? Come on now. It might be more dated and simple than most of iconic tracks, but it's still so... affecting? Really gut punching.
  11. These eliminations are starting to hurt.

    Unpopular opinion alert - I think that some songs benefit from being part of a near universally-loved album. Like... while 'The Morning Fog' is nice, there's no way that it's a 'better' song, on its own, than something like 'The Saxophone Song'. It just isn't! But because it's part of Hounds of Love, it is perceived to be better than it actually is. Ditto 'Watching You Without Me'. If either were standalone releases and not part of a cohesive 'whole' body of work as popular as Hounds of Love, they should would have been out around #98.
  12. Ha, yes - I was just being dramatic. The rate's been great. I think it's amazing that we're not even in the Top 50 and the scores are already so high.
  13. Sad to see The Red Shoes continues to be undervalued. Surprised my 6 is the lowest for saxophone, but it's going at the right time I think.
  14. Watching You Without Me Is gorgeous, and in my opinion, It kind of depicts (albeit not voluntarily) the feelings of being in love/having a long distance relationship
  15. I couldn't agree more with you thee. And So Is Love is just so right on so many levels.
  16. Yes.

    But, sonically, it's a tad boring.
  17. Speaking of which, a track from The Ninth Wave side of Hounds Of Love leaves today and also a single.
  18. I'm looking at The Big Sky, now.
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  19. Not sure I expected The Dreaming to remain untouched longer than Hounds of Love. Interesting...
  20. God this rate is a riiiiide! I can't believe "Song of Solomon" has already left, it's definitely the song I was most happy to re-discover in my listening for the rate. The harp and backing vocal in the verses leading to Kate's fabulous use of "bullshit" is perfection
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