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This Woman's Complete Work: The Kate Bush discography rate (RESULTS - 2nd place + WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 4, 2019.


Favourite Kate Bush album?

  1. The Kick Inside

    3 vote(s)
  2. Lionheart

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never For Ever

    4 vote(s)
  4. The Dreaming

    22 vote(s)
  5. Hounds Of Love

    58 vote(s)
  6. The Sensual World

    8 vote(s)
  7. The Red Shoes

    4 vote(s)
  8. Aerial

    5 vote(s)
  9. Director's Cut

    0 vote(s)
  10. 50 Words For Snow

    3 vote(s)
  1. If you dare boot out Hello Earth this early.

  2. It's true and you should say it.
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  3. And So I Love is so beautifully bleak. I love it.
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  4. Time to catch up on...

    Interesting interpretations of the lyrics. This is definitely one of the standout tracks from the album together with 'Lake Tahoe' and 'Snowflake' (my favourite). I love how parts of it sound like classical music, others like jazz, yet it also has that unmistakable Kate magic and originality. Her vocals are so soothing here. 9 points.

    I'm afraid I can't take this score seriously then. I try to make an effort to listen to all the songs in full (even several times) without other distractions before rating them, especially the ones I don't like much to find out if there is something positive I can take away from them that I might have missed before.

    'The Infant Kiss':
    I think it's meant to make you uncomfortable. My favourite part is the very end: the last ten seconds sound very eerie and experimental in a way which foreshadows The Ninth Wave. 8 points.

    'Don't Give Up':
    As a fan of Peter Gabriel's prog rock days in Genesis and his more experimental solo work, I prefer 'Games Without Frontiers' and 'No Self Control' to this even though Kate's contributions are smaller there. But I also like this simple and effective song. It's all about the contrast between the two voices: Peter's sounds rough and Kate's very soothing and comforting, which really suits the lyrics. The best part, though, is the coda with that great bass. I would have liked that too fade out slower. I had to deduct two points for the middle-eight with its derivative piano blues, though: especially Peter's vocals there are not my cup of tea at all. 8 points.

    'How To Be Invisible':
    I agree with these comments. This is one of my favourite songs from Aerial and so atmospheric. It's also unique in being a rocker that's very restrained. So I'm pleased I'm not the only highest scorer.

    'And So Is Love':
    As this also got an 11 and I gave it a 0, I'm not going to repeat what I wrote when the other version got booted out (it also applies to the original version, which took a long time to leave).

    'The Saxophone Song':
    Am I the only one here who doesn't like the improvised saxophone part? Her vocals are great, especially during the verse and the bridge, which are both fantastic. 8 points.

    I think it's not crucial that they are part of the Hounds Of Love album. Rather, it's that they belong to a 7-track suite that tells a captivating and emotional story (and The Ninth Wave does so even more than A Sky Of Honey). As such, I find it difficult to rate them individually. Seen in context of what preceded it, 'The Morning Fog' has much more impact as a conclusion to this concept mini album than taken on its own.

    It's sad to already lose a part of Kate's greatest achievement. As regards the single, I hope it is 'King Of The Mountain' or 'Rubberband Girl'. All the others get at least 8 points from me.
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  5. I quite enjoy King Of The Mountain. Even if somehow it doesn't quite feel like a Kate Bush song either as such.
  6. Don't get me wrong. It still got a 7 from me. But I remember being disappointed at the time because it indeed didn't feel like a Kate Bush song. It was too MOR for that.
  7. Exactly that.
  8. Sorry I haven't booted any tracks out yet, my WiFi has gone to shit (apparently a lot of issues with apps etc today?) anyway I have me old Mobile dongle handy for situations like this (ha), so are we ready?!!!...


    Watching You Without Me 7.92

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 @Ed72, @Jóga, @slurmjunkie, @lob0to, @Wild Man.
    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 @abael

    @Jóga - 10 It really conveys the scary feeling of what the others would act after the loss of the narrator. It’s desperate.
    @Untitled - 9 What a compelling premise!
    @Seventeen Days - 8 I enjoy the way Kate creates a mellow, yet sad, image of the woman watching her family carry on their lives without her. I especially like the middle section where she puts a weird “ghost in the machine” glitch effect on her vocals, as though the woman is trying to communicate from the beyond.
    @sfmartin - 8 - I never really understood the story of the piece until I saw it live, which is where this stood out. Now I appreciate this a lot more. I love it when it switches up half way through, its beautiful and the extended notes is so ethereal. In fact the last two minutes are superb.
    @OspreyQueen - 8 I absolutely adore the hypnotic almost mechanical instrumental, but the mumbly vocals really grate on me.
    @djmakemewet - 9 There's another effective use of lower voices here as Kate seemingly skulks around her home during an out of body experience. This is probably the song on the album that took the longest to click with me, but now I love the mood of it. The returning chopped vocal line that now takes on a more ghostly effect is very clever – I can imagine a video with Kate appearing on a static-y TV screen like Poltergeist.
    @DominoDancing - 7 For me the weakest point of The Ninth Wave. Just not very memorable, and I think the song cycle would still work without it.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 6.5. I'm not overly fond of this one, but it's OK.
    @abael - 4 Eh? What you saying Kate? Murmur-core.

  9. I'm rather shocked something from the Ningth Wave is out already.
  10. about another?


    Them Heavy People 7.93

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Music Is Life, @Scoundrel_Days, @confess85, @JonBcn, @Remorque
    Lowest Score: 6 x 3 @Hatbar, @abael, @ohnoitisnathan

    @Remorque - 10 It's theatrical-Kate all the way here, but fuck... She sells it so incredibly well, doesn't she? I saw a video of it (was it SNL?) and she looked incredibly sexy while also being this Liza-like character. The song only enhances the visuals for this one. The woman sounds marvelous.
    @Music Is Life - 10 God the production is sooo good on this album, as well as the lyrics. I love this song, this one might be my favorite on the album.
    @sfmartin - 9 A fun jaunty pop song. Very catchy like a lot of her debut.
    @Jóga - 8 A great Kate chorus.

    @djmakemewet - 7.5 I was used to the video version of this song by the time I heard the album version, so I wasn't too keen when I first heard it. I love the lyrics though and it makes me appreciate the heavy people that have helped make me who I am.
    @Seventeen Days - 7.5 This one has a bouncy quality to it that I enjoyed right away. I love that she references whirling dervishes in this, and also the line about “every one of us has a heaven inside”.
    @DominoDancing - 7 Don't understand why this seems to be such a fan favourite. Sounds basic to me.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 6 Vocally a little too shrill. I prefer the On Stage live EP version.

  11. Fabulous stuff! Although yet another big loss though. I think we've come to the point of the rate where its just going to a loss after a loss now.
  12. Them Heavy People is such a campy little number that I can't help but like it
  13. Indeed, camp fun, Kate Bush style.
  14. We are nearing the top 50, so I think it's the meaty part of the rate now. Anything can go! (and I mean anything!!!!!)
  15. I hope, and am fairly certain, my 11 will be safe until we hit the top ten. One never really knows for sure though with this rate.

    Felt the need to repost this too, in memory of Them Heavy People leaving.
    ♫ Rolling the ball...♫
  16. aux


    Don't worry me like this!
  17. Two fair elims! Watching You is def the weakest link from ha magnum opus and Heavy People should've left a few spots ago too
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  18. I'm fucking shook with "Them Heavy People". I would've expected all the singles to make the Top 40, honestly.
  19. I’ve never seen this video before! I often forget how popular Kate was in Japan at the time
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  20. I know what you're saying, but sometimes you just know that a song sucks without needing to give it repeated listens with intent.
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