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This Woman's Complete Work: The Kate Bush discography rate (RESULTS - 2nd place + WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 4, 2019.


Favourite Kate Bush album?

  1. The Kick Inside

    3 vote(s)
  2. Lionheart

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never For Ever

    4 vote(s)
  4. The Dreaming

    22 vote(s)
  5. Hounds Of Love

    58 vote(s)
  6. The Sensual World

    8 vote(s)
  7. The Red Shoes

    4 vote(s)
  8. Aerial

    5 vote(s)
  9. Director's Cut

    0 vote(s)
  10. 50 Words For Snow

    3 vote(s)
  1. Rubberband Girl is a bop and one of my favourties she's ever done. Glad it managed to make the top 40!
  2. The second of today's exits is another one I was shocked made it so far...


    Love and Anger 8.42

    Highest Score: 10 x 9 @1991, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Scoundrel_Days, @Trouble in Paradise, @Ana Raquel, @aux, @JamesJupiter, @CasuallyCrazed, @Remorque
    Lowest Score: 5 x 1 @abael

    @Seventeen Days - 9 The production of this does overpower Kate’s vocals at some points (hooray for the late 80s), but her voice has such a passion in it that still sells this one for me.
    @sfmartin - 9 An anthem. So much powerful energy running through the song.
    @The Hot Rock - 8 I think this song and by extension overall, this album has my favorite Kate Bush vocals. I can see why her vocals might not be or some but she sounds absolutely wonderful here.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 8 Decent.
    @DominoDancing - 7.5 Nice poppy track, really very conventional for Kate though.
    @djmakemewet - 6.5 this feels like this album's version of The Big Sky to me and so I never really fell in love with it. I've gained a greater appreciation for the lyrics recently, but it almost feels like Kate wrote a song to have another big outro and it just doesn't quite come together for me. It's also a song that feels a bit smothered by its production.
    @OspreyQueen - 7 It’s enjoyable enough.
    @confess85 - 7 I find this one a little bland.

  3. Love and Anger is my favourite from the album. It deserved the top10.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Hey, it seems like everybody is allowed one (or in some cases, far more than one) garbage opinion in this rate and The Big Sky might just be mine.
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  6. aux


    This was going to be my 11 had it not been for two other tracks fighting over it as well. An absolutely phenomenal track.
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  7. It was only a matter of time, but it's sad to see Rubberband Girl go.
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  8. I forgot to add to my 'Love and Anger' commentary that it's yet another song that suffers from the 'Peter Gabriel song-structure syndrome', in that I'd like it a whole lot more if it was about 90 seconds shorter. There's no reason those extended-outros-for-the-sake-of-it are necessary 99% of the time!
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  9. Another 11 leaves today and I think people may be surprised.
  10. Love and Anger following Rubberband Girl out of the door, does seem rather apt considering they are both two of the most straighforwards and 'accessible' songs that Kate has ever made. And naturally I love both. Oh well.
  11. I think this next one has to be the most eerily appropriate for this generation...


    Deeper Understanding 8.48

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 @Untitled
    10 x 7 @P'NutButter, @OspreyQueen, @Scoundrel_Days, @sfmartin, @ohnoitisnathan, @Karvel, @JonBcn
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 @nametag

    @Untitled - 11 This... does things to me. On the deepest level a song can reach. Which means pretty fucking deep. On its own merits, I might prefer Running Up That Hill, but I'd rather let emotions decide my 11, and on this level, there really is no competition.

    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 Quite ahead of its time, thematically, with nice flourishes from the Trio Bulgarka.
    @sfmartin - 10 One of my absolute favourites in her discography. A transcendent ballad. The lyrical content clearly ahead of its time. Her genius really shines. It really does feel like a warm celestial hug as she describes elsewhere. Could have easily been an 11. The choir are incredible. The ONLY version.
    @OspreyQueen - 10 A total masterpiece. The idea of a person finding companionship in a computer sounds comical, but Kate turns it into something profoundly sad and haunting. It’s also aged like a fine wine - with social media becoming more integrated into our lives than ever before, I find myself relating to this song more and more every year.
    @Seventeen Days - 9.5 Once again, Kate continues to be years ahead of the curve with a song about the emotional disconnect created by modern technology. Life imitating art, innit?
    @DominoDancing - 9 This was an insanely prescient track for 1989. "As the people here grow colder/I turn to my computer/And spend my evenings with it/Like a friend" sadly resonate with me a bit.
    @djmakemewet - 8 This feels so eerily prescient. The combination of Kate's vocals, the vocoder and the Trio Bulgarka bring a beautiful, comforting presence to the computer and I love the use of birdsong at the very end as if to hint at the protagonist entering back into the real world.
    @Jóga - 7 I love the adlib that starts around the 3 minute mark. It’s a nice, sweet song, but it lacks punch.
    @31entrance - 7 tbh I’m not too keen on the song itself but can we talk about how Kate basically predicted internet/social media addiction decades before it happened??
    @nametag - 3 I’ve just… always disliked this song. Something about it seems so childlike and simplistic, but not in an especially charming way.

  12. still mind blowing it was released in 1989 when it’s more relevant now than it was back then
  13. [​IMG]



    Never have I ever come across a song as soothing and comforting.
  14. Very well said.
  15. A little earlier this evening, the second exit of the day...


    All The Love 8.5

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 @Scoundrel_Days, @Ed72, @ohnoitisnathan, @Karvel
    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 @WhatKindOfKylie?

    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 More dark and moving subject matter from The Dreaming.
    @OspreyQueen - 9.5 It says a lot about this album (and Kate’s music in general) that this is one of the most straightforward songs here. I can’t deny it’s pretty much objectively brilliant, but I don’t return to it all too often because it’s a difficult song to deal with.
    @Untitled - 9.5 OK, this is giving me big mad scientist killed by their own machine energy and I'm loving it.
    @djmakemewet - 9 Of all of the songs on The Dreaming, this is probably the one that took the longest for me. It's such a mood, especially with the bass that Kate frequently employs so well playing alongside the piano. The resigned sighs contribute to the heavy atmosphere and the montage of goodbye messages (which apparently did happen on Kate's answerphone!) is quite chilling.
    @Seventeen Days - 9 The sheer emotion of this song hits such a nerve in me. And the fact that she used actual recordings of her family and friends saying “goodbye”, really adds to the intimate feel of this.
    @sfmartin - 9 Definitely the most conventional song on the album, and the album is all the richer for it. I love the interspersion of the choir boy vocals, very Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
    @DominoDancing - 8.5 Great mood, the answering machine bits towards the end are so creepy.

  16. I can't with all of this The Dreaming leaching.

    All of you have no taste!
  17. "So now when they ring, I get my machine to let them in!" is so cold, and the way she delivers it... genius.

    "They kissed me with their tears, they hadn't been near me for years, say why do it now when I won't be around, I'm going out" are such sad, harsh lines. You lose touch with and end up never seeing people you supposedly care about, and vice versa... until one day, it's too late, whether by death or relationship neglect. "All the love we could've given".
  18. We finally take another shot at The Dreaming and end up taking out it's only good song? Tragic.
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  19. You obviously haven't let the weirdness in.
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  20. Phew, after losing a fair few of my favourites lately, I can cope with this one going.
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