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This Woman's Complete Work: The Kate Bush discography rate (RESULTS - 2nd place + WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 4, 2019.


Favourite Kate Bush album?

  1. The Kick Inside

    3 vote(s)
  2. Lionheart

    0 vote(s)
  3. Never For Ever

    4 vote(s)
  4. The Dreaming

    22 vote(s)
  5. Hounds Of Love

    58 vote(s)
  6. The Sensual World

    8 vote(s)
  7. The Red Shoes

    4 vote(s)
  8. Aerial

    5 vote(s)
  9. Director's Cut

    0 vote(s)
  10. 50 Words For Snow

    3 vote(s)
  1. The first to leave, is for some one of the scariest songs ever recorded and for some it's also the most batshit songs ever recorded...

    @The Hot Rock - 11 My absolute favorite after some heavy consideration/revisiting of my faves. Love the scary atmosphere and the way it sounds like everything is unraveling. There's not anything else quite like this in her discography and I love it so much.

    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 SLAMMIN'!
    @Untitled - 10 This would be an 11 in any other artist's discography, but here it's like the 6th choice and that says it all, really. Besides, let's be honest, no other artist's discography contains a ride like this.
    @Jóga - 10 A wonderful closer for a very claustrophobic album.
    @djmakemewet - 10 This is such a fakeout. After a (mostly) more subdued side B, Kate truly leaves the album's darkest and most maddening song for last. From that ominous clarion call to the male vocals that foreshadow the end of the song, Kate takes on one final trip into the darkness. The braying at the end feels like Kate is exorcising the last of this album's madness – perhaps it truly was a moment of catharsis during a long and frustrating recording process. Either way, it stands as another strong entry in album closers from her, as the listener is left with nothing but those murmured vocals in the fadeout.
    @Seventeen Days - 9 I had heard once that this song was influenced by “Poltergeist”, but I just now read that it was actually “The Shining”, which makes WAY more sense. Either way, the giant evil voices shouting over this add a total air of sinister that makes this a fantastic album closer.

    @sfmartin - 8 A twisted spooky bop. Here for the Donkey noises.
    @DominoDancing - 8 Very good set of lyrics, and Kate screaming and generally going crazy in the second half is amazing.
    @OspreyQueen - 7.5 …Meh. After the album throws genuinely unsettling songs like Leave It Open and Houdini at you, this one just comes across as a bit of a cliche. It’s far from bad but the horror aspect is so heavy handed that it just falls flat. Not a worthy closing track to such a phenomenal album.
    @31entrance - 7.5 Kate Bush doing impressions of a donkey >>>>>>


  2. "Under the Ivy" deserved its placement. It evokes so much in such a short amount of time.
  3. [​IMG]
    I said that with a hint of doubt/sarcasm so I'm very very pleased it did squeeze into it
  4. Aah, I was hoping "Get Out of My House" would make it into the top ten. It is so amazingly nuts. Donkey brays! I love her.
  5. Only one The Dreaming song left ('Sat In Your Lap'), and it's not even the best one. I'd be surprised it it makes the top 10.

    There you have it - a top 10 without even one track from The Dreaming.

    Shame on you all!

    There is no way that 'Army Dreamers' or 'The Man With the Child In His Eyes' are better than 90% of The Dreaming! Or even 9%.

    Aside from the benefits-by-association going on with Hounds of Love, I think the same is holding true for The Whole Story.
  6. Under The Ivy is truly a moment and deserved to be top 15

    I understand the appeal of Get Out of My House but I’m not attached to it so a 7.5 seems fitting
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  7. It is though
    This I can agree with. It's a 10 but still not better than Night of the Swallow, Get Out of My House nor Suspended in Gaffa
  8. Every time I remember that "Suspended in Gaffa" is out breaks my heart all over again.
  9. Sad to see my 11 finally go but I didn't expect it to make the top 40, then the top 20, but it broke the top 15. I'll take it.
  10. This next one is another I'm really sad to boot out and surprisingly it received no 11's at all...

    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 Tugs at the heart strings, especially the "little light shining", for reasons I shan't go into here, though I interpret it as a penlight being shone into the subject's eyes, to see if they're still alive & their pupils are reacting to light.
    @Seventeen Days - 10 The emotion that has. The beauty that has. The brilliance that has. Kate making the two sides of this album essentially separate albums was a bold move for the 80s, when not many artists did such a thing (or maybe it’s just me). You can feel so much sadness and struggle in the way she sings from the viewpoint of a woman lost at sea, trying desperately not to submit to the cold depths of the water.
    @confess85 - 10 Kate’s vocal is stunning on this. Loved the live version from Before The Dawn.
    @DominoDancing - 10 I find this so moving, I cried when it came on during the Before The Dawn concert. And it wasn't even an actual live performance.
    @Jóga - 10 I’ve always loved it. It really works as the opener, the calm before the storm (or drowning).

    @djmakemewet - 10 The abrupt start of this song really throws the listener straight into the story of The Ninth Wave. I love the lack of buildup and how we as a listener must piece together the story as we listen along. The sense of futility as the protagonist waves the torch on her life jacket around, desperate for somebody to notice is palpable.
    @OspreyQueen - 9.5 Despite being so short, this song is bursting with lyrical genius. Practically every single line is uniquely fascinating. I especially love “wish I had my radio, I’d tune into some friendly voices talking about stupid things” - who hasn’t tried to console themselves with some light entertainment during something terrifying?
    @sfmartin - 9 A stunning start to The Ninth Wave. It sounds like a beautiful soothing lullaby. I love how it lulls you into a false sense of security and then the rug is pulled from under you soon after.
    @abael - 8 The build up for the best run of 3 tracks in the discography.

  11. Fuck y'all for this not making the Top 10. If it wasn't for it, I probably wouldn't listen to her ever again. It was the first moment I properly thought "alright, she's bloody brilliant". Also, what a fucking PopJustice that she made it a "single" 30 years later.
  12. The whole of the Ninth Wave, is actually quite scary I think!
  13. The anxiety I'm getting for my would-have-been-my-11 tho. It deserves the top10. Hang in there precious.
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  14. Noooooooooooooo it deserved top 5 period. It's devastating and the Before the Dawn/live video is brilliant. And so is her mother featuring in the song. And the piano.
  15. We lose FOUR 11's today. I won't give any more hints from here on out, because it'll be more of a shock/horror/surprise that way!

  16. Army Leavers has to be going soon.
  17. I can't confirm or deny this.

    But the first of today's tracks is another big one...

    @nametag - 10 Almost got my 11. That first “JUST BEING ALIVE” is everything, the orchestration is glorious and it’s lyrically one of my very favourites.
    @ohnoitisnathan - 10 A grand song.
    @abael - 10 Three songs into a Kate Bush album that has scored 7 or above had me wary, is this the album? This beauty was the resounding YES that left me feeling vindicated.
    @lob0to - 10 Beautiful
    @Seventeen Days - 10 To listen to this track and think of what was going through Kate’s mind as she watched her mother’s fight, and ultimate loss, against cancer. It’s quite touching, especially when she sings the line about her mother saying “every old sock meets an old shoe”.
    @confess85 - 10 Gorgeous song. Makes me think of the people I’ve lost. The emotion in Kate’s voice is spellbinding.
    @Jóga - 10 One of her most beautiful tracks.
    @sfmartin - 10 Just so beautiful. The instrumentation is gorgeous. The perfect balance of light and shade in her delivery in the verses leading up to that knockout chorus "Just being alive, it can really hurt" what a lyric. I adore the outro, "every old sock meets an old shoe" really is a great saying.
    @djmakemewet - 10 It feels like by this stage in her career, Kate was really shining on her more contemplative, and downright sad, moments. Of course in the context of her mother's passing the “every old sock meets an old shoe” line is heartbreaking, but “he isn't well at all” and “this sense of humour of mine/isn't funny at all” provide just as much devastation. This song really captures the way that memory can lurch from good to bad and happy to sad in an instant.
    @31entrance - 9.5 Powerful
    @DominoDancing - 7.5 I like the chorus sections, but it's a bit boring otherwise.
    @OspreyQueen - 7 While I definitely appreciate this song and I think it’s pretty much objectively beautiful, it’s not really for me. The lyrics are obviously very personal to her and of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but it means I don’t really connect with them as a listener.

  18. There Goes a Ten hihi
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