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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Occasionally in the Reissue Thread we talk about classic albums or reissues we find in thrift shops. I thought it might be fun to have its own thread, about what rare items, cool reissues, imports, etc. that you find. And some of the most common CDs you find in thrift shops.

    My most amazing finds over the years:
    - Looking for Mr. Goodbar ('90s reissue on CD, very rare, for $5 CDN)
    - Erasure's Wonderland (3-disc reissue for $2 CDN)
    - Tears for Fears Best of Remixes ($2 CDN)
    - Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings ($9 CDN)

    Cool items:
    - Madonna's Girlie Show Book (sealed)
    - Mid-size billboard promoting Madonna's Something to Remember collection

    Of course, the one CD I see almost everywhere:

    Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing
  2. There must be dozens, but some recent (ish) ones:

    Lisa Stansfield's Real Love 2CD/DVD deluxe (as new) - £1.99 (it will be on its way, @tylerc904 !)
    HITS 5, HITS 6 CD (both fairly rare at that time) for £1.99 each
    George Michael - TwentyFive 3CD Deluxe - £1
    George Michael - Older/Upper - 20p
  3. Wow, those are good ones. The George Michael TwentyFive 3CD Deluxe. Nice score.
  4. Where do you find things like these??
  5. British Heart Foundation
    Cancer Research
    Oxfam (particularly the "Music & Book" type standalone branches which specialise in CDs and DVDs)
  6. My favorite activity.
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  7. Now 4 on cd from a shop in Reading for 3.99, i nearly passed out...
  8. So would I.....
  9. I've been finding some amazing Vinyl at Record Fairs... does that count?

    George Michael's Faith first pressing on vinyl, mint... still sealed for $20AU (about 12 quid)
    Erasure 2CD/DVD of Wonderland and The Circus for $2 brand new from Lifeline
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  10. I found NOW 17 and NOW 22 in great quality AND both with Booklets for 2 quid each in my local Oxfam. I also came across a album called "Absolute Music 57" yesterday, it's from Sweden and is similar to the NOWs. It has Kylie, Britney and Alcazar!
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  11. Oh yes, got NOW12 finally....FINALLY....last year in the same shop as the Lisa 2CD/ was 1.99 as well, I think. I'd been after that for an age.
  12. I found a used copy of Impossible Princess with the 3D card cover for $2 a few years back. Definitely my favourite find.
  13. Brilliant that condition, you'd probably have to pay at least 5 or 6 times that online.
  14. I picked up Kakko's What Kind Of Fool, Jakie Quartz's A La Vie, A L'Amour and Stacey Q's Two of Hearts on 12" for 20p each in a charity shop. What a day that was!
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  15. I think my best charity shop find was a mint 7" copy of Grinder's 'Wickford Is Shit' (it is!), fully signed by the group, for a paltry 50p. Sold it for £100 to someone in Germany who loved it.

    Other than that... Not a charity shop but a London collectors shop had a white label 7" of a mystery Culture Club track a few years back that I took a punt on for £10. I thought, given the 1986 date stamp, that it would've been 'Move Away' or 'God Thank You Woman' but on playing it it turned out to be one of a test run for the unreleased third single 'Heaven's Children'. I must get at least an offer a week on it via Discogs and so far the highest offer I've had has been £2,000. Still not for sale though!
  16. Tomorrow afternoon, I need to make a shopping trip to the few second-hand record stores left in Stockholm. I know that, a few weeks ago, one of them had Bruce Springsteen's Tracks box set for 100 SEK on offer (c. 10 €). I know I should've bought it right away. I really have a soft spot for Bruce, even though his music is so far removed from what I usually listen to.
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  17. Oh gosh, yes you should/must get Tracks....some of his finest work is on there....he's notorious for leaving off absolutely would-be classics from an album, simply because they "don't fit the theme or mood".
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  18. I found Tracks for less than $10 CDN. I haven't listened to it yet but I am sure @Eric Generic's recommendation can only mean it's brilliant (I also got his Live box set, too, which was surprise considering Bruce is not one I commonly see in thrift shops aside from used copies of Born in the USA).
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  19. The Live box turns up a fair bit in charity shops / second hand stores in Ireland. It sold loads at the time (particularly the vinyl). The Japanese 5xCD edition is lovely.
  20. Well, it's no secret I like a good rake around the local (and not so local) charity shops for CDs, and most weeks, I'm in and out of several... I often strike gold, so I must make the effort to report various findings here now. Today was a good day, for example, bagging this...


    99p! This was the "buy of the day", but I also picked up loads of other things I was after, mostly CD singles (best format ever!) for 50p/99p each, like And Why Not?, Beloved, Bomb The Bass, Erasure, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Heart, Jesus And Mary Chain, Midge Ure, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Senseless Things, Supergrass, Waterfront... I also took a few random "punts". Andrew Berry (1990 synth-pop on Fontana, produced and mixed by Steve Osbourne and Johnny Marr?)* and Sunsonic (1991 dance act on Polydor, produced by Zeus B Held, remixed by 808 Sate?). Just to keep things interesting!

    *Turns out he was Morrissey, Marr and Vini Reilly's barber and it's good!
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