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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Something Special is a great Dusty compilation. First time I’d heard many of those tracks.
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  2. Have found some interesting items lately:

    - Not a huge Tori Amos fan but I found a mint condition of the Piano collection. Beautiful design (back when Rhino still put love and care into their box set designs)
    - Found sealed copies of both Jason Donovan’s Between the Lines and Five Star’s Shine (originals, not reissues)
    - a promo CD of Expose's Tell Me Why

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  3. Wow at the mint Piano.
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  4. It was a nice surprise. The owner took good care of it. I do wonder how it made its way there. Not to sound morbid, but I assume it was from someone's estate and the estate didn't realize the value? Obviously I could be 100% wrong but I have to wonder.
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  5. Whenever i find things like that I assume someone’s collection got donated en masse and no one at charity store really checked it.
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  6. Yeah, it was a bit surprising to see it just sitting there with the other CDs. Usually they place items like this with the showcase items behind the counter. It was priced $14.99 (Canadian) which I thought was pretty reasonable considering it's out of print.
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  7. I burn with jealousy over that Piano find!
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  8. This is why I love Popjustice. You understand the significance of finding this...
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  9. I've gotten quite lucky with my second hand CD findings recently.

    Just today I found:
    -Hella Goldfrapp, including The Singles, We Are Glitter, Supernature (Deluxe w/ DVD), a sealed Silver Eye and several maxi singles.
    -Dead or Alive Fan the Flame Pt. 1 (Original Japan CD)
    -Madonna Rebel Heart (Super Deluxe)
    -Pet Shop Boys Elysium + Further Listening and a sealed Yes (standard).
    -a-ha Minor Earth/Major Sky
    Selena Amor Prohibido (Original non-remastered US CD)
    -This very generous remix compilation.

    Other recent findings:
    Art of Noise - Best Of (Japan Version)
    Gary Numan - Double sets of Tubeway Army / Dance and Replicas / The Plan
    Devo - Double set of Oh No It's Devo / Freedom of Choice
    Kraftwerk - The Robots (Maxi Single), Trans-Europe Express, Autobahn, Tour De France Soundtracks
    Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual (Special Edition w/ Remix disc)
    Emma Bunton - Maybe (German Maxi Single)

    It's sinful how little I had to pay for all of these. The haul from today was around $25 and I didn't list everything. I'm grateful CDs have become so cheap and that this habit doesn't hurt my wallet too much, but I only have so much space!
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  10. Made my first visit in 2022 to my local charity shops today and bought these....

    DVDs (paid 25p each for the Adele & David Gilmour DVDs & 10p for the Anastacia DVD)
    Adele-Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD & CD set)
    David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)-Remember That Night:Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2 DVDs)
    Anastacia-Live At Last (2 DVDs)

    Now That's What I Call Drivetime (3 CD set-paid 25p for it)
    Blondie-The Platinum Collection (2 CD compilation from 1994-paid 50p for it)
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  11. That's a great Blondie compilation, probably my favourite as it captures probably everything most people would ever need pre-comeback.
  12. A few finds yesterday in Darlington whilst waiting for my car MOT.
    Goldfrapp - Supernature CD & DVD Edition 30p!
    Madonna - Hung Up CD 2 Single - thought i was missing this but turns out not. 30p
    Bat For Lashes - Fur & Gold 50p

    Not too shabby!
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  13. Insania, as Sir Peter Andre might say.
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  14. Kinda felt guilty handing over my 60p in that shop considering the Goldfrapp CD&DVD is £8+ on Discogs.
  15. The Smiths Complete, Rhino 8 CD box set, £1 in a charity shop, median value £71 on Discogs,
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  16. WTF???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Find of the century.
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  17. Some great buys!
  18. Think my local shops must be too savvy - never get anything that great on the shelf that cheap!
  19. I was amazed to be fair, the CDs are 3 for £1, the young lass behind the counter said ‘there’s probably 3 CDs in there so that’s gonna be £1’, it’s a really well made smart box set,
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  20. The replica sleeves are beautiful. Really good quality packaging.
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