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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. The poster in the Rank album was a nice touch too, the attention to detail is great, a bit like the Japanese mini LP CDs that you can get,
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  2. And the pink sticker on The Queen is Dead...exactly like the one on the LP I bought on the day of release.
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  3. Just brought from a local charity shop Joy Division Heart and Soul box set £7.99
  4. Nice one. I still regret not picking that up for £10 in HMV when they had all those boxsets cheap (I did get Retro).
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  5. Yh same here, i regret a lot of things, and try and rectify them if i can whenever possible, you know what my collection is like lol.
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  6. Nice finds. I rarely see box sets anymore in thrift shops, aside from the Tori Amos piano set I found a few weeks back. I found a John Coltrane Impulse set (volume 2) in nice condition. Very few of my box sets are from thrift shops. I did find a nice sealed Bruce Cockburn set a few years back but otherwise, I rarely see them.
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  7. Popped into some local charity shops this morning & picked up these....

    Elton John-Diamonds
    Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra-Unchained Melodies
    Moody Blues-December
    Various Artists-25 Years of Rock N Roll:1971
    Buddy Holly & the Crickets-Very Best Of (2 CDs)
    Steps-Tears On The Dancefloor
    Whitney Houston-The Ultimate Collection
    Cher-Gold (2 CDs)
    Alison Moyet-The Minutes
    Creedence Clearwater Revival-Best Of (2 CD bonus edition)
    Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell 3:The Monster Is Loose
    Meat Loaf-Couldn't Have Said It Better (2 CDs)
    Hanna-Barbera Tunes From The Toons
    Cher-Live:The Farewell Tour
    Sonny & Cher-The Best Of:The Beat Goes On
    Kim Wilde-Snapshots
    Kim Wilde-Greatest Hits (EMI Gold compilation)
    David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars Live (1972 live concert CD)

    Paid £3.50 in total for these CDs-the first three on that list were from a charity shop where the CDs were 3 for £1,the next 10 on the list were from two different charity shops where the CDs were 5 for £1 & the last five on the list were from a charity shop which had just reopened & were having a half price reopening sale so i got them for 50p instead of £1 which was their usual price for 5 CDs.
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  8. Snapshots is a heck of a charity find.

    Nice you got the Meat Loafs too.
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  9. It's a shame that some charity shops don't know the value of what they're selling, whilst others will charge you £2.99 for "Popstars".
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  10. Quick look today - got better copies of Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ and ‘Something to Remember’ (my old second hand ones weren’t the best) but that aside it was slim pickings.

    the StR insert was a write off but my original was okay so decent copy of it now - using other copies to make one good one seems wrong but at charity shop prices it’s worth it.
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  11. Does it have the turquoise tray though? :-D

    I often do that and give the lesser-good combination back to the charity shop.
  12. thankfully yes, in fine condition!

    good idea - especially as I’ll only ever just put them in a box and never go back to them.
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  13. Very good. I recently re-bought REM's 'Automatic for the People' from a charity shop as I finally found an example with the yellow tray my original copy had, which my brother had ended up with. I'm not sure what percentage of the album had the yellow tray but it's certainly "my" version.
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  14. Automatic... has to have the yellow tray for me. Even the cassette case has a yellow tint to it. Part of its design.

    Same with Monster. Got to have the orange tray.
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  15. Popped into my local Oxfam charity shop earlier today and they had some Now That's What I Call Music CDs amongst the other CDs they had.The price of the CDs in their shop is 29p each or 4 for £1 so i picked up what ones they had (12 in total for £3-volumes 34,42,47,52,53,71,80,85,96,99,109 & the Now 1994 compilation)

    If i'd popped into that Oxfam shop a few minutes earlier i might have been able to get a few more Now CDs as just before i went in,somebody was coming out with some CDs that they'd bought from the shop & i noticed that one of them was a Now CD....

    From the same Oxfam shop,i picked up the Ultimate Collection-100 Hits:Nineties five CD set for 29p.

    In another charity shop,i picked up these CDs for 10p each....

    Dusty Springfield-Am I The Same Girl (seem to be finding some of Dusty's CDs in my local charity shops over the past few months)
    Ed Sheeran-Divide
    Electric Light Orchestra-Discovery
    Don McLean-Best Of
    Whistle Down The Wind (songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber & Jim Steinman's musical)
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  16. I bought that from a charity shop a few years ago and see it on sale in charity shops fairly regularly! In fact, I have a feeling I've bought it twice. It deserves more love as there's some interesting artists on it such as, from memory, Boyzone Meat Loaf and Boy George, and the lovely Tina Arena title track.
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  17. I always forget whether it's Meat Loaf or Bozyone's version of No Matter What on that album.
  18. Yesterday's charity shop finds - three CDs for £1:

    'A Secret History - The Best of The Divine Comedy'

    'Pure McCartney' - a 2016 2CD McCartney compilation in a nice digipak presentation with booklet fixed into the gatefold, though as ever the discs are quite awkward to get out. But at 33ish pence who can complain!

    Ocean Colour Scene's 1992 debut album, with "Nice Price" sticker on the front.
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  19. You can't beat a 3 for a £1 deal!
    I picked up:

    Alison Moyet - Home Time - Absolutely loved More, i think its one of her best tracks and have always wanted to listen to this album and it does not disappoint.
    Colbie Caillat - Coco - UK Deluxe Edition
    Nelly Furtado - Loose (Can't believe i didn't already own this).
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  20. Today's haul from a couple of charity shops....

    These were 5 for £1....

    The Annie Lennox Collection
    The Very Best of the Beach Boys (2001 compilation)
    Dolly Parton-The Collection (Spectrum compilation from 2004)
    ELO-Discovery (with bonus tracks)
    ELO-Time (with bonus tracks)

    These ones were 25p each....

    Cliff Richard-The Hits Inbetween
    Cliff Richard-1980s
    Disco Fever (Universal two CD compilation from 2001)
    Let's Groove (DMG two CD compilation from 2003)
    Eddy Grant-The Greatest Hits
    Madonna-Like A Virgin
    Madonna-True Blue (with bonus tracks)
    Diana Ross-All The Great Love Songs
    Neil Diamond-The Ultimate Collection (2 CDs)
    Elvis Presley-From The Heart
    Elvis Presley-Burning Love
    George Michael/Queen/Lisa Stansfield-Five Live EP (Hollywood records release)
    Moody Blues-Days of Future Passed
    Billy Joel-Piano Man:Very Best Of (CD/DVD version)
    Take That-Best Ballads (unofficial CD release)
    George Michael-Best Ballads (another unofficial CD release)
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