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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. One of my pet hates when it comes to used CDs! Sometimes great overall condition but with a highly faded or even barely readable spine. Grrr.

    I've been known to leave a CD behind in a charity shop for this reason.
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  2. I found a nice US (MCA) edition of Elton John's The One this week. £1. But the sleeve, inserts and spine are virtually trashed by bleaching from the sun. But I got it anyway, as I'll bin the covers and use the disc in a homemade Deluxe.
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  3. I wondered why I had so many copies of Move To This! Of course.
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  4. Popped into my local Oxfam charity shop yesterday and picked up these CDs for 20p each....

    Dead Or Alive-That's The Way I Like It:The Best Of
    Savage Garden-Truly Madly Completely:The Best Of
    Coldplay-Mylo Xlyoto
    Tina Turner-The Collected Recordings:Sixties to Nineties (3 CD set)
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  5. If that Tina set's the one I'm thinking of (dark blue sleeve, gold text) it's a cracker.
  6. I've got just the one CD from that Tina set - from a charity shop - but even that's the wrong disc in the wrong case grrr.
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  7. This one (without the sticker label on the case)

    I didn't check the condition of the discs in the set when i bought it (the discs were all there along with the booklet) but when i decided to play one of the CDs earlier today i noticed that all of them weren't in the best of condition (the label on the first CD has what looks to me like crease marks on it)

    I played the third CD of the set on my blu-ray player this morning and it played okay with no skips or jumps on any of the tracks,so hopefully the other two CDs will be okay as well.
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  8. I keep saying to myself i must stop buying CDs-but i still do!

    Picked up all of these for 25p each from one local charity shop this afternoon....

    101 Jukebox Classics (5 CD set)
    101 80s Hits (5 CD set)
    Ultimate No.1s (3 CD set)
    Driving Rock-37 Classic Anthems For The Open Road (2 CDs)
    Now That's What I Call Party Anthems (3 CDs)
    Now That's What I Call Years (3 CDs)
    Oh What A Night-the ultimate 70s party album (2 CDs)
    Whitesnake-Greatest Hits
    Get It On-jukebox 70s hits (Old Gold compilation)
    Bangles-Best of (Sony Music extra value CD)
    Otis Redding-Very Best Of (2 CDs)
    Cat Stevens-Icon
    Jimi Hendrix-Experience Hendrix (best of)
    Johnny Nash-I Can See Clearly Now (greatest hits)
    Thin Lizzy-Waiting For An Alibi:The Collection
    Push It:Classic Party & Dance Tracks (2 CDs)
    Soul Searching:36 classic soul tracks (2 CDs_
    Chris Rea-New Light Through Old Windows (they also had a copy of his double CD The Journey 1978-2009 but one of the CDs was sadly missing)

    I also picked up from the same charity shop for 25p,a DVD of a film called Sing Street set in 80's Dublin featuring a soundtrack of songs from bands such as Spandau Ballet,the Cure,the Clash,Genesis,the Jam & A-ha.
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  9. New Light Through Old Windows is one of my favourite, most-played, and best-sounding CDs ever.
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  10. I purged some of my CDs and, of course, I'm tempted by a new batch of (sealed) CDs at the local thrift shop. I found Celine Dion's Falling into You sealed. Not exactly earth-shattering but I almost never find it sealed.

    Also found one of the Playlist entries for Bruce Hornsby. I don't have any of his stuff on CD so bought it, although Mandolin Rain is an updated version with Ricky Scaggs.
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  11. Picked up Emma Bunton's Free Me CD 2 Single in a local chazza for 50p, going for £16.99 on Discogs!
  12. Out for the day popped in a chazza shop went through all of the CDs and picked just 1 up. Now 9 original cd 50p
  13. I love the local chazzas
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  14. My last visit I bought five for a £1, predominately to cannibalise them for the super jewel CD cases but I’m actually quite enjoying the Scissor Sister “Ta-Dah” album that was amongst them.

    Off for a sunny wander to town this morning, here’s hoping for a few gems amongst the usual rubbish
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  15. Today I bought for £1 what looks like an early CD example of Bat Out of Hell with no barcode on the rear and a nice early CBS/Epic disc.
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  16. Great find! That's the best Bat.
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  17. Ironically it's my last acquirement in the trilogy, though I know most of the songs due to its legendary status.

    Also, coincidentally I'd only been listening to Bonnie Tyler's Faster Than the Speed of Night a couple of days ago - which is also an early CD with no barcode, and with the disc manufactured in Japan.
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  18. Yeah I bought those 2 late last year, having already owned later versions. I just really like those early CBS/Epic discs.
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  19. At my local flea market this morning, I found Tori Amos Silent All These Years, Limited Edition card digi pack, £1, very happy, I remember this being a rare one back in the days of record fairs, pre eBay,
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  20. I haven't had much luck with charity shops recently. A couple of days ago I went into a charity shop with a friend - he bought three Mary Chapin Carpenter albums and a Sleeper single for £1 and I bought nothing.
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