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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. I’ve been the same - last CDs I bought were for me to cannibalise the cases. Been a while since spotting a gem to rush home with
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  2. I've been the same. I feel like a lot of people got rid of stuff during the pandemic and now that things are somewhat back to normal, there isn't as much to find as more people are back in the shops and they've gone through their stuff. I think people have also wised up more to thrift shops and the possible gems they can find. I find a lot more people looking at CDs than before. Mostly the vinyl bins were busy, but I find the CD racks are just as busy. Maybe CDs are making a comeback after all?
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  3. Having said all that, I had a rush of 1987 yesterday when I found the soundtracks for Innerspace and Planes, Trains and Automobiles on cassette (I forgot that the version of Every Time You Go Away which plays at the end of Planes was not on the soundtrack).
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  4. Our city centre shops are usually a poor hunting ground (£2 CDs, high footfall so the good stuff is never there) but we have about three other local high streets that I try and alternate my visits to so that the stock might have chance to refresh. That said, this ploy hasn’t gotten me much lately, I might have to consider a dedicated trip elsewhere for chance of something worthwhile.

    My wants list of those CDs I thought I’d find in the shops hasn’t reduced at all like I thought it may!
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  5. Was in the shop today and someone donated their Spice Girls CD singles, some Steps CDs (plus single of Deeper Shade of Blue), some Geri CD singles (Bag It Up). I am trying to be tighter with money so opted out but did pick up Say You’ll Be There CD single and the cassette version of Bananarama’s WOW! Girl groups forever…
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  6. Popped into some of the local charity shops this morning and bought these....

    CDs that were 20p each....
    Sixties Power Ballads (3 CD set)
    Elvis Presley-50 Greatest Hits (2 CD set)
    Elvis Presley-50 Greatest Love Songs (2 CD set)
    Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Albums Vols 1 & 2 (2 separate 2 CD sets)
    The Best Sixties Album In The World Ever (2 CD set)
    Driving Rock Ballads (3 CD set)
    Ike & Tina Turner-River Deep Mountain High
    The Hollies-Best of the 60s
    Walker Brothers-The Collection

    CDs that were 25p each....
    101 Dinner Party Anthems (5 CD set)
    Elton John-Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy (''Classic Years'' edition)
    Great Ladies Of Song (Reader's Digest two CD set)
    This Is Not A Love Collection-20 Songs of Punk & Affection

    CDs that were 10p each....
    Eagles-Greatest Hits 1971-1975
    Eagles-Very Best Of
    Hall & Oates-Looking Back:Best Of
    Air Supply-Making Love....Very Best Of
    Dusty Springfield-The Look Of Love (2 CD set)
    Chas & Dave-The Best Of Live
    Britney Spears-Femme Fatale
    Fine Young Cannibals-The Finest
    Sade-The Best Of
    Luther Vandross-The Essential (2 CD set)
    Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express
    Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbott-Wisdom,Laughter and Lines
    Christmas Party (1997 CD compilation including Christmas hits by Wizzard,Mud,Kate Bush & Gary Glitter-this CD was only available to buy in British Home Stores shops)
  7. Nice find there with the Eagles and Sade CDs for 10p!
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  8. I hit up a few different ones last week whilst had a day off. Not much I wanted, but they were v cheap so a copy of The Ravonettes’ ‘Pretty in Black’, U2 ‘Vertigo’ and a-ha’s ‘Headlines..’ greatest hits as my copy has an annoying jump (whilst looking perfect!).

    nothing too exciting tho - still craving another ‘ wow’ moment!
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  9. Pretty In Black is FANTASTIC!
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  10. Is this the one with Dusty's smoky eyes and white background? I really like this collection.
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  11. Good to know - I have their ‘Lust…’ album so thought it worth a punt!
  12. One of my favourite albums (CDs) of the mid-00s. I heard it in Reading FOPP and asked the guy at the counter, what's's brilliant...he said I bought it there and then.
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  14. After a few weeks of very little success in charity shops I finally had a very successful time in Oxfam today. They'd got some relatively unique CDs in their racks - a lot I'd never expect to see in a charity shop, for either 99p or £1.99 - and I ended up spending just under £20. CDs I bought include:

    Belinda Carlisle's 1986 debut album, Belinda
    Pandora's Box - Original Sin (1989 Jim Steinman project)
    Three *other* Sam Brown albums - April Moon, 43 Minutes, Box
    Thompson Twins - Here's to Future Days
    Sheila E - Sex Cymbal
    Vixen - 1988 album
    Lisa Lisa - LL77
    The Very Best of Tracey Ullman
    The Power Station - The Power Station
    Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (appears to be factory sealed)
    Zoe - Scarlet Red and Blue
    Meat Loaf - Hang Cool Teddy Bear
    Bonnie Tyler - Free Spirit (1995 album)

    There were a few *gasp* moments and it was almost like every other CD I flicked through was something I wanted or was surprised to see!
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  15. I'm gonna
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  16. Unusual haul! The Sam Brown ones are all great.
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  17. Found the Japanese version of Sting at the Movies. No obi-strip and I already have it but it’s a great compilation.
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  18. Today's haul from one of my local charity shops-these CDs were 10p each....

    Guns N Roses-Greatest Hits
    Johnny Cash-Ring of Fire:The Legend Of Johnny Cash
    Herman's Hermits-Very Best Of
    The Searchers-The Complete Collection
    The Animals-The Most Of
    Gloria Gaynor-The Collection
    The Smooth Album (2006 EMI/Sony BMG Music Entertainment two disc compilation)
    Summer BBQ (2009 Warner Platinum compilation)
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  19. Popped in a charity shop they were just putting the CDs out, I said how much they've always been 2 for £1 but today they're 5 for a £1.

    Picked up the following.
    Joshua Kaddison - Jessie.
    Randy Crawford - Hits.
    Hazel Dean - Greatest Hits.
    Go West - Best.
    Martine Mccutcheon - The Collection 2cd
    Prefab Sprout - 38 Carat Collection 2cd
    Led Zeppelin - How the West was won 3cd
    70s Dancefloor 5cd
    Now that's what I call driving rock 3cd
    Chairmen of the board the complete invictus recordings 9cd
    Philadelphia international classics Tom Moulton remixes 4cd
    Philly regrooved 3 Tom Moulton remixes 2cd
    Casablanca records greatest hits
    Atlantic soul definitive 2cd
    Disco 96 2cd
    Jackie Wilson double Goldie's 2cd
    Beastie Boys - Anthology 2cd
    Virgin Radio the album 2cd
    Essential tracks 2cd
    Frankie Valli - Music of 3cd 1 dvd.
    101 party hits 5cd
    Roy Orbison- platinum collection 3cd
    100 hits drive time 5cd
    Dusty Springfield - Essential 3cd
    Stevie Wonder - Musiquarium 2cd
    Linda Lewis - reach for the truth.
    Indie 3cd
    Stax 50th Anniversary Collection 2cd
    Chart Show Rock.
    Travelling wilburys - Collection 3cd
    Philly regrooved 1 Tom Moulton remixes
    UB40 labour of love 3cd
    Nile Rodgers Disco Inferno 3cd
    George Michael - listen without prej 2cd
    International hits 94 2cd
    Name collection 3cd
    Rock the night 2
    101 Northern soul anthems 4cd
    Frankie Valli - 25th anniversary 3cd
    Twisted wheel
    I feel love 2 cd.
    Kylie - Step back in time 3cd

    1shop visited heading to the next one's.
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  20. Oh. My. God.

    Great finds, @imcal. Always love reading your "What imcal Found" posts.

    All your finds are great but I think some of these are hard to find now so congrats.
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