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Thrift Shop finds

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Yh it was a bit must buy this must buy that moment, thing is like i said 2 for a £1 is ok but usually its full of rubbish and depending on who is on the till it can be 2 for a £1 but if there is 2 cds in its a £1 - 3 £1.50 and so on, so not a place i tend to visit that often, but 1 woman said to me there 5 for a £1 so if a boxset as 5 in its a pound i thought ok i can live with that..... but the manageress said now 5 for a £1 whatever the disc content is.... so that was nice..
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  2. I finally acquired Alice Cooper's Trash from 1989 yesterday on CD for 50p.

    I told my friend who was with me to keep an eye out for anything by Kate Bush (not that I ever find anything by her in charity shops!) and in about the third charity shop we went in what did we find? Aerial for £1! But I already have it and I'm not that keen on it so I kindly stuck it on the front of the rack for someone else to happily discover.
  3. Today I found a copy of George Michael, White light CD single, 50p, his last top 40 hit when I looked it up,
  4. That’s very expensive these days, well done.

    shame the song is completely devoid of melody!
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  5. This one had totally passed me by at the time, he was such a talented guy,
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  6. Been recently regretting selling most of my CD collection years ago so starting from the very beginning again. Managed to pick up Kylie's Light Years album, first two All Saints albums and CSS' debut album for 25p each. Absolute bargain.

    They also had a stack of copies of Hear'Say's second album so Belfast must have been a Hear'Say city.
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  7. This afternoon's purchases - 2 CDs for £1:

    The Hit Factory: The Best of Stock Aitken Waterman Vol. 2 (several tracks and artists I've never had before)

    What I think is a studio album by Air Supply, that doesn't include I'm All Out of Love, but I only really bought it as it has no barcode and has a red inner tray so must be an early CD example, plus I needed to make up the numbers. It was that or an Eva Cassidy CD (not Songbird).

    Both are annoyingly sealed with tape and I'm terrified to look inside now I'm home.
  8. Great find! I've never seen that out and about and in fact bought it on CD from Discogs for £11 last month after having it on cassette at the time so you have got a bargain there. The Dolly Dots and Sequal tracks are amazing!
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  9. Ooh! I was aware of the compilation(s) but didn't realise they were particularly rare. I'll have to seek out Vol 1 now. I bought the 2005 SAW Gold compilation at the time so never felt the need for the older compilations but those rare tracks are needed.
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  10. Volume 2 is my favourite of the 3 regular volumes. Also worth seeking out is volume 4 which is a continuous megamix of 81 (!) SAW tracks and is utterly amazing


    Various - The Hit Factory Vol. 4 - The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman - A Ton Of Hits | Releases | Discogs

    I discovered so many of their less well known and flop singles thank to that compilation!
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  11. I can't tell you the amount of times in various charity shops I randomly see The Feeling's 2006 album Twelve Stops and Home - I see it almost every time I go charity shopping in many different areas - including in three different shops today! A few weeks ago one charity shop had even got three copies of it! What is it with this CD?! I laugh every time I see it now.
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  12. My repeat offender in thrift shops is usually Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing.
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  13. Finally found something interesting, a copy of Billie Ray Martin’s ‘18 Carat Garbage’ for 50p. It’s been a looooong time between finds that haven’t been run of the mill purchases that felt like I did it just to get something new.

    found myself in an area of Portsmouth called Cosham - must have been about at least 8 shops to visit, and if it wasn’t so unpleasantly hot to be on my knees searching the bottom recesses of shelves then I’m sure I’d have found something more too.
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  14. Wow, today at the thrift shop was like being in Popjustice Heaven. Either a gay has downsized their collection or a Popjustice member donated their entire collection.

    Kim Wilde - Close (I never see this in thrift shops)
    Steps - The Last Dance
    Rachel Stevens - Funky Dory
    Eros Ramazotti - E2 (with DVD)
    Cher - The Casablanca Years
    The Best of Umberto Tozzi (2-CD)
    Kylie Minogue - Greatest Hits + bonus CD Kylie's Non-Stop History 50+1
    Lulu - Absolutely

    Lots more that I couldn't buy because I need to be a bit more frugal - Oliva Newton-John (Come On Over, Soul Kiss, The Rumour), Sheena Easton (Do You, The Lover in Me, Fabulous), some Bucks Fizz, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kim Wilde Now and Forever, Bonnie Tyler (Bitterblue, Free Spirit), Dannii Minogue - The Singles.
  15. Ever since I gave up finding a copy of Rachel Stevens - Funky Dory in a charity shop and went to Discogs for it, that cd seems to follow me around - it’s everywhere again! Saw two copies yesterday alone.
  16. I hope you have both versions.
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  17. I never see these CDs in any regular fashion at the shops, so I'm not going to lie - I actually was a bit emotional (I know, get a hold of yourself!) but it was so nice to see all those names that are so beloved here on Popjustice.
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  18. Always the case, i want a cd, can`t find it anywhere and buy it from ebay or discogs and literally the minute after its everywhere.... it`s as though someone says - ok Cal has now brought it release the cheap copies... and flood the market with it...
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  19. That happened with me with Lena Fiagbe's album. I barely knew it existed and about 6 months ago I was excited to randomly find it on eBay for a cheap price, having never seen it anywhere before, then about two weeks later I found it for even cheaper in a charity shop and saw it again about a month ago. Grrr.
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  20. That was what prompted me to get it as I’d been blissfully unaware of the alternative version until it was mentioned somewhere in the PJ threads.

    Hardly surprising tho, it’s the same whenever I ‘discover’ an existing band, suddenly any of their CDs in shops seem to evaporate
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