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Thundercat, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. He's caught enough endorsements by the pop-girls to deserve a thread of his own, hasn't he?

    This is stunning, jesus.

    And, equally brilliant but with a bit more levity.

    feat. cameos by Quinta B, Kali Uchis and HAIM.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Fourth album "It Is What It Is" due April 3.
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  2. I am so ready for 'It Is What It Is'. He always delivers, 'Fair Chance' is gorgeous.

    Putting Kali and HAIM on his video and not having them feature on the album is sadistic.
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  3. Strangely enough and although I've always appreciated his work as a producer, Thundercat's music has never really clicked with me. It's good - sometimes great - and I've enjoyed Drunk, but it didn't leave a mark on me the way I thought it would.

    Those new songs though... they're all stunning - you can so easily get lost in the production, there are so many layers, "Fair Chance" is beautiful and so smooth - and yet they manage to be a lot of fun as well. He doesn't seem to take himself too seriously and that's refreshing. The singles are exhilarating and they renewed my interest in him and his music. I'm really looking forward to the album, it might be one of my most anticipated records of the year actually. Perfect spring and summer music.

    Also, feel free to send your favorite Thundercat tracks my way, it's time for me to really get into his music!
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  4. My fave tracks are:

    and, of course

  5. Them Changes is just on another league. Perfectly produced, full of spunk yet so elegant.

    I live this live performance

    Plus, Ari did an amazing job aswell.

    and JoJo
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  6. It What It Is was released one week early because it apparently leaked a month ago...

  7. Dragonball Durag is a bop.
  8. This album is amazing. Thundercat never lets me down.
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  9. Awesome album, from start to finish. Imagine being this consistent.

    Miguel's Happy Dance is that quarantine hymn we didn't know we need.

  10. RJF


    Finally getting to this album and it’s amazing.
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