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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by kingbm, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Cant see a thread (or dunno if this is the right place) but Ticketmaster have now changed their policy with postponed shows - you can no longer get a refund.

    I was told if I cannot go a show that was postponed to sell my tickets on their ticket sale thing...

    Anyone else had issues?! Surely this can’t be legal?
  2. It's fucking disgusting.
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  3. I couldn't make the rescheduled Dua Lipa date, and asked if they could just transfer our tickets to one of the new dates but at a different venue. They just ignored the email...

    Have now posted the tickets back to them by Special Delivery and have insisted on a refund, which they've said they'll process.

    It's taken an age though. It's outrageous.
  4. I get the sense they were just trying to be difficult in some short-sighted attempt to save $$.

    Don't think they'd ever have had legal ground to stand on in an official policy change.
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  5. From what I understand, Ticketmaster is in a mess because there are 30,000 events impacted, many of which have been "postponed" but without a new date, leaving their status uncertain.

    Apparently it is the event organisers that authorise refunds, and because of the uncertainty over so many events Ticketmaster has given them a longer window to rearrange new dates. I think everyone will end up getting refunds, even for postponed dates once the dust has settled. But like I said, a mess.
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