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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. £20 a month?? Screw that. Greedy tossers. Spotify Premium is half the price. Can anyone give a decent reason to switch?
  2. Yeah but do you even HIFI your music?

    By the way are those artist Bios I've seen for real?
  3. Yes they're taken from allmusic.com. They're the same on Spotify and Rdio too.
  4. Ray


    This is my problem with TIDAL so far. If they got Asgeir, Suzanne Vega, Björk, Billie Ray Martin on their side, I'd be like "hey, yes, I would like to give those people more money". With Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna I'm just... sorry, no. I don't understand why of all people Bey Bey and Madge would be talking about how artists don't earn enough. Yes, there are LOADS of artists that don't earn enough, and none of them seem to have been asked to join TIDAL campaign.
  5. ?????

    At the end of the day, (Dragon's Den voice) I can't invest until I understand how this will benefit my life. I'm not going to pay $20 a month so I can support Rihanna releasing two rubbish singles over the course of three months or support Madonna releasing albums (as good as they may be) full of production errors. What do I get out of this?

    "HQ music" is not an answer - I've been listening to this so called "LQ" music since the day I was born, why would I suddenly want to change now?
  6. I just don't get the argument because Spotify is cheaper they are greedy for wanting more? Milk is cheaper to buy than water by pint at the shops, is it unfair that farmers want higher prices for their milk?
  7. Seriously? Milk and water are two entirely different products. There is no difference between Spotify and Tidal no matter what they claim.

    I have used Tidal before and I could tell no different from their "high quality" music compared to an iTunes download.
  8. SBK


    Richest popstars in the world are trying to save their industry.... Okay, I can see your point kinda.

    But its not like they're making a stand and taking less of the profits and distributing the majority of the income to smaller acts to help them work on their art / live a normal life doing it.
  9. The value of a product is dictated by the market. The people will decide whether Jay and Bey are worth the premium. Spotify is consumer friendly first and artist friendly second and a completely legal alternative to pirating. The only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't pay content makers enough so it can remain affordable for its users. Artists have a right to demand more money for their work but we'll see if people support them. As it is, I have no idea why the average music lover other than the ATRL 'Queen get money' twinks would be behind something like Tidal and it was a bit comical to see the 1% of the 1% up there crying for more money. It's like billionaires demanding tax cuts because they 'provide jobs'. Where does the greed end?
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  10. Rih already losing the blue square. Yes!
  11. And that is why Spotify Premium and TIDAL Premium cost the exact same price.

    I don't get all the backlash regarding the price. If you don't give a crap about HiFi sound then good, you can get the $9.99 subscription. If you do want high quality audio streaming, then get the more expensive option.

    They want to bring down Spotify, where people can listen to their songs for free and the artists get almost nothing out of. If Spotify didn't have that ad-supported free streaming option and was subscription-only, people like Taylor Swift etc. wouldn't have any problem with it.
    The problem with the free Spotify is that it's mostly a way for Spotify to promote their premium service in a way.

    My only problem with this is the problematic marketing campaign.
  12. I know they have many more subscribers than Spotify (and a totally different model), but it's odd how Netflix can pay a full wage to the thousands of people who make their shows while charging me £5.99, but £19.99 barely buys a coffee for the dozen or so writers/producers/performers involved in an album.
  13. Yep, all that poor lost income - I mean it's not like Rihanna just provided the voice and soundtrack to a movie that over-performed with a $54 million opening weekend

    And it's not like Beyonce had the sixth best selling album of the year and the fastest selling iTunes album of all time with her last release, and has just been on two tours - one of which being the fifth highest grossing tour of 2014 and the other being the tenth highest grossing tour of the past decade

    And obviously that definitely wasn't Madonna (arguably the most successful female music act of all time, if not one of the most successful women ever to grace the planet) selling seats to her London tour for over £200 each a few weeks back

    I can totally see why they need this, yeah
  14. If I could +1 posts on here, these two would get them.

    It is interesting that Netflix can pay good money to those who work on their shows with a £5.99 subscription yet musicians need more. Making a movie/tv show is a lot more money than making an album.
  15. Beyoncé's outfit last night was horrendous.
  16. I don't have a problem with the theory that musicians should get paid more for their music, I just think the marketing of this has been a disaster. It's similar to how I would rather shop at a supermarket that I know supports the actual producers of the food rather than the many middle men taking their share. However if the producers showing up in the marketing were well known multi-millionaires the message might be somewhat lost.
  17. They should of held a proper 30 minute press conference where journalists could of asked these questions directly to the artists.
  18. The thing is though, to my understanding there is no middle man, at least not in the form of Spotify itself, as mentioned they barely break even. As opposed to say, itunes who grab half off whatever they sell not to mention the billions they've made off Iphones and Ipods. Why didn't artist savior Jay go after them? Because they're a giant that could possibly crush him?
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  19. I'm mortified that Nicki is involved. Granted, she looked like she gave no fucks... but I expected so much better of her than this utter wank.
  20. You could tell Bey talked her into it. My avi says it all haha.

    A good thing to come out of this is the conversation as a change does need to happen.
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