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Tidying up with Marie Kondo (Cleaning inspiration on Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by KamikazeHeart, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. One episode in and I'm already planning to go through all my clothes to feel what sparks joy for me.
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  2. I watched an episode and it was the weirdest thing ever. Her telling them to say thank you to the clothes and seeing if you have a connection to them. Wtf
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  3. She is so... unhealthy
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  4. Marie Kondo 2020
  5. There’s something incredibly calming and soothing about watching this show.
  6. Is that Rachel from The People's Couch in the trailer?!
  7. I watched about 5 minutes and it felt very, very strange.
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  9. This show isn't doing a good job at changing the myth of straight men being worthless at household chores.
  10. pdf


    ok I've binged the whole series and done a major clear out at home...... but I'm finding Marie herself incredibly twee and annoying.
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  11. Episode one didn't spark any joy, so I'm going to pass on this one. Thank you.
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  12. I've heard people talking about this Marie Kondo woman and I thought it was a new way of saying faggot in Spanish (it's maricón) ddd

    The trailer looks cute. I might give it a go when I'm back in the UK and have to jump over my clothes to get in bed.
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  13. I watched a few episodes, and during the first I was distracted by just how little the husband sparked joy. Fold him up, thank him for his service, and send him on his journey, girl.
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  14. I hate that I love this, it’s like the comfy version of hoarders
  15. I watched the first episode and wanna clean my closet again
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  16. This played in the background whilst I did a bit of DIY, and MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER

    No seriously, this is actually very good for calming my anxieties.
  17. I'm definitely a Marie Kondo convert despite laughing at the first episode. When I start acquiring too much 'stuff' it definitely affects my mood so I always ruthlessly clear out my wardrobe and apartment once a month or so. Watching other people do it is really satisfying but also Marie definitely has a very calming effect.
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  18. This show has revolutionised the way I’m living. Especially my work ethic. Now I open an email and see if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, I delete it.
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  19. Genius.
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