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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dinno, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Anyone remember her??
    she was a big teen idol of the late 80´s

    with hits like "I Think We´re Alone Now",
    "Could´ve Been" etc etc

    I hope she makes a big comeback she so deserves it i like her.
  2. 'Radio romance' was great as well, her version of 'I saw him standing there' fairly toe curlingly embarrasing, she was pure trailer trash as well wasn't she?! Used to love that shitty little routine she did in the middle instrumental bit of 'I think we're alone now' with her hand/face. Ah, the 1980's...
  3. I liked her massive oversized woolly sweater with a picture of her face on it. She did wear that, right? I'm not making this up, I'm sure! I wonder why this trend never caught on?!

    I have her first two albums and they are ok. Nothing on either is as good as I Think We're Alone Now but Danny is quite a fave of mine.

    Didn't she pose nude for Playboy, as all good has-beens of the late 80s seem to have done?
  4. yeah she's great i have the cde single of I Think We're Alone Now
    it's sooo cheesy
  5. Check out her page on myspace, got some new eurodance-type tunes on there from her last album. Not too shabby actually.
  6. mall tours where the myspace of the 80s
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