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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by CatastropheBoy, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. ''No Rules'' & ''Can't Stop A Heartbeat'' are my faves. Hope all the b-sides end up on streaming/download. Also hoping the recent upload of the ''Could've Been'' single is a positive step to finally getting a Tiff box set.
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  2. I absolutely love this 1990 song from The Jetsons soundtrack, should have been a big hit.
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  3. I often come back to the New Inside album. It's great. Shame it flopped so badly - was it the lack of promotion? The lead single didn't even get a video.

    She performed "It's You" on TV (skip to 1:40 to avoid the chatter with Bronson Pinchot):
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  4. I love the performance of ''Here In My Heart'' from the same show, particularly the ''until theeeeeeeeen'' part.
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  5. The whole era was very mishandled. New Inside not getting a video, or a push. Her promoting other songs on TV. MCA really let go.
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  6. MCA really lost their way in 1990-91. All their big acts from just 1-2 years before were flopping badly - Jody, Sheena, The Jets, Tiffany...
  7. Ruthless is such a bop, wow. Get these b-sides on some much needed Deluxe Editions Tiff!
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  8. I love Ruthless. Is this a different version than the one on her 4th album Dreams Never Die, I think it is slightly better?
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  9. Yes it was re-worked for Dreams Never Die but the original 80s version is superior. She had so many great B-sides so I really hope we end up getting digital EPs if nothing else. They could even put I Think We're Alone Now (Single Version) on streaming, god forbid!
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  10. If they are remastering the first 4 Debbie Gibson albums they should at least do the first two Tiffany albums with all the b-sides.
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  11. Is...she okay?

  12. Yeah she did a video about that recently, she says it’s a panic attack but she seems drunk to me but I guess it’s more professional to say a panic attack. It’s a shame as normally she nails her vocals.
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  13. ''New Inside'' single now uploaded to Spotify, folks.
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  14. Any mixes or B-sides?

    Great to see Tiffany starting to have more material put on streaming!
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  15. Yup! 12" Extended, 7'' Edit, Bonus Beats & Instrumental.
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  16. Amazing!

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  18. Nice to know it charted somewhere!

    I quite like New Inside now but I have to confess I don't think that New Jack Swing sound really suited Tiffany's voice at all. Far prefer her singing pop or soft rock.

    Wonder if we will get a surprise on streaming tomorrow? Hope so!
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  19. I never warmed to New Inside, the song or the album. The group New Kids on the Block sound didn't suit her and the songs were not as catchy. I only like "Back in the Groove" and "Here In My Heart."

    Far prefer Dreams Never Die.
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  20. I’ve never heard either of these albums. I joined the Tiffany train with ‘The Color of Silence’ so would love a boxset of the earlier stuff.
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