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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. This show is CRAZY. I'm OBSESSED.

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  2. This show is amazing but it gets more heartbreaking as it goes on. What a cast of characters, though!
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  3. AGREED. I only have one episode left and shit just got sooooo dark.

    The one thing I dislike is that they've moved away from the big cats to explain the convoluted plot of whateverthefuck is happening between all the characters and I think they could focus a little more on the actual animals being used and abused for money and fame. Let's hope that's the note they end on.
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  4. Just meant to watch 1 episode last night and ended up blitzing through the entire thing. That was a ride.

    Carole Baskin is ICONIC!! Shashaying around in her animal print outfits and being an absolute nuisance to Joe. A legend.

    The twist that she might have killed her husband was outstanding.
  5. Joe Exotic =
  6. The boyfriend turned it off after Episode 2 to watch the rest later, and I’m so desperate to continue. This is the most insane collection of humans, and I couldn’t feel worse for the animals.
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  7. Absolute insanity. I watched it all between Saturday and yesterday. It goes between absurd and heartbreaking, honestly. I could't stop myself from binging.

    The song he wrote about Carol killing her husband and feeding him to tigers made me fucking scream. Petty king.

    Also him talking about Travis' testicles at his funeral in front of his family?! Calling them golden nuggets?! I died.
  8. This show is a MESS and HALF.

    For someone who hasn't been to middle Murica before, I can't believe these are real people.

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  9. What the fuck even is this?
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  10. Hey all you cool cats and kittens!
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  11. I thought Don't F*** With Cats was crazy, but this is a whole other level.

    - Carole Baskin more often than not wearing a flower wreath round her forehead
    - The fact that all three were basically running cults (how do the people who work for Carole survive working every day for nothing?!)
    - Who were those 80 odd people live watching Joe's content?
    - The amount of high crime - the vast majority of them could end up in prison for life!
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  12. This is BONKERS!!!!

    Absolutely bonkers. As a collective these people are mad and you couldn’t write the going’s in between them!
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  13. Is there animal cruelty? I can’t bare shoes with it in but I’ve hear this is a must
  14. So did Carole kill her husband?

    Why did Joe divorce the first husband (I must have missed this)? They were a throuple then the younger husband killed himself then somehow the other husband was now an ex husband. Were these husbands even gay??

    Was Joe framed???
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  15. The fact that there’s a massive twist in EVERY episode...my jaw was dropped almost the entire 7 episodes.

    There is so much to unpack in this. These people are all awful, Carole definitely killed her husband, Joe definitely did not act alone in the ‘murder-for-hire’ plot, Joe is definitely responsible for the studio burning down, eagerly awaiting the follow-up series on the takedown of Doc, and I still feel awful for those animals.
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  16. RE: husband #1, he was also seeing the zoo receptionist toward the end of the marriage, got her knocked up, and left the zoo to start a life with her instead. The show didn’t spend much time on it, and Joe never discusses it, and I was aching for his reaction.

    Also discovered my boyfriend is friends with an ex of Joe’s current husband (Dillon?). He even sent said friend a ‘HYD’ text with a thot pic just last month.
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  17. I found the twist (? Can we call it that really?) of both Joes husbands actually being straight and almost being groomed into their life with him quite harrowing it made remembering the wedding scene absolutely even more bizarre. Quite surprised that the two guys went with it for as long as they did!

    I need to know who is highlighting Erik Cowies hair it’s gorgeous
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  18. I'm only 15 minutes into the first episode and I...

  19. (This is gonna be a niche joke reference but)
    Ya Kid K is the only sane person of that lot.

    Also at times it felt like a Michael Jackson biopic cover nñ.
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