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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

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    The absolute BUSS this guy gets from buying some tigers and getting a Prince Albert.
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  2. I’m only on episode 2 but this is the most wild show I’ve ever seen.
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  3. She was great...so stoic about her arm!
  4. Uncomfortable teebs.
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  5. Also the amount of times I've said 'wow America, just wow' while watching this... Taking any cub from their mother as soon as they're born? Paying to see them cry for their mothers? Buying merch of it? Throwing parties in Vegas hotels with abused cubs? Who the fuck does that. And the law does nothing? Here they arrest people who sell their cat's unwanted kittens.

    I screamed at the pizza from expired Walmart meats, noooo. They deserve it though. You encourage animal abuse, you eat rot.
  6. Yea I'm on episode 4 and when they take the babies from the mother, put them inside the house, and then he complains about them crying so much he had to sleep in the studio I was like.... um, yea - they're babies. They want their mother.

    These are awful awful people. I do think Carole killed her husband. Unless there's some twist yet to come.
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  7. I was screaming BECAUSE THEY WANT THEIR MOTHER YOU DIPSHIT!!!1 at that part. Those poor babies.
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  8. Oh my god the next husband. "When he proposed to me I just didn't think about. All my life I overthink everything. So I just went with the flow". I think marriage is something to think about. I guess dumbasses attract dumbasses.
  9. Me and Joe Exotic have the same taste in men

  10. I was excited to watch this after seeing Joe Exotic on a Louis Theroux episode and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT.
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  11. I haven't finished yet but every time one of them comes close to being mauled I'm just like yas! I agree there isn't enough said about the conditions of both Joe and Carole's zoos. I feel so sorry for those poor animals, especially Joe's not getting any professional vet care or proper food.
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  12. And me. Except I can't get one fit husband never mind three.
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  13. What happened to Travis and that particular scene caught on cam was HARROWING.

    You honestly can’t write this show. The twists in EACH episode. M. Night Shyamalan’s career found ROTTING.
  14. Can someone point me to any scholarly research which discusses the correlation between these types nut-jobs and specific types of artist vision? All of the horribly produced music videos make this feel more like a parody than real life. “Bala” is from my hometown. Finally an Iowan on TV that’s relatively normal.
  15. Well this was quite a ride. All of these people are horrible, none of them are innocent. I do think Joe got the short end of the deal. He's a criminal and he bad intentions but Jeff and the dumb as bricks hitman should be in jail with him. Carole killed her husband. Joe's previous husbands you have to feel a bit sorry for because they were teenagers who were taken advantage of, though they were also taking advantage of him and admit as much. No one looks good there.

    All of these people - Joe, Doc whatever, Carole - were essentially running cults (I don't know that Joe's is really a cult - its basically him and whoever he's paying to call his husbands) and typically I associate cults with some sort of spiritual promise or enlightenment. Even the Manson Family thought Charlie was God. This is just "I love kitties and you love kitties! Now all of you sleep with me!". What?!
  16. jtm


    Holy shit what is this. And I‘m only on episode 2.
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  17. I am at the end of episode 2. Just did a spit take at the revelation. What the hell?

    Doc looks like somehow the worst of them by very far. What a pompous psychopath.

    Also this is Carole's response to the Netflix doc


    I also want to binge that podcast too.
  18. RJF


    Y'all reacting two episodes in when there are seven episodes... you're not ready. You're not.
  19. The comment about the chimps in the last few minutes FUCK.
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