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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. I fancy three guys in this doc series but they're not the three K Feds.
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  2. I’m on episode five, but this might be one of the best docuseries about American culture I’ve ever seen.
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  3. Spill
  4. Those songs for Big Cat Resuce was very... Jenna Maroney.
  5. But without the actual good voice. In addition to her muffin top being all that, she could actually carry a tune.
  6. I've just started watching this.

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  7. Carole sounds exactly like Mrs. Puff.
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  8. Very that. And Hillary Clinton.
  9. The three old guys with beards.
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  10. Doc Antle saying Big Cat has "high quality social media" immediately followed by a shot of one of their videos that makes liberal use of Papyrus is...masterful editing.
  11. On the surface it's really salacious and scandalous and because of that.... kind of fun. But the origin here - a young gay man in the 70's struggling with his sexuality and a father who rejected him tries to commit suicide, is unsuccessful but causes serious damage to himself, then while recuperating latches on to the first thing he feels some love for (these animals) - is a tragedy. Obviously how much he cared for those animals vs his own narcissism took over in the end, but from Episode 1 I couldn't shake that we were watching a really broken person, who in turn leeched on other broken people.
  12. I’ve got two episodes left. Some thoughts:

    -Saff and “Bala” are queens and I love them.

    -Carole’s bizarre affinity for wearing flower crowns and animal print together is iconic.

    -The Here Kitty Kitty video? Die Antwoord found fatty boom boom’d in a ditch. Absolute fucking insanity. The woman he got to play Carole actually looked so similar to her that I thought it was her at first.

    -Lack of teeth aside, I have a soft spot for John Finlay for some reason. I genuinely just feel bad for him; his face the entire time screams “I got way in over my head” and I sort of got the sense that even though it was almost definitely Stockholm Syndrome, in the end he might have felt some sort of regard for Joe. Not love, but something.

    -Jeff is...the worst. Like barely any of the people in this are especially likeable, and yet he stands out as The Worst, definitively, even more than Joe. The fact that he telegraphs his own douchiness doesn’t help - sis looks like Buckle and Pac Sun vomited after a night of butt chugging Fireball.

    -I want a JoeExotic.tv hat so badly???
  13. I was nodding my head through the whole post and then there was this curveball at the end.
  14. I can’t explain it - that beige one he has on in some scenes is just so...wildly ugly, I’m fascinated. It borders on ironic anti-fashion.
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  15. This was captivating car crash tv.
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  16. I think same for me though who knows. It's amazing though how the director told her the documentary was about something else, do these people not see the final docu before it airs?
  17. This. One of the last shots was Joe's campaign limo and it had the rainbow on the doors and I kinda had the same thoughts as you. Also you just know the reason he wasn't elected was the fact he was gay and NOT because he was a clown.
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  18. They aren’t producers, so they do not see it until it’s released.
  19. Can we talk about how the real cage is capitalism?
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  20. Carole is iconic and I won’t hear otherwise.
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