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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Also, have I just been in lockdown too long or does this slap? Joe Exotic for the Big Pop Girl Rate 2020.

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  2. I’d blame the lockdown and call a medical professional.
  3. Here, Kitty Kitty
    Mama’s got some treats for you
    Here, Kitty Kitty
    You can’t find this taste in the zoo

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  4. I’ll say this for Joe’s music, it’s definitely produced way better than I thought it would be dd
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  5. And I’d say this about Joe’s voice, he can actually carry a tune.
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  6. Island

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  7. Island

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    The clip where they showed him singing along was kinda close and could’ve easily been polished with studio magic so it’s not like his voice isn’t plausible on record.
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  8. The fact that he has a bigger budget than Ava Max...
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  9. The way I SCREAMED when James said Jeff wanted to meet him at APPLEBEE'S to discuss a hit job...
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    I, Tonya <3 <3
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  11. Joanne deep cuts <3

    The Carole lookalike. I'm hollering.
  12. Young Doc Antle does it for me a little tiew much. I definitely would have been down to be one of his cult wives.

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  13. The scene where Jeff and Lauren are picking out a nanny...aw Jesus, gross.
  14. jtm


    Here Kitty Kitty.. what a song, what a video. The outrageousness of it all. A moment! I love it.

    Sadly it‘s not on any of the streaming services.
  15. So I watched this all in one go...and I have so many more questions than answers. I have never, not one day used my useless Criminal Justice degree, but I was going through this documentary with a fine toothed comb! Fun fact, the last vacation I took with my parents, we went to Myrtle Beach and literally almost went to Doc Antle's place. I looked up the prices and was like, there is absolutely no way. My dad however was willing to pay it because they knew how much I have always loved big cats growing up but I even remember saying "no it's okay, they probably abuse them and it's just going to upset me."..and then my mom was still alive at the time and she really couldn't walk about so I was like, no...stick to stuff mom can do. THANK GOD I did not go because I honestly would not have forgiven myself knowing what i know now. There is a "preserve" like a 20 minute drive from my house that apparently has been here for years and I never knew and when this whole pandemic is over---I WILL be doing some investigative reporting.
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  16. oh yes indeed
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  17. Here Kitty Kitty ajdskfhşh That womans uncanny resemblance to Carole, her feeding the tigers her husband with a smile on face, the possibility of that being true

  18. Pause on episode 4 but the show has been trying its hardest to paint Carole in a villainous way than she actually is, isn't it? I think i will comment on when i finally end the show but some of the shots / things are so over the top. Like implying Carole opening a case to collect payment being this evil thing to do in her situation or shots of huge ass meat grinders randomly popping up etc etc
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