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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. I finished it today, and I came away with the same thought as you re: Carole. She's obviously very ~*eccentric*~ and a bit hypocritical but I really don't think she had much if anything to do with her husband's death, at least not actively.
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  2. I'm not saying that the show totally goes out of it's way to paint Carole as super nefarious however she can't be bothered to learn her unpaid internes names even after they've been there for years. I feel she's an insincere phony. Honestly the entire show is

    Though I do feel for all of Joe's husbands, Joe's campaign manager who is gay and that's why he backed Joe and Saff who is a king as he prefers he/him pronouns.
  3. Carole is a phoney. I don't really know if she killed her husband but as I said earlier, more attention needed to be paid to the fact that she was keeping cats in those shitty cages while taking the moral high ground. Fuck ha.
  4. I want a whole documentary about Saff.

    And Erik Cowie.
  5. I don't think any of them are painted in a good light. Maybe you could say they want to build some sympathy for Joe, but even then they make it clear he has a very tenuous grip on reality. I don't think they tried to villainize Carole any more than the others.
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  6. RJF


    "There's Carole - oh she's dressed perfectly." from the member of the crew who was prompting them with questions made me scream. There were a lot of fourth wall breaking moments like that that were a scream.
  7. All three lead cat people are awful in their own ways. None are better than the other. Joe preyed on those who had nowhere else to go, the Enlightened One preyed on young girls, and Carole preyed on those who didn’t have enough money to go on missions trips to third world countries. Not a single one of them did anything for tigers except for Carole and she only wanted to get legislation passed so that she could be the only one profiting off of having these animals in cages.

    None of them deserve a happy ending.
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  8. The directors originally wanted to focus on the animal cruelty angle ala Blackfish but Netflix were much more interested in all those crazy mutherfuckers. That's why the show is so scattered and unfocused but absurdly watchable. Why else are we hanging out with the supposed inspiration for DePalma's Scarface and fucking Allen is in a bath with his shorts on?
  9. How toe-curling was that intro video with Travis? It felt like one of those “Hey, I’m [gay porn star] and I would LOVE to get to know you better(:” Pornhub ads but with a healthy dose of genuine discomfort and casting-couch exploitation
  10. I feel like its always Paul Cannon.

    It did remind me of the opening of a porno. He was also clearly baked and just got more out of it as the show went on. His mother seemed like she maybe had some issues of her own as well.
  11. I’ve tried to imagine the zip line accident that took that guy’s legs and my body immediately physically recoiled each time.
  12. jtm


    ‚He looks like a walking Chucky doll‘ ddd oh my god this show!
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  14. Being from where Carole is from, I can tell you that no one is on Nebraska avenue taking a ""stroll"" or having a cry or whatever. That is seriously prostitute central. It's full of crack dealers and sex workers, and it has been for decades. She definitely met her husband when she was a sex worker. Which, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I'm sure her story is a major fabrication. As is her pretending that Big Cat Rescue never let people play or sleep overnight with the baby cats.
  15. You and me taking a stroll there when I visit you

  16. ALSO despite the show being a mess I'll kinda miss those train wrecks (and the few sane ones) so I'm down for a 'What happened next' sequel.

    I liked John Reinke and Eric Cowie and stan Seff. Would like to see more of them.

    Another shock was Carole making $23,000 that month from Facebook, what?
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  17. I’m screaming!! We have no choice but no stan.
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  18. Tell us more.
  19. To be blunt, most people in Tampa hate her and she's generally regarded as a cretin. The land that the tigers roam on is not well taken care of and it's considered to be a "tourist trap" more than a sanctuary of any kind. She re-branded the shambles zoo as a "rescue" and allegedly takes advantage of college kids from out of the area to volunteer for her. Let's just say it's not a source of pride for the community. I do not think she killed her husband, reading more about the case outside of what's featured in the documentary, but she certainly uses animals for financial gain and notoriety.
  20. I have one normal 9kg cat and he's a handful, HOW do people crave and manage big ones. Masculinity is a curse.

    Also not sure about big cats, I know bears can only be returned to the wild if they are really young (and the sanctuary makes sure they have minimal human contact), can some of them they be returned to the wild or at least sanctuaries in Africa or where they are originally from?
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