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Tiger King (Netflix True Crime)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. I just saw the pizza restaurant.
    I know it’s complicated which cats are allowed where, so I would assume that a significant amount are unable to return to the wild simply because they were taken so young. A lot of these cats seem to have zero adult interaction unless they are bigger as well. That surely is enough to prevent them from being able to go to sanctuaries where the animals have minimal or zero human interaction. Hopefully I’m wrong.
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    I need to watch this!!
  3. I found this part difficult. The weird hierarchical system they had. The fact they're working long hours every day, "even Christmas Day!" one volunteer said gleefully. Joe was paying his staff peanuts, but at least they were getting something.

    I also don't get the logic of those customers partaking in meeting, stroking and playing with the tiger cubs. Surely most people would see an ethical issue with that?
  4. They sadly wouldn’t survive if released into the wild. For one thing, they wouldn’t know how to hunt for food.

    There have been re-introductions for other species attempted in the past, so it could be done. But only for newborns that are raised with the intention of releasing them into the wild with all the behaviours they’d need to survive.
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  5. Honestly I don’t care how they filmed it - even when you remove the knowledge of it having expired meat, that pizza looked disgusting. An affront to actual good pizza.
    To be honest, the “volunteers” describing the tiers reminded me a lot of Scientology’s audit system (but with cats)
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  6. Operating Thetan Level 4 teas, I agree.

    I thought all three groups were like cults. Especially Doc Antle's bigamy and how that one woman described having to live with cockroaches when she first started.
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  7. Oh Doc absolutely was using animals to start a sex cult. Horrid.
  8. On the 6th episode and shit just got really intense.
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  9. I love how Carole talks about having a hit put out on her like it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. She clearly lives for the drama.
  10. Her giggling while telling the stories of how she killed her husband and fed him to her cats asdalsffdsd
  11. But did any of you hos ever make and sell pizza from old wal-mart meat? The TALENT.
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  12. Where is our GIF of Carole nonchalantly cycling on her bike?

    *Judge Judy slamming the table and finger tapping her index finger on her wrist watch GIF*
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  13. Well now. This New York Magazine article has some extra info the series didn't. Apparently there's some question over the suicide attempt. His family doesn't remember a car accident at all. His boyfriend of the time says he only recalls a broken shoulder - not a broken back - and the "experimental salt water rehabilitation" was...snorkeling.

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  14. Her entire crafted (allegedly) story about walking around after an argument with her ex and then a guy pulled up in a truck was totally giving me Ride monologue video teas. Maybe she’s a Lana stan. Which also explains the flowers on her head. I CRACKED THE CODE.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. This is dumb but I'm delirious so it made me giggle.

  17. I saw a meme today that said Post Malone could have been one of Joe's husbands and I honest to god cannot stop thinking about it

  19. Noooo I don’t need these exposés
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