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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Oops!
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  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I was going to like this, but I gave Mirrors a high score because it's good.
  3. The average score for #56 already made me suspicious... I suspect that I'm in a minority of one on this...
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I expect some highly polarised scores for Bjork.
  5. I don't think "Earth Intruders" will be that unpopular here, but "Innocence" I actually expect to leave in the next ten rounds.
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  6. ...Oops?
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  7. I meant in the sense that I don't think it'll be leaving ridiculously soon. I still think it has some game in it to maintain a decent position, but it won't hit the top twenty. Björk does have a lot of fans. But I've been surprised before.

    I didn't think you would've given Björk a great score so I'm not too surprised about you.
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  8. I meant it in the sense that it kind of scared me and I scored it accordingly!
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I look forward to seeing your commentary on
    (you mean Earth Intruders, right?)
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  10. Have you ever seen the music video for that Unison song? I did for the first time in the PJ's Favorites rate and it's kind of scary at first. The song won me over by the end though in part because of the video.
  11. The "Pagan Poetry" still scares me watching it, but that's because I have such an intense fear of needles.

    I think the "Unison" video is great and perfectly fits in with the whole concept of longing for love, running away from it then finally succumbing to the power of love.
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  12. I haven't gotten to "Pagan Poetry" yet on that list, so I'll anticipate this.

    I definitely understand and appreciate the message of the video now that I've seen the whole thing, but the first time I saw the skeleton dog climbing out of its grave, I was shook.
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  13. Ooh, so you haven't seen Björk giving a blowjob to Matthew Barney through semen-covered (well, it's special effects) lenses?

    No, that actually happens.
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  14. I...uh...what?
  15. I love "Pagan Poetry" but I do think the video takes the attention away from the song quite a bit.

    But what do you expect when you've seen lesbian robot Björks making out?
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  16. I feel patriotically violated.

    And Ashlee going is another clear of case *pretends to be shocked*.
  17. What's your name? What's your number?




    Timbaland - Carry Out ft. Justin Timberlake
    Score: 5,717741935

    Highest score: 9,5 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    Lowest score: 0 x 1 (@Jwentz)
    My score: 8/10

    I actually really like "Carry Out" – it's a good one on the dancefloor. And I think Justin adds much to this! But yes, I do see its flaws. Using food metaphors for sex in lyrical content is an absolute no-go.

    Carry Out was sent to contemporary hit radio on December 1, 2009 in the United States, as the third single of Shock Value II.

    Opinions were divided! DJHazey (6) detests the choices that were made during the writing process as well: "This would be a bigger bop if it wasn't for the cringe-worthy line "cause your body like a carry out"." It seems like ohnostalgia (2) is not here for it: "Is this purposefully super annoying?"

    Some people addressed the food thematics. send photo (3) brings a shade with it: "Well the feature is fitting since he’s basically a soggy oversalted burger." iheartpoptarts (5) has "Flashbacks to Justin’s McDonald’s commercial." Does that give me reasons to link this?

    Heaven on Earth (5) has a nice rate discography: "So this song is the reason why I sometimes find myself singing “What’s your name? What’s your number?” I completely forgot about this one, and I don’t find it to be a strong track." But it's fun, right?GhettoPrincess (3) doesn't see the fun and thinks it's "Weak."

    Let's end with Sprockrooster (7) who has a kii: "Justin sounds very masculin on that chorus and I tingle a bit because of it."

    "Carry Out" received a memorable music video that was very popular on music video television channels as far as I know. I've always found Justin very attractive in it ddddd. He also does a dance move in it that really fascinates me (02:06), because it's very difficult to imitate! Try it yourself!

  18. The evil is defeated.
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  19. Huh?
  20. Let's just make sure we save all the good Justin songs, mmmkay?

    Awwww, I think I'd cry.

    Sadly I skipped the PJ faves rate... I was a little scared of that, too!
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