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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Like how he copies R&B music and tries to get that urban demographic but when push comes to shove (ie- Janet, the Jesse Williams BET award speech) he shrugs off and goes back to his Jimmy Fallon entrenched whiteness. I guess if Timbaland or whatever works with him it's not exactly appropriation, but I don't think it's a good look for him to jack Prince's sound/style and diss him, or ruin Michael's sister's career and then appear on his unreleased albums.
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    Beyoncé - Rocket
    Score: 5,982258065

    Highest score: 10 x 2 (@LE0Night, @Serg.)
    Lowest score: 0 x 1 (@GhettoPrincess)
    My score: 8/10

    "Rocket" to me feels like the least song on a fantastic album. Its six and a half-minute running time is also way too long, especially for R&B balladry! Of course, that doesn't make it any kind of bad – it just isn't as brilliant as other tracks on Beyoncé's self-titled as "Haunted" and "Partition". Aside from this, the mixture of figurative and explicit come-ons really are priceless, and so is the exquisite opening lyric "Let me sit this ass on you".

    Co-writer Miguel intended this song to be inspired by Beyoncé herself, trying to exhibit her confidence and sexuality. Beyoncé later stated that the song was inspired by D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" which she described as 'liberating'. Justin Timberlake provides backing vocals on the track.

    The majority of the commenters were positive! ohnostalgia (9,5) experiences new things on every listen: "How do I discover a new innuendo on each listen?" AshleyKerwin (7,5) said "I Care 4 U teas." [​IMG].

    Heaven on Earth (9) has a moment: "“Partition” was a song about limo sex; “Rocket” is about lap dances. I seriously get a kick out of how Timbaland’s main contributions to the album are songs about sex. While I don’t think the production here is as sonically profound as the one in “Partition,” I like the calmer approach to sexuality taken here inside of the hardcore throbs of “Partition.” If you read the lyrics of “Rocket,” it’s a song that is about savoring sex, unlike what the title would suggest, and the production is the soundtrack that accentuates her journey to that orgasm, starting with that initial thrill of the start and as the act progressively reaches that glorious state of ejaculation, it becomes more urgent. If you still don’t get it, let me phrase it this way: “Rocket” is pure sonic sex." Timbaland needs to do more soul music! Wait no actually not. send photo (9) is defending Queen Bey: "Not my favourite but I'll bump it up a tad since y'all can't handle Bey."

    There are also a few that dislike it. Sprockrooster (1) hates on the iconic intro: "That intro line is appalling and this drags massively. I cannot believe I am checking how long it is going to take still and see I am not even half way." The last is recognizable. londonrain (2) doesn't care for it and says "
    This is just... there." GhettoPrincess (0) fell asleep: "Zzzz…."

    Let's end with Serg. (10) then: "I just love this kind of slowtempo soul-funk song, how her voice changes from deep to the beautiful, gentle squeeks. Also she's looking amazing in the video, but doesn't she?"

    Just like every other track on Beyoncé, "Rocket" received a visual. It was filmed in the hotel The Standard located in Manhatten. She looks stunningly beautiful in it! It was performed live for the first time during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards as part of a medley of new songs. For the rendering she danced on the top of a chair, which ended up being distinctive for the song. It was also performed live throughout The Formation World Tour.

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  3. Blue Ocean Floor is now my top priority! To get cut.

    And then aside from that it gets difficult to find victims.
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  4. Ashlee, you just beat Beyoncé in a rate and nobody can ever take that away from you. Anything for the haters?


    *parachutes from thread*
  5. Imagine Outta My Head beating Partition!

    *parachutes from thread too*
  6. Ermmm... I may have given both the same score...
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  7. Bye Rocket and 50 Cent.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I gave Partition over double the score I gave Outta My Head, and I have no regrets.
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  9. Just wait till you see my commentary for "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)."

    That song can go out next.
  10. Hehe, poor Justin. Even when he doesn't get kicked out he still gets kicked out!
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    Justin Timberlake - Blue Ocean Floor
    Score: 5,990322581

    Highest score: 10 x 4 (@KingBruno, @berserkboi, @LE0Night, @NecessaryVoodoo)
    Lowest score: 2 x 3 (@DJHazey, @londonrain, @AshleyKerwin)
    My score: 10/10

    Ough. This one hurts. The main reason why "Blue Ocean Floor" got involved is because of it being massively favoured by fans and critics and due to it being a huge departure from Timbaland's work – but apparently it doesn't get much appreciation here.

    This track displays Justin's development in pop music very well. Choosing this as an album closer was very daring since The 20/20 Experience is a generally cheerful album (which isn't the case for The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2) while this song has a sad tone in it. The most interesting characteristic about the song must be the use of backmasking, which is the main reason behind the ambient touch that basically makes the song. There's also no beat in here at all, which is very renewing for Timbaland. I'm completely here for it, no matter the duration!

    "Blue Ocean Floor" peaked at number 17 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart.

    It saddens me that this song barely got any good reception from you commenters. We start with Sprockrooster (3) who says that "This is a try hard attempt to be artsy, but in my opinion it falls flat on it's face as it comes over as pretentious. Way too repetitive beat for a song that is 7 minutes long. Hire Moby if you want to do something like that." I'm sorry but I don't really see what's pretentious about this one. The production represents the thematics of this song very well! Heaven on Earth (4) blames it on Timberlake rather than Timbaland: "Production’s nice, I guess, but I dislike JT’s vocals here. Oh, and I’m probably going to reiterate what almost everybody’s going to say: it’s too long."

    GhettoPrincess (5) simply states that "This really drags." londonrains (2) is familair with the album it comes from: "I own this album and have heard this song tons of times, and I still can't remember how it goes unless I am actually listening the song at the time. This feels like it was set up to be an gorgeous ambient classic and instead it's just... there." This would've fared very bad as a single, I think. Or not ... because it's Timberlake. send photo (4) is probably tempted to listen to the album version of "Not a Bad Thing" that has a running time of 11 minutes and 32 seconds: "He’s gonna end up on an ocean floor for making me listen to a seven fucking minute song."

    Serg. (6) can accept it in some manner: "Yeah it's not bad, just a bit boring and too long." ohnostalgia (8,5) refers to the queen of not flopping: "Is this also a Tinashe instrumental? I'm getting deja vu." iheartpoptarts (3) wants to go: "I guess I appreciate how Timbaland threw in a bunch of beach noises so I could daydream of being on vacation." That deserves a higher score!

    The song doesn't do it for AshleyKerwin (2): "It’s a no for me. To clarify- I love non traditional ballads. I have playlists for creeper songs and songs with water imagery and alternative R&B so I should be in the middle of the Venn diagram for this song, right? Wrong! Terrible. I’m not even a BopJustice kind of person." But why?

    "Blue Ocean Floor" didn't really receive any promotion. Have a video of Justin Timberlake holding a stranger's baby instead.

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  12. I feel like this is a song for people who fall asleep on the beach while I go do fun stuff instead.
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  13. The next low score on my list aside from Partition is Big Pimpin'. Sorry @DJHazey.
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  14. Sorry I didn't get scores in, I just... Couldn't put myself through all that Timberlake in the end.
  15. It wasn't that bad. Especially with the Timbaland solo songs in the running.
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  16. No noodles for you babe.

  17. But Timbaland era Justin is post-noodles!
  18. Yeah, I was a bit confused but figured I'd let the stan come in and clarify.
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  19. Rocket losing by one song placement to Blue Ocean Floor? I'm calling Gloria Steinem.
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  20. Shhhh let me continue poking fun at the noodles.
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