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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I forgot to add someone's commentary to the previous reveal again ddddd so fixed that. It's not gonna happen again.



    Keri Hilson - Return the Favor ft. Timbaland
    Score: 6,167741935

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Lowest score: 0 x 2 (@Jwentz, @Petty Mayonnaise)
    My score: 6/10

    This is one of the greatest examples of Timbaland abandoning his R&B sound for electro-dance-pop in the late 00's. I think it sounds a bit too much like "The Way I Are". But then with a less likable hook, in my opinion.

    "Return the Favor" was released as the second international single from In a Perfect World.... Keri stated that they wanted to re-create the success of "The Way I Are" with it.

    ohnostalgia (6) asks an appropriate question: "Who?" Heaven on Earth (5) doesn't like it: "If you asked me what “The Way I Are” would sound like solo, I certainly wouldn’t say it would be as boring as this. “Knock You Down” is really Keri Hilson’s only good solo single, isn’t it?" "Knock You Down" is so good, I even like Ne-Yo in it! iheartpoptarts (8) comes after the video: "Do they play ‘The Way I Are’ at the beginning so people will know who she is?" There's a chance, yes.

    Sprockrooster (6) expected Timbaland to care more about Keri Flopsen: "I am actually surprised Timbaland didnot produce more on her albums. I always thought so, but I was wrong. This is allright." Timbo was way too busy with Shock Value and Shock Value II during the time she was relevant!

    The video features a futuristic concept and it's actually pretty nice! Her outfits are stunning.

  2. Return the Favor is cute but Turnin Me On and especially Knocks You Down are much better. The album itself was decent, but the follow up (No Boys Allowed) is hands down her best.
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    No Boys Allowed is a great album. I come back to it a lot more often than the debut.

    Return The Favour knocks, though. I really enjoyed the singles run from the debut, and this is no exception. I don’t regret my 8.5 for it.
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  4. Shocked to be the only high scorer for this or that it is out so soon! Wait A Minute is really overstaying its welcome for me now...

  5. #45


    The Pussycat Dolls - Wait a Minute ft. Timbaland
    Score: 6,216129032

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@send photo)
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@Number)
    My score: 6/10

    I can't believe this hit the top 10 in The Pussycat Dolls discography rate! It's by far my least favourite single from their debut studio album PCD – it's incomparable to tunes like "Don't Cha" and "Buttons". I don't know ... it's just a bit dull.

    The single was supposed to only get released in North America, but it got an international release after the success of "I Don't Need a Man".

    GhettoPrincess (5) has a point: "I find Timbaland really annoying on this and the clapping production is so repetitive that I kinda lose interest in the song quickly." Agreed, it feels like he didn't put much effort in this one. iheartpoptarts (6) expected some bias: "Is this our only girl group? I wonder if people will overrate it just because." Heaven on Earth (5) is bothered by Timbaland's voice: "Nothing special. Timbaland’s vocal presence also ruins the song."

    send photo (10) mentions someone: "@Slice of Life" Strangely enough, ohnostalgia (6) tags the same person: "I bumped it up slightly for @Slice of Life." Is @Slice of Life secretly manipulating this rate? Hmm.

    Let's end with DJHazey (6) who has had enough: "This is part of that dated section of PCD that didn't get great scores from me in the PCD rate."

    The song contains a video where the dolls brutally block traffic while doing some choreo. They performed it at the annual KIIS-FM Jingle Ball. It's also included on their 2006 Live from London DVD.

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  6. K94


    Return The Favor is another example of great production, but could go off more.

    I loved Keri on this from the first Shock Value

  7. Return the Favor is fun but I wish there was more to it. The chorus really doesn't do enough.

    Wait A Minute is shit.
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  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    You never read the iconic story from the PCD Rate?
  9. Bjork had a MySpace? Did everyone just have MySpace? Oh, 2000s.

    (I never had a MySpace because I thought it was for emo kids.)
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  10. I don't think it was big enough where a big mainstream show like Desperate Housewives or even a channel like ABC or the WB would have a Myspcae page, but I can see a forward thinking musician like Bjork using it to communicate with fans and stay current.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Return The Favour and Wait A Minute are bops but the respective acts do have far better.
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  12. Yes! Finally!
  13. Keri is the artist I feel is closest to flawless in this rate, I scored it 9.2
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  14. I can't believe you dismissed Aaliyah and Missy like that.
  15. With only 3 songs in the rate it's a smaller scope and an easier hit rate.
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  16. This is quite an opinion.
  17. @KingBruno, can you please kick out Ashlee and "Morning After Dark" now?
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  18. [​IMG]

  19. Go Timbo.



    Timbaland - Morning After Dark ft. Nelly Furtado & SoShy
    Score: 6,25

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@NecessaryVoodoo)
    Lowest score: 0 x 1 (@slaybellz)
    My score: 8/10

    I have some very nice memories to this one, because it was one the many 2009 songs that I absolutely craved. It's undeniable that the production work in this one is amazing – the well applied sub-bass and bass drums make the whole sound immense. Even though Timbaland succeeds in making this track sound sinister, which it obviously should've been, it quite of lacks in a renewing aspect.

    The song features French singer SoShy and was released as the first single from Shock Value II on October 26, 2009. The international version contains an additional verse by Canadian singer Nelly Furtado.

    Sprockrooster (6) comes for the Canadian queen: "Nelly doesnot sound good on this. Worse than the autotuned Timbo actually." Okay but you have to admit that her part remains a kii. Meanwhile, Heaven on Earth (4) praises her moment: "This actually had potential but this is a Timbaland solo track with backup from Shoshy. Nelly Furtado – the best part of the song – comes in way too late and feels inconsequential as a whole, which is a damn shame because this would’ve been a phenomenal Nelly Furtado track. The video really proves how inconsequential she is to the track by barely featuring her in the video. Speaking of said video, was Timbaland on drugs and he was physically incapable of controlling his contorted faces?" I love those facial expressions!

    I'm glad GhettoPrincess (8) appreciates it: "BOP! Not heard it before so a nice little rate discovery." ohnostalgia (6,5) says something I don't understand: "Not greater than the sum of its parts."


    We close with DJHazey (8) who needs to try harder: "I've never quite been able to stan for this song even though I really want to. It just never came together fully but Timbaland sounds both scary and amazing over crazy beats that have never left my mind since hearing them for the first time."

    The video premiered exclusively on Timbaland's official website on November 22, 2009. It's officialy 7 minutes long due to the storyline that's based on Twilight. On November 27, 2009, an edited version of the video for the song that features Nelly Furtado was released. Nelly makes an appearance in the video together with @Mina.

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